Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

May 27, 2009....

Any readers following me on a regular basis know if it's Wednesday, it's time to Rant and Rave about the past week. Without further adieu, here are my Rants and Raves from the past week:

Rant: Neighbors felt the need to mow their lawn at 7 a.m.. Give. Me. A. Break.

Rave: Having to stop in traffic because a family of swans were crossing the road.

Rant: Had to take a friend for a biopsy today. I am optimistic about the results, but wish we spent the day at a spa instead.

Rave: Great weather the past few days! :-)

Rave: Got to see some friends this past week that I haven't seen in awhile.

That's it for me. How was your week? Any Rants and Raves you want to share? I would love to hear them or if you're doing your own Rant & Rave Wednesday, put your link in the comments section so others can read.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Genetic Testing

May 26, 2009....

Today I went to the OBGYN for a checkup. My OB is not your typical OBGYN, but a speciality one - oncology.

Although, my initial reason for going to her was not the happiest, I have really grown to respect and admire her throughout the years.

It's been about 5 years since diagnosed and today she suggested I meet with a genetic counselor. Apparently, there is a strong correlation between women under 50 with endometrial cancer and colon cancer.

Initially, the conversation went from her 'suggesting' I go, to 'strongly recommending' I meet with her because of my family history with breast cancer (2 out of 3 sisters).

I guess I can see the sound rationale behind this for the endometrial/colon connection because colonoscopies are not performed annually like a mammogram. However, breast genetic testing I'm not that sure about.

As I said to my doctor, do I want to know if I'm going to die of breast cancer in 10 years? I could be hit by a car tomorrow and the unnecessary worrying will be for nothing.

Today, mammograms are performed on routine basis and with preventive care, can be detected early. However, would you still have a mastectomy 10 years in advance to avoid the possibility of cancer?

In the ten years, couldn't a change in diet, exercise and/or environment alter the results of the test and the mastectomy would have been performed unnecessarily?

Other questions pop in to my head, such as:

Would you worry all the time about the fear of having cancer?

Would you take more risks knowing your time is limited?

Would you be an optimist or pessimist with this news?

Would you eliminate the unnecessary drama from your life; or
just create more by knowing?

I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I do plan on calling her.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Scary Cat People

Monday, May 25, 2009.....

On Saturday we went to an Open House/House Warming party for a couple we know. B & D purchased their home late in 2008 and spent several months renovating the place. Hubby & I like B & D and were curious about the finished outcome.

We met B & D through a close friend, but I really don't know much about their friends. I know they are passionate about politics and D had run for local office in their town.

We got there late in the afternoon and I understood that swarms of people had come and gone, but unfortunately one couple was just arriving.

The 'Crazy Cat People' misunderstood the definition of Open House and confused it with London's Speaker Corner. Their mission to have everyone race down to Yonkers Pet Smart and adopt a stray cat or dog (I got the feeling they weren't too keen on dog people).

As a group of us were sitting and chatting in B & D's family room, B gathered everyone else into the room. B asked if we wouldn't mind listening to Mrs. Crazy Cat Lady (MCCL) for a MOMENT and we said sure.

MCCL & her husband (whom we thought was her son) took the floor. She went around in a circle and asked every person if they had a child. If you said no, then the next question of 'do you have a pet?' was asked. It was as though you were excused not to have a pet if you had a child. I have to tell you, I haven't felt this much pressure since my first marriage when bombarded with the question of 'when are you planning on having kids?'.

Of course everyone in the room had responded they had a kid, cat or both.

Except me.

When I responded I had neither, MCCL just stared at me. I quickly responded my cat, Static, passed away after 18 years and my husband and I were looking into getting a Beagle (I want a rescue, short-legged puppy and know my order is tall). I believe I barely redeemed myself because we showed promise. I think we were her perfect target audience because we were looking for a pet.

Don't get me wrong, I know everyone is passionate about something and if I choose to go hear you speak about it, well, I know what is going to happen. However, I HATE when people shove their beliefs down your throat when it is not appropriate. Her mission to inform us about the Pet Smart adoption in Yonkers went on far too long.

We heard about the animals they are bringing up from the South, we heard how she gives to WWF and any organization that protects the big cat and forced us to take directions to the Yonker's Pet Smart location. MCCL was scary and didn't know when to shut up.

