Friday, January 30, 2009

This Past Week.....

Friday, January 30, 2009....

This past week has been a bit odd in terms of dreams, job searching and blog suggestions from 3rd parties.....

Ever since the new bed's arrival, I have been having the oddest dreams. I've blogged about one where my hubby suggested we live in the side of a river embankment. I wish I could say they stopped there, but noooooooo....

In one dream, I was having dessert at someone's beautiful ranch out West and Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were there. He ended up picking a fight with me because he wanted my dessert while Nicole sat on the couch and knitted 1/2 booties. She was going to be dropped off at the movie theatre and see if people would buy anything she had touched. The booties were useless and I was annoyed because I knew people would and I am unemployed looking for a job.

In another dream, my hubby wanted to treat me to a very special evening and was taking me to a concert and dinner first. However, because he had heard that Ted Kennedy liked McDonald's we went through the drive-thru of Mickey D's. He made me put the food, except the drink, in the trunk of the car. I think the best part of the dream was that I woke up and hubby was returning from the bathroom and I told him of my dream.....his comment was..... "Did I make you order off the dollar menu?"

The Tom Cruise dream I really can't explain, but the Mickey D's I can. Discovery or Travel Channel had a special on unique McDonald's on this past weekend. We watched for about 5 minutes and switched to the news where they were reporting that Ted Kennedy is upset over the proposed windmills they plan to put in Nantucket Sound.

In regards to job searching, things appear to be getting better. I had a first and second interview this week at two different companies. Second interview company informed me they are very interested in me, but between posting for the job and this 2nd interview, there is a hiring freeze. However, if I am offered another position, they'd like the opportunity to make a bid;if they can. Flattering, but annoying. Why not make the offer now? He did say, he couldn't promise anything, but had hired a person during a freeze in the past. Typically, many negotiators will "claim" to have another offer when they might not. I'm not the type to do that. However, I am lucky enough to have another company interested in me. We'll see how that goes. At this point, I know that I'm the only candidate with the qualifications they want and they've been looking since the summer. When the HR recruiter tells you to go for your salary requirement which is over what they want to pay, I believe that to be a good sign.

Blogging has made me look at things I come across differently. Some things I overlooked in the past, make me laugh. Some become blog worthy. Apparently, my observation skills are rubbing off on 3rd parties. Sometimes my sister will make suggestions of what to blog about and now my hubby. I will leave you what he thought should be the title of a blog post this week: "I didn't realize how big 16 inches was". --- It should be noted I was commenting on the amount of extra room there is between a Queen and King sized bed.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Sunday, January 25, 2009.....

I'm in a quandary. I both love and hate to read. Unlike my sister who can read and skim books quickly, I get drawn into the words and places. I totally losing track of where I am and time of day. I become friends with the characters and/or author and enjoy the different anecdotes strewn throughout the pages. I feel as though I'm there. It's a great feeling and I know others have the same experience. However, I wonder if they experience what I do when I finish a book: remorse.

When I finish a book, unlike my sister, I find it a bit difficult to move onto the next (unless subject matter is completely unrelated i.e., fiction vs nonfiction). It's like I'm mourning the loss of a friendship. So odd. I'm waiting for more stories, more adventures,but nothing.

I wonder if others share this same experience of if I'm just a weirdo.....

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday Evening....

Friday, January 23, 2009.....

Last night, hubby and I celebrated a great interview I had with some Chinese take-out. I'm not sure why, but the conversation fell into the following topic:

Egg Rolls -- where did their name come from? Hubby thought that it was because the egg roll wrapper had an egg in it and I thought it was because you could actually roll the food like an egg.

As the night progressed, I'm sad to say that the conversation did not climb any further IQ points. However, a night of useless, I can't save the world or my wallet conversation, is always fun.

If I thought my conversations had no point, neither did my dreams. First dream literally woke me up at 2:00 a.m.. I dreamt friends of mine became tele-evangelists and had their own t.v. show. For their first show, they decided it was necessary to save me.

