Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Art of People Watching.....,

Thursday, October 21, 2010.....

Often, I find watching people when they know they're not being observed to be very fascinating. Wait. Let's just clarify something...I don't own a telescope or peep in the windows of my neighbors. That type of peeping is wrong.

I'm talking about observing people when they are being truthful because they've let their guard down. I've seen this a lot with mothers bending over strollers trying to calm down a screaming baby and noticing how the mother is talking slower and calmer to her child. It's her behavior that lets me know she's hoping her child is just cranky and nothing is really wrong.

Yesterday, I observed a couple when leaving my local Starbucks. They hadn't a clue I was watching them, and in fact, I wasn't when I entered to get my coffee. Yes, I did make note of them. Probably because they were sitting outside and were just getting up from the table as I was entering. However, I didn't really notice them until leaving.

See, they lingered getting to their cars. Linger in the sense that you knew these were more than 2 people grabbing coffee. They were "secretly" together.

Their body language, plus the way they made their way to their cars let me know, one, if not both, were married to another. It was much more than the obvious goodbye kiss that gave them away. The way they touched, leaned into one another, walked each other back and forth to their respective cars, were among the many signals this wasn't a normal relationship. I can't explain it, but I just knew.

I don't know if people realize how much their body language reveals about them. I wonder if they know it's what you don't say that tells the true story. I also wonder if they did; if they'd act the same way.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life On Hold....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010...

Before I start my post, let me just tell you, I heard back from the puzzle people and they will send me a whole new puzzle once I send them the UPC code. I have to do that, but am happy they were quick to respond to me.

Now....About my post title....It's like this...For the past two + years, I've kind of have been living my life in limbo waiting for a job offer. I never really realized how mentally exhausting this was until recently. The best way to explain how I've been feeling is to state it's similar to waiting in a doctor's office for your appointment and he/she has you waiting for 2 hours. Sure, you brought a book, but you're running through the back of your mind all the places and things you should be doing, but can't because you're sitting in your doctor's waiting room (fyi: I've spent many hours waiting for doctors and have actually left one after an 1 hour wait).

However, you get my point.

My husband asked me tonight if I gave up blogging, and I said: "No. I just feel as if I have nothing to say".

I guess I do have things to say, but they're all to me. I need to get out of the waiting room and live my life no matter what circumstances I'm in. (fyi: still applying for jobs and have been interviewing, but no word on recent interviews).

If anyone has any suggestions how to ignore the elephant in the room (for me, it's being unemployed), please share.