When new people arrived, she got their names from the host and stalked them down.

We left the Open House knowing we weren't racing to Yonkers today, but asking each other the only real question: Do you really think she's his wife? We both thought she was old enough to be his mother.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Random Things That Happened This Week.....

Friday, May 22, 2009...

This week was full of just random stuff that I thought I'd share....

1. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of this blog.

2. Today, I applied for a job at the first company I interviewed at when laid off last year - how weird would it be if they hired me this time around?

3. Conversation last night (I was just listening) - dogs hump other dogs to show dominance. Personally, I didn't know that and I love to learn something new everyday.

4. Same conversation - ever since Henry was neutered, he pees like a girl. I guess that is good because he never ruins the shrubs.

#3 & #4 - it is only fair to inform you, I was at dinner thanking the committee members who put on the plant sale for my local park. Part of the proceeds will help maintain the dog park portion of the park.

So, I guess it made sense I'd hear conversations about dogs and humping instead of 'how was your week?'.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Facebook Flashback

Thursday, May 21, 2009....

I've noticed since joining FB everyone has crawled out of the woodwork to get back in touch. Like the many drug commercials I've seen, I've 'Just Said No' to many requests.

Call me whatever you want, but if I a) didn't like you when we were younger; b)barely knew you; or c) you were a previous stalker, chances are I won't accept your gracious invite to be your friend.

However, the people I've reconnected with after many years is great! One particular person is a guy I used to date while in high school/college.

Before we dated we were friends and when we broke up there were never hard feelings...the relationship just ended. No drama. No scenes. We just moved on. Now, we're FB friends.

One night when I couldn't sleep (obviously, he couldn't either) we caught up via IM. We brought each other up to date on our marriages, kid (his) and divorces (my past and his impending one), but he caught me off guard with his 'thank you' comment.

Thank you for what? He told me that when his gfs would comment that he was an excellent kisser, he'd tell them, 'you should be thanking LMB since she's the one that taught me how'.

I was like, oh, thanks I think? Now, I have to admit I've had some horrible kissing experiences in my life [biting (I guess he didn't get the memo I was a person AND not a doughnut) and licking (everyone say ewwwwww because it is just gross)]. After quickly remembering these experiences, I quickly wanted to know how I accomplished this task.

I found out it was in the stacks of our city's public library. I won't go into the particulars, but let's just say, I didn't remember my lessons, but remembered having to spending a lot of time at the library senior year because one teacher loved assigning 20 page term papers. Since I had him for 2 classes and it was prior to the Internet, I spent a great deal of time at the library.

Considering I hated writing these papers, I procrastinated and procrastinated and...well, you get the point. Although, I may not remember teaching my old sweetheart the art of kissing, I can honestly say if there was a toss up between studying or kissing in the stacks, I'd opt for the later.

I can now sleep better at night knowing I have made my contribution to society. If I had not taught my old sweetheart how to kiss properly, just think of all the women (he went on to have many) that may have had to suffer a bad kissing experience as I had with other men.

See, you really can learn so much more at the library than surfing the Net.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, May 19, 2009....

Any readers following me on a regular basis know if it's Wednesday, it's time to Rant and Rave about the past week. Without further adieu, here are my Rants and Raves from the past week:

Rave: Turns out no Swine Flu for moi! Bacon for everyone!

Rant: This is a pretty funny rant. Received rejection letter for a job I sent my resume in for 6 months ago. Funny part, was that they thanked me for interviewing with the company. No wonder I didn't get the job, must have been asleep during that interview as I NEVER INTERVIEWED WITH THEM.

Rave: Beautiful weather again! Yay for me....

Rant: It isn't a complete week for me without a stupid driver. Typically, I don't write about them, but a person driving a car with vanity plates of *Safeti* should know they a)don't own the road; b) when the speed limit reads 35, it doesn't mean drive 10 mph; and c) turn signals are helpful to other drivers. Obviously, she was borrowing the car.

Rant: I hate people that assume I hate kids just because I don't have them. I don't have them because I couldn't.

Rave & Rant: Qualified again for unemployment benefits, but it also means I'm still unemployed. I know things will turn around and I'll find the perfect job.

Rave: Local farmer's market is up and running which means great people watching. Oh yeah, the fresh veggies are also great....