I finally fell back asleep and had a dream that my hubby wanted to fish more and live closer to the water. I'm up for that. However, he wanted to live in the embankments of a river -- literally, under a tree. He dug a 10 x 12 hole in an embankment and used 2x4s as the floors and walls. In my dream he kept wondering why water could get in the home he built and why he couldn't convince me to come live with him (a shocker that I wouldn't).

I now realize, egg rolls means bizarre ass dreams!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oscar Nods....

Thursday, January 22, 2009....

I'm so happy that my sister's friend includes me in major entertainment news. When I was working, I received great gossip, but now that I'm not, I'm sometimes left off the random star-gossip news. I was excited to receive his email with the Oscar Nods in my inbox today. Why? Haven't a clue. I haven't seen one of the movies nominated, but would like to recap the best pics from what I heard about them from others (aka 3rd party reviews):

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button --- too much of Brad Pitt as an old guy. That's what I heard and frankly, that saddens me. Nothing wrong with older actors (thought Clint Eastwood was awesome in Gran Torino), but when you think you're seeing eye-candy and paying good money, why are you hiding behind the makeup? FYI - LMB has never had desire to see this film.

Frost/Nixon - Definitely am planning on seeing. I was a history major in college and have liked Ron Howard movies. I was also a very small child when this happen and didn't quite get all the talk about the President resigning and know this interview was over the top because no one expected Nixon to say what he did. No one I knew saw this movie, so I can't give you a third party review.

Milk - I would see this before Benjamin Button (because I'm not seeing it), but I have so many pics to see, I think this will have left my indie movie theatre before I get a chance. Sean Penn is great in everything and I imagine he was wonderful in this. Again, no third party review of this movie (heck, what the hell are my friends seeing these days??)

The Reader - Okay, never heard of this until the Golden Globes and how shocked was I to learn that it started playing at the local indie movie theatre 2 or 3 days later -NOT -.....I really love Kate Winslet and knowing what the movie is about, I think it'll be very intense and interesting. Again, no third party review (hmmm....I'm starting to think my friends either don't go out or spend too much time at bars to be bothered with going to the movies).

Slumdog Millionaire -- I am going to see and here is my third party review: violent, EXCELLENT, far better than Benjamin Button, not violent because I covered my eyes, based on the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. However, all that saw this movie, loved it.

About the other nominees, here are my picks (I know they will be used in Vegas to determine the odds). Please note that some of my picks are highly scientific:

Best Motion Picture of the Year
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
Slumdog Millionaire

Having not seen one of these movies, I'll go with Slumdog Millionaire because it is the movie that most of my friends saw.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
Richard Jenkins for The Visitor
Frank Langella for Frost/Nixon
Sean Penn for Milk
Brad Pitt for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Mickey Rourke for The Wrestler

Mickey Rourke because I loved that he was shocked at the Golden Globes and that he thanked his dog.

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Anne Hathaway for Rachel Getting Married
Angelina Jolie for Changeling
Melissa Leo for Frozen River
Meryl Streep for Doubt
Kate Winslet for The Reader

Kate Winslet - although all others would be good choices - wait, having never even heard of the Frozen River, I'll remove Melissa Leo from my choice. The others I know what roles they played.

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Josh Brolin for Milk
Robert Downey Jr. for Tropic Thunder
Philip Seymour Hoffman for Doubt
Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight
Michael Shannon for Revolutionary Road

Is Josh Brolin the cute son of Mr. Ba-Ba Streisand? I think Heath will win....

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Amy Adams for Doubt
Penélope Cruz for Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Viola Davis for Doubt
Taraji P. Henson for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Marisa Tomei for The Wrestler

Amy Adams because I like her name.

Best Achievement in Directing

Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire
Stephen Daldry for The Reader
David Fincher for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Ron Howard for Frost/Nixon
Gus Van Sant for Milk

Ron Howard because he is celebrating 50 years in show biz this year.

Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen

Frozen River : Courtney Hunt
Happy-Go-Lucky : Mike Leigh
In Bruges : Martin McDonagh
Milk : Dustin Lance Black
WALL•E : Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter

In Bruges because I'd like to go to Brussels

Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button : Eric Roth, Robin Swicord
Doubt : John Patrick Shanley
Frost/Nixon : Peter Morgan
The Reader : David Hare
Slumdog Millionaire : Simon Beaufoy

Curious Case of BB because someone famous wrote the original story. His name escapes me, but he was a literary genius.

Best Achievement in Cinematography
Changeling : Tom Stern
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button : Claudio Miranda
The Dark Knight : Wally Pfister
The Reader : Roger Deakins, Chris Menges
Slumdog Millionaire : Anthony Dod Mantle

The Dark Knight because it is the only movie I saw on IMAX and you could really feel everything.

Best Achievement in Editing
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button : Angus Wall, Kirk Baxter
The Dark Knight : Lee Smith
Frost/Nixon : Daniel P. Hanley, Mike Hill
Milk : Elliot Graham
Slumdog Millionaire : Chris Dickens

Haven't a clue how they select the winner in this category so I'm going wth Milk since I haven't selected that film yet.

Best Achievement in Art Direction
Changeling : James J. Murakami, Gary Fettis
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button : Donald Graham Burt, Victor J. Zolfo
The Dark Knight : Nathan Crowley, Peter Lando
The Duchess : Michael Carlin, Rebecca Alleway
Revolutionary Road : Kristi Zea, Debra Schutt

Okay, what exactly is Art Direction? Is "art" defined by the Met or MoMa standards? I'll choose the Duchess...

Best Achievement in Costume Design

Australia : Catherine Martin
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button : Jacqueline West
The Duchess : Michael O'Connor
Milk : Danny Glicker
Revolutionary Road : Albert Wolsky

Really Milk? Fashions from what the 70's/80's is that a stretch. I'm happy Doubt isn't on this list because it would be wrong.... My choice will be Australia because something associated with Nicole Kidman always wins.

Best Achievement in Makeup
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button : Greg Cannom
The Dark Knight
Hellboy II: The Golden Army

I'm giving this to the non-obvious HELLBOY II. Benjamin Button will probably win.

Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button : Alexandre Desplat
Defiance : James Newton Howard
Milk : Danny Elfman
Slumdog Millionaire : A.R. Rahman
WALL•E : Thomas Newman

Defiance because James Newton Howard wins alot of things or writes alot of scores for movies

Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song
Slumdog Millionaire : A.R. Rahman, Gulzar("Jai Ho")
Slumdog Millionaire : A.R. Rahman, M.I.A("O Saya")
WALL•E : Peter Gabriel, Thomas Newman("Down to Earth")

This will go to WALL-E because there are two nods for Slumdog and the Academy doesn't want them to assume that they'll win. This is a basic psych-out nomination.

Best Achievement in Sound
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Dark Knight
Slumdog Millionaire

I'll go with Dark Knight, but really, doesn't it all depend if the sound system at the theatre you go to works?

Best Achievement in Sound Editing
The Dark Knight
Iron Man
Slumdog Millionaire

I'll guess Slumdog because of all the city noises (thinking there were alot of them)

Best Achievement in Visual Effects
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button : Eric Barba, Edson Williams
The Dark Knight : Nick Davis, Chris Corbould, Timothy Webber, Paul J. Franklin
Iron Man

Dark Knight

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year
Kung Fu Panda

I'll rely on friend's comment - WALL*E, although I saw Bolt in 3D and thought it to be cute.

Best Foreign Language Film of the Year
Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (Germany)
Entre les murs ( France )
Revanche ( Austria )
Okuribito ( Japan )
Vals Im Bashir ( Israel )

Entre les murs because my sister went to France this year on vacation

Best Documentary, Features
The Betrayal - Nerakhoon
Encounters at the End of the World
The Garden
Man on Wire
Trouble the Water

The Garden because I love gardens

Best Documentary, Short Subjects
The Conscience of Nhem En
The Final Inch
Smile Pinki
The Witness from the Balcony of Room 306