Rave: A friend's letter is getting published in People this week. I haven't seen it, but kudos to her!

That's it for me. How was your week? Any Rants and Raves you want to share? I would love to hear them or if you're doing your own Rant & Rave Wednesday, put your link in the comments section so others can read.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Duck Confit

Monday, May 18, 2009....

Can anyone explain to me why Duck Confit is revered?

Lately, I've become more focused on meal planning (part of my 100 Day Goal) and am using my cookbooks and magazines to create tasty meals that are both well balanced and experiment with new foods (e.g., lentils, quinoa and chickpeas). As I've been creating meal plans, it seems every book and cooking show I happen upon, discusses Duck Confit.

Sara Moulton's Weekday Meals on PBS showed viewers a quick way to make it, but seriously why would I?

When did it become the rage? Is it worth it?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Swine Flu

Friday, May 15, 2009....


Last night as I'm driving up to see one of my oldest friends for a night of drinking and catching up, when my husband calls to tell me his brother has Swine Flu.

Really? I mean he works with male chauvinist pigs, but I didn't think it was that type of pig you could catch the Swine Flu from.

I don't know much about the SW except there is a 11 day incubation period before the symptoms appear.

I'm hoping I don't get it because getting sick this time of year really bites!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, May 13, 2009....

Any readers following me on a regular basis know if it's Wednesday, it's time to Rant and Rave about the past week. Without further adieu, here are my Rants and Raves from the past week:

Wait. I have none.

What I have is a brain cramp or what others may call a brain freeze. Where grasping my thoughts from my memory bank is harder than performing brain surgery (okay, I haven't done that, but you get my point).

It could be because I woke up at 3:45 a.m and have been on the go for the past 12 hours. And, before I awoke, I was tossing and turning. Ughhhhh..

Wait, one rave came to mind....the WEATHER. OMG. After too many days to count, the nice weather finally made an appearance. I do plan on going out later to enjoy the late afternoon because I understand rainstorms are in the forecast for tomorrow.

So, I'd really love to hear your Rants and Raves from the past week since my brain cramp (RANT) has gotten in my way of thinking.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Okay, I Found This Very Funny...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009.....

This advertisement was embedded in an email I received. I found it very funny and wanted to share....

Ten Random Things About Moi!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009.....

MiSS RambLEs bestowed the Honest Scrap award on me - Yay and thanks.

“The HonestScrap award comes with a caveat or two. Firstly, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly, you have to tag 10 people with the award, but I'm only going to tag 5”

So, here it goes:

1. I like ironing and always iron my sheets. Don't judge me for being a freak (well, not for this) until you've slept on ironed sheets.
2. I'm not a fan of chocolate and had cupcakes at my wedding last October. This way my hubby could have his chocolate, and me,white cupcakes with lemon filling and coconut frosting (okay, you probably think I'm a freak now because I'm not a chocolate fan)
3. A HUGE fan of the filthy dirty martini.
4. I used to do summer theatre - but now, I can't sing for my life.
5. I played the cello as a kid and then bought one on eBay after I separated from my first husband. When I first starting playing it again, my cat would come in the room and cry until I stopped.
6. I took one cooking class with Jacques Pepin (it was amazing and I would kill to be his personal assistant).
7. One of my favorite memories is when I would go to my dad's hockey practices as a kid.
8. I TRIED playing hockey in college but kept falling on my face because of my years of figure skating lessons.
9. I'm a cancer survivor (this might be known).
10. I used to watch Law & Order because I had a crush on Sam Waterson.

So, now it is time for me to tag 5 people and I'm going to choose:

Tales of Wild Boomba
Miss Nobody

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Recap

Monday, May 11, 2009.....

Here's my recap of the quickest weekend ever:

Plant Sale: I participated on one of the local park's committee to help put together their first plant sale. The proceeds help to compensate the budget cuts made by the town and the sale was a success. We raised $4,000!

I have to admit, I was shocked at how quickly we sold out. On Friday, I was helping to re-pot donations made by the community and couldn't believe how many plants we received.

Saturday, while unloading plants in the pouring rain at 7:30 a.m. we were cursing the weather gods! The sale was from 10:00 to 3:00 and we sold out by 11:30 a.m.. It was awesome.