Toss up for me for The Final Inch (that title just makes me giggle) and The Witness from the Balcony of Room 306 because someone was bold enough to make a film about a Peeping Tom (just my guess)

Best Short Film, Animated

Ubornaya istoriya - lyubovnaya istoriya : Konstantin Bronzit
La Maison en Petits Cubes: Kunio Kato
Oktapodi : Julien Bocabeille, François-Xavier Chanioux, Olivier Delabarre, Thierry Marchand, Quentin Marmier, Emud Mokhberi
Presto : Doug Sweetland
This Way Up : Alan Smith, Adam Foulkes

Presto because I like the name

Best Short Film, Live Action
Auf der Strecke
Manon on the Asphalt
New Boy
The Pig

The Pig. I haven't seen, but think that if this is a film about the movements of a pig, kudos to the filmmaker for filming a bunch of pigs in the mud.

Those are my picks for awards. I think they should release a list of the attendees and guess who'll be best and worst dressed for the Oscars.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Snap Jump...

Monday, January 19, 2009

I fell prey to a new piece of exercise equipment (well, new to me). My gym membership has expired and I saw the Snap Jump advertised in one of my magazines.

The concept is awesome, two handles with short strings that mimic the sound of the rope hitting the floor when you make a complete rotation with your arm. Basically, you jump rope without getting caught up in the rope or having the rope hit a wall, bookcase, outside gutter, etc...

As I've mentioned, my house is tiny. The patch of cement in the back for the grill is way too small and my ceilings in most rooms are low. When in college, I'd jump rope for 1/2 hour everyday. It was great and I thought the Snap Jump was the perfect answer.

Well, I jumped rope in college - ummm 20 years ago! However, I knew that it would take some time to get back to the 1/2 hour (now, I'm realizing it could be decades) and forgot when I unpacked and programmed it, I put tiny weights in the handle....until this morning.

I was trying to scratch my head (upper arms are KILLING me) this morning trying to fugure out why my arms were killing me. I couldn't remember doing anything strenuous and knew that my hubby did not roll over and beat me in my sleep last night. However, I was totally perplexed until I remember my 94 jumps I did last night (fyi..that is about 1 WHOLE minute of jumping). wimpy am I????

I've walked a marathon, hiked the Grand Canyon, but have been beaten by a fake jump rope.

I'm not going to give up. I have to at least make it to a 100 freakin jumps.....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Bed

Sunday, January 18, 2009.....

Ahhhhhh....the only word that came to mind this morning.

Yesterday, Macy's delivered a new bed to the house and I have to admit it was long overdue. Although, I love, love, love my headboard and foot board, we upgraded from queen to king size. Couple the extra room with a new mattress (old one was 15 years) and you have...ahhhhhhh.....

At the moment, the room is a bit sparse, but my master bedroom is only 9x12 and I was a little unsure of how much room I'd actually have left over for the head/foot boards. Eventually, I'll search for a headboard and in time, when we move into another house, I'll get a foot board (I seriously can't imagine moving into another home with a master bedroom the size of a closet again).

In the meantime, I will enjoy the new bed with my hubby. No more uncomfortable mattress and lots-o-space to sprawl.

Now, I just have to remember the bed is much higher than my last one making it trickier going to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick....

Friday, January 16, 2009....

Ever notice when you're feeling under the weather everything becomes fuzzy?

Last week, I started with an earache and sore throat. That is finally going away, but I awoke this morning to feeling lightheaded and nauseous (no, not pregnant), just the start of a head cold. The kind where you are blowing your nose constantly wondering how does your head fill up so quickly???? It's not fair.

Since I'm at the start of the head cold, I'll be dosing up on Vitamin C and using my Netti Pot (if you don't have one, get one). I can't speak enough of its merits.

While under the weather, I've watched my share of interesting reality t.v. and am amazed at people. Here is a rundown of the shows:

The Bachelor - Seriously women, are you really that desperate to have a man you barely know propose to you? I'm embarrassed to be a women after watching this show, but admit that I love watching these women make fools of themselves.