I admit, I was fearful to volunteer again. In the past, I was the fundraising chairperson for a girls' club (where everyone seemed to have an agenda for being on the board, but to help the cause) and I was also on the board of a community acting group (the movie Waiting for Guffman by Christopher Guest was not an understatement for this bunch). I was pleasantly surprised by this group. We all worked well together and one woman even commented on that fact.

After playing in the dirt, loading and unloading large and small plants off flatbeds, I was beat. I laid low at night and got sucked into a mindless video game, but not before watching The Ghost Whisperer which I dvr'd.

I've never seen this show and was curious about all the hype. Ummm...not my cup of tea. Next.

Mother's Day : It was the first nice day in a long time, we hoped to work outside, but by the time we cleaned, did laundry and went to visit my mom, the day was shot.

My mom is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's where she is happy and well taken care of. I must admit conversation with her is always interesting.

Yesterday, we learned she lived in the White House, I had another brother who was a pilot and the Man on the Moon brings her the meals. He apparently brings 3 other plates, but she forgets there are 3 other people eating with her. My hubby wanted to ask her if the Man on the Moon brought her cheese to eat, but knew better.

By the time we got home, I started dinner and wondered what happened to the day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, May 6, 2009.....

Any readers following me on a regular basis know if it's Wednesday, it's time to Rant and Rave about the past week. Without further adieu, here are my Rants and Raves from the past week:

Rave: This may be childish, but am happy that Ron and Mike fell below the yellow line on the Biggest Loser Club (BLC) last night. They might be very nice people, but NBC editing has depicted them in a way that I want someone else to win.

Rant: I was also annoyed by Mike's constant comment on BLC how disappointed he was that he couldn't really do the marathon. As a person who has WALKED a marathon, it is tough and still a marathon. When tired, your only option is to crawl or get in a cab.

Rave: My marathon time was better than Mike's on the BLC. I beat him by 1 hour 14 minutes.

Rave: Being the cookbook whore that I am, I decided to choose 6 books/magazines a month and try 4 new recipes from each book or magazine. I love experimenting and have chosen some great things for this month.

Rant: One of the recipes I tried, smelled great and the first bite was wonderful. However, I now know when a recipe has soy sauce, chicken broth and fish sauce in it you'll eventually be eating a dish which should be entitled "Salt Lick".

Rave: Miss Rambles bestowed this lovely award on me:

I will be posting 10 random unknown things about myself later in the week.

I have a brain cramp today and that's all the Rants and Raves I have. How was your week? Any Rants and Raves you want to share? I would love to hear them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Depends Should be the New Sponsor of the Amazing Race

Tuesday, May 5, 2009....

For people who don't watch, The Amazing Race is a reality t.v. show where people do challenging tasks (aka stupid ass stunts) throughout the world (frustrating as hell because you may not speak the language and people have the worst problems getting a taxi)....

So, now that I've given you a premise of the show, let me give you a synopsis of Sunday's episode:

- Still in China
- First Challenge was to either be a make-up artist for the day, or a waiter/waitress in a Chinese restaurant (this would have been funnier if they were in an Italian restaurant).

Parading the street lost as a drag queen wasn't enough, the contestants had a 2nd challenge which was to eat street food.

The food included:

- larva
- scorpions
- crickets
- starfish

I may have left one or two foods out, but the only god send to this challenge was that everything was deep fried (everyone knows everything tastes better when fried).

One sister, Jen, from the sister/sister pair was finishing up the food challenge when another team was just starting. The fatal flaw was that Jen actually ate it slowly and drank A LOT of water between each bite. If Jen had grown up with my brother, she would know how to basically eat food withour tasting it (I don't think my brother ever tasted cauliflower or broccoli).

The other team gave meaning to the term 'fast food'. As the sister/sister team got into their cab for the last leg of the race, the last team at the foodstand had caught up.

Poor Jen, all the water was too much for one bladder. She had to stop when they got to the final destination and use the port-a-potty. That pit stop cost them the race and the chance for a million dollars.

If I were in Jen's position, I know if I stopped to pee, I better muster up all my energy to run from my sister when we lost. Her love of the show and strange belief that we should try out for it (see my entry on Amazing Race) makes me realize that she'd kill me.

If only Jen were wearing Depends then peeing on camera when running wouldn't be embarassing and the sister/sister team would have been in the finale.