Tool Academy - OMG....My sister, Yoga Girl, told me about this new reality show and at the end of the episode they tell the guy "You're the Biggest Tool" and ask him to leave. Personally, after the first episode, I wonder if they should have a show for their girlfriends entitled, "Could I Really Be This Stupid to Stay with Him".

Top Chef - Love, love, love this show. Although the contestants are the most sane of the various reality shows, there is still some drama in the kitchen, among the chefs and at judges' table. If you love cooking, this is a great show. However, I have to admit, I do miss Ted Allen as a judge.

Housewives of..... - Right now, it is the OC. I have to admit, I've watched all the Housewives shows from the start and am thankful for my DVR. I'm finding this season to be a bit too shallow and petty for my liking. Vicki and Tamra annoy me. They could be lovely women, but the editing of the show makes them appear to be very mean spirited.

The Biggest Loser - again, thank heavens for the DVR...too many dang commercials, but I always cry at some point in the episode and this week I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Bob meltdown. That was probably my favorite moment in tv viewing this week.

I am hoping to feel better soon. I've been reading Eat, Pray and Love, but because I'm fuzzy minded, I'm not able to focus and have to keep reading the same page over and over because I can't remember a thing.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Intelligent Car Conversation.....

Monday, January 12, 2009.....

Yesterday, the hubby and I were out and about running an errand that required a longer than average car ride.

I had brought a stack of magazines and knowing that he wouldn't be interested in some of the tidbits I read in Domino (probably because home organization isn't his thing) I came up with this question: Knowing what you know now, would you want to come back as a man or woman?

His response was what I expected -- a man. However, I had to probe. I was curious as to why. I thought he was going to say something about the inequality of women in the workplace; or it is just easier for men. Nope. Instead, his response was

"I can write my name in the snow when peeing and you can't".

Thank God we were in the car and he couldn't prove the coolness of this statement to me. I might have gotten jealous.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nothing Says Love Like a Kidney......

Thursday, January 8, 2009....

Typically, I don't blog about the latest headlines, but I couldn't pass up commenting on a L.I. divorce settlement request.

It is truly obvious from the request that the husband, a doctor, is the bitter party in this divorce. Not only bitter, but as a doctor, he is also very selfish and immature.

I am going to assume, as a doctor, one understands the importance of saving another's life. I also believe that when any donor makes the sacrifice the recipient is not expecting a childhood game of "indian-giver" to ensue down the road.

What a total idiot! Will attorneys now need to incorporate new donor language stating they can not, at a future date, ask for the organ or a dollar equivalent for said organ back because they don't like the donor (or what if donor has done nothing with his/her life since the operation).

Mr. Bitter-Party-of-One, get OVER yourself.... Even if you are using the kidney as a bargaining tactic, you have kids. At some point, your children will grow up and be able to understand what you've done. Why would you want them to think less of you? Why wouldn't you want them to remember you saved their mother's life?

Counseling. Try it. I've heard it works for many.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How Wrong is this Picture.....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009.....

Yesterday, as I was returning from some errands, I noticed something unusual off the exit ramp of I-95. A man was standing by the light talking on his cellphone and I noticed him holding something folded up in his hand.

As soon as he finished his call, he unfolded the sign "unemployed and homeless -- can you spare some money".

Is it just me or should homeless people be carrying a cellphone?

Needless to say, I didn't give him money because I wouldn't know if he used the money to pay for food, shelter or his cellphone carrier.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Top Ten Things I Won't do in 2009.....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009.....

As everyone announces their goals for 2009, I thought I'd take a different approach.

Yes, I have goals for this upcoming year, but thought it'd be more fun to tell you things that will definitely not make the list. Here are my Top 10 Things that didn't make my 2009 goals list:

1. Spit. I know what you're thinking. How can she make that declaration? I can. It is extremely rare that I do spit (the dentist chair) and have had many opps over the years to do so, but chose not to.

2. Run a Marathon. I may run one in 2010 or 2011, but not in 2009. I walked a marathon and I'm not delusional enough to think I'm in shape or have the willpower to want to train for one this year. However, kudos to everyone else who does. I think it is a marvelous goal.

3. See any Rocky Movie. I haven't yet and it is my personal mission to keep that mission alive.

4. Sing on the Bonnie Hunt Show. Bonnie Hunt has had some non-famous people on her show perform (one danced the new Beyonce video), but I really can't sing. In fact, I'm pretty horrible and am proud of that fact.

5. Become a Stripper. Unless it is a paint stripper, I will not be stripping in clubs this year. Although, I'm unemployed and I bet they make a decent salary, I will not be doing this.

6. Have dinner at the White House. I really shouldn't rule this one out, but since it hasn't happened yet and I don't know the Obamas, it is safe to assume that I will not be eating at the White House.

7. Not buy a cookbook. That's just silly talk. Anyone who knows me, knows I might stop breathing without my cookbook collection.

8. Read the Bible. I know. I know... I've heard it's a great book, but I know I'm not going to read it in 2009. I have a stack of books I plan to get through this year - some trashy, some classics, but not the bible. In fact, I don't believe I have one in the house. Does that mean I'm going to burn in hell?

9. Skydiving. Not this year. However, I do see this in my future.

10. Star in a Broadway Musical. See # 4 above. Seriously, I have no singing or dancing talent, but I do love to see shows in NYC....

I'm happy I made this list. I have 10 less things to worry about not accomplishing this year. It's so nice to take that burden off my shoulders.

I'd be curious to know what others have on their 2009 Not to Do List....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Recap of 2008 Blogs....

Monday, January 5, 2009.....

For friends and family who called me out on not putting up the lawn Santa this year, I decided to tie up the loose ends of some of my blog entries from 2008....

The Year of Big Santa: I had every intention of putting up the big-larger-than-life wooden Santa on the front lawn, but I didn't. I wish I had a great reason, but decorating for the holidays actually started on December 24th and ended that day. We had intended on putting him up on the 25th, but we were racing around setting up for our brunch.

I Married a Monkey: The Christmas present for my nephew came in prior to Christmas. My hubby is still a monkey and loves the flying screaming monkey (equipped with mask and cape) I purchased for him.

I should also note that I discovered a great ad line --- "Everything in winter goes better with a friend. Oh, and a stuffed monkey with a sense of adventure too."

Lawn Ornaments: The ceramic gopher on the edge of someone's lawn was gone in under a week. I'm not sure how long it actually lasted, but the next time I drove down that street, 5 days later, it was gone.

Two lessons learned - 1) put ugly items at edge of lawn if you want to get rid of it; or 2) realize that a ceramic gopher is just begging to be stolen.

My Bank Rant: I learned from the bank they don't skim any money for counting change. After they politely suggested that I can't count, they told me to go to one of the branches and use the coin machine myself. Funny thing, I've used the coin machine three times and each time it has registered what I counted. I've since brought change to the local bank for them to deposit and their count differed from mine again...hmmmmmm...makes you think....

Interview with Company from Hell: I recently saw this job reposted on the job boards. However, this posting indicated a minimum 50% travel requirement. I think they would have given us both an hour back from our lives if they just read my travel tolerance level of under 25%.

I Did Something Stupid: I just have one word for my Waring Pro Meat Slicer "Disappointment"

No Time for Dessert: My friend heard back from the management of Craft. She got crazed at work and I have forgotten to ask if she had time to email them back. It's never too late.

I'll end this entry with tying up my Holiday Drama entry. It turned out that the sister that was making crazy suggestions for how Christmas should be handled didn't show. We had an extremely heated one-sided conversation where I lost it. It is a very long story and has nothing to do with this post, but she didn't come to Christmas at my house.

However, she continued the holiday drama by not informing me she wasn't coming. Instead, her friend wrote me to tell me she wasn't coming.

Christmas actually turned out to be very nice. I found it relaxing and my entire family had one conversation going on all day long. Everyone participated, everyone listened and I got to know just a little bit more about each of my family members and their dates and spouses.

I know that 2009 will be a great year! I am hoping the same for everyone else.....