Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer Reading List

Monday, June 29, 2009...

For as long as I can remember, I knew of people that had designated books they wanted to read over the summer. Many of my friends and family keep the books in a beach bag and only read them when they reached their destination (pool or beach).

As a kid, I lived down the street from the beach. I would grab the latest romance novel (I remember stealing my mom's Scruples paperback - which was considered a scandalous book) with my beach towels and baby oil (yeah, you read right, B-A-B-Y O-I-L) before heading out. My list was created by how cheesy the cover of mom's books were.

As an adult, I never created a list of Summer must reads. Instead, I've purchased many of the latest NY Times Bestsellers, or books my friends have raved about. As the world's slowest reader (no, I don't move my lips when I read, but close) I get sucked into a book and lose all sense of time. I know when I read a book, I need to set aside some serious time because I've never been one of those individuals that can read 10 minutes/night or just one chapter.

However, this year I'm doing it. Creating my Must-Have-Reading List for the next 10 weeks and finally making the time to finally read some of my books I've wanted to read for awhile.

Some are new, some old, a couple self help/introspective books and even a classic.

Without further adieu my first ever Summer reading list:

The Art of Eating by M.F.K. Fisher - this was recommended to me because of my love of cooking. I'm anxious to read it.

Thin is the New Happy by Valerie Frankel - Valerie's memoir about dealing with her demons about weight and dieting. Coming to grips with her mother's impact on her that she had to be thin. I'm in the middle of reading it and her story strikes a definite cord with me. My mother's obsession with food, dieting and being thin was a bit much for me.

Dune Road by Jane Green - I have really enjoyed her past works and after hearing her perform a reading from the book, I can't wait to jump in.

The Year of Yes by Maria Dahvana Headley - These are one of the books that I heard so much about, bought it and put on the bookshelf about a year ago. She goes on a date with anyone that asks for one year and meets her husband. I can relate to the fact that sometimes when you're not looking or thinking of your preconceived notion of the perfect guy, you'll find him. That's what happened to me.

After Long Silence by Helen Fremont - This was a national bestseller and when I purchased this book I was dying to read it. I became distracted and it was filed away with my other books till this past weekend. Helen was raised Roman Catholic, but discovered when she was an adult that her parents were Jewish and Holocaust survivors living invented lives.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold - Go ahead. Say it. A little slow to the party. I heard about this book several years ago from a friend that highly recommended it.

Women in Love - D.H. Lawrence - Sometimes it is just important to go back to the classics.

Losing It by Valerie Bertinelli - Yeah, it may not be a classic, but I know it'll be a fun and interesting read.

Living with Less by Mark Tabb - I bought this several years ago and think now is the perfect time to finally read it.

A Life in Balance by Kathleen Hall - I started this a few years ago after reading an article she'd written in Body, Mind & Soul. Her concept of SELF (Serenity, Exercise, Love & Food) and how she derived at this concept to obtain a well balanced life is very interesting. I have the time and want to read it again.

This is my list, but after mentioning Scruples, I definitely am going to add it to the list.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Recession

Saturday June 27, 2009....

Last night, I went to bed, hoping and dreaming that the Fridge Fairy would make an appearance at my house. She did. But, I was so disappointed to only find a note which read as follows:

Dear LMB, due to the Recession, the Fairy union had to downsize and cut our division. It is with my sincerest apology that I let you know that you will be cleaning your own fridge.

Although charitable by nature, I saw your fridge and thought this was beyond my giving capabilities.

Yours on the Unemployment Line - FF


This is what I get for waiting so long before doing a thorough cleaning of the world's smallest fridge. I guess I deserved the note.

Here's what I observed about my fridge, my bizarre buying habits and outstanding skill to procrastinate at cleaning.

1. I have TWO bottles of Fish Sauce. I'm not Asian and cook a recipe which requires Fish Sauce once in a blue moon. It should be noted the only Asian spice in my house growing up was Soy Sauce (heck, this is big considering I thought garlic was a powder till college and had to cook for self).

2. I have an obscene amount of yogurt. Guess I know what I'll be having for breakfast for the next Y-E-A-R.

3. It's amazing how hungry you can become cleaning out a fridge. I had to stop the process and make a sandwich for self. Hell, it's lunch time and I managed to finish up the milk.

4. I also have an obscene amount of soy sauce. This probably goes back to childhood and the only exotic flavor component my mom would add to almost everything (well, it was a toss up - soy sauce or wheat germ).

5. Best way to clean out the fridge is to drink some of the cold beer that has been in there for awhile [I have a wine cooler with add'l beer in it - didn't realize I had a backup stash (I'm resourceful like that)].

6. Cleaning a fridge can literally take hours if you drink several beers which I'm enjoying.

Moral of the Story: The Recession needs to end soon. Never mind that I need a job, but the Fridge Fairy needs to be reinstated so I don't have to do this again.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Midnight Magic

Friday, June 26, 2009....

Looking back, I remember some of the greatest things happened in childhood while I was sleeping.

Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy all visited me while I was fast asleep. It was disappointing when I discovered all three were my parents, but I never caught them in act.

The other day, I was remembering just how great it was to wake up and find something magical had happened during the nighttime hours. Although, I may not wish for a quarter under my pillow (let me reconsider being unemployed), I'd still love to wake up and have that same childhood feeling.

After quick consideration, I wish the following fairies would visit me during the night:

Fridge Fairy: I don't have a standard size fridge because I live in a small 1949 Cape. One trip to the grocery store for 2 is all my fridge can handle. If I don't clear it out each week, which I never do, I am continually cramming items in. My fridge becomes a clown car and the forgotten items in the back of the fridge become my own personal science project.

Laundry Fairy: There actually is a Laundry Fairy, but she/he doesn't do what I want. Instead he/she increases the amount of laundry I need to do in the morning. Basically, the Laundry Fairy Sucks.

Sock Fairy: For some reason, the Sock Fairy has an arch nemisis that steals one sock from almost every pair I own. I know I may not notice everything, but seriously where the hell do they all go? The Sock Fairy would save me the time and energy hunting down the strays.

Other fairies I wish would visit me while sleeping that need no explanation:

The I Never Ache Fairy from working out.

The Calorie Eraser Fairy

The No Hangover Fairy for the champagne I have the night before. Champagne always gives me a slight headache (assume it's the sugar) and I don't plan on giving it up.

There are so many others, but these are the ones I'd love to have visit me.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, June 24, 2009.....

Any readers following me on a regular basis know if it's Wednesday, it's time to Rant and Rave about the past week. Without further adieu, here are my Rants and Raves from the past week:

Rave: I'd like to thank Miss Nobody for the One Lovely Blog Award and SunshineMeg for the Friend Award. Under a separate entry I will properly live up to the rules of accepting these awards. However, I just want to say how touched I am that people read my ramblings and actually like it. Thanks again!

Rant: The rain. I know so many people love the rain and I love falling asleep to the sound of rain. But, when all it does is rain and rain and rain, I just want to see some hint of the sun for more than a nano second.

Rave: Hubby is all better. He's up and about, his fever broke and I didn't catch it.

Rant: Suffering from some funky new injury making it impossible to train with trainer. Squeaking walks in when it is not raining (which is hard if you read my rant above).

So, how was your week? Any Rants and Raves you want to share? I would love to hear them or if you're doing your own Rant & Rave Wednesday, put your link in the comments section so others can read.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Before the Brain Fog Set In....

Tuesday, June 23, 2009....

Jess Riley tagged me for a meme. I knew when the fog cleared, this is something I'd want to do it because it has a twist.

"Sometimes you can learn more about a person by what they don’t tell you. Sometimes you can learn a lot from the things they just make up. If you are tagged with this Meme, lie to me. Then tag 7 other folks (one for each deadly sin) and hope they can lie."

What is your biggest contribution to the world?

Duct tape. Yup. Creator of Duct Tape....okay, maybe not creator, but use it and know others that do.

What do your coworkers have that you wish was yours?

Their jobs.

What did you eat last night?

I made my way through every Hersey's chocolate product known to mankind. After polishing off 30 lbs of chocolate, I searched high and low for chocolate truffles from a local chocolate shop.

What really lights your fire?

God, so many things turn me on. I guess I'll just list the traits that make want to jump any man's bones in no particular order. They are: bad odor, poor personal hygiene by choice, a man who never uses a toothbrush, someone who only talks about how wonderful they are, a guy with no manners, cheap and one that spits.

I know I missed many great attributes, but I was getting hot just thinking about a man with these traits...

What is the last thing that really pissed you off?

Meeting a considerate, well-mannered stranger. What's up with that? Random kindness just sucks.

Name something you hoard and keep from others:

My neighbor's trash. It appears that every Wednesday night, the neighbors get a jump on Thursday trash day by putting out their bags/cans out on the curb. The trash seems to always be accessible for small animals to carry their late night treasures to my yard.

The trash adds a certain something I'd never want taken away from me.

What’s the laziest thing you ever did?

Walked a marathon while keeping my senses when crossing the streets in Dublin.

I'm tagging LiLu,SillyStud, Lacochran,Yo Mama's Blog,kk and Muffy

Monday, June 22, 2009

Suffering in Silence....

Monday, June 22, 2009....

For the past week, I've been suffering in silence with a condition known as "Brain Fog".

Initially, it started as a Brain Cramp which only lasts for a split second. [A Brain Crampis recognizable by most people because you've forgotten how to spell simple words, such as 'the'].

It's painless and painful at the same time because you become truly frustrated for a minute. But, after a minute of frustration, you quickly remember stupid stuff and move on.

Unfortunately, my minute became 10, 080 minutes (one week). My Brain Cramp suddenly turned into a full blown case of Brain Fog.

Unlike the Brain Cramp, the Brain Fog, has no defined time period. Your brain takes a vacation and when the vacation is over you're left wondering what happened to you while your brain was in the fog. Basically, you're left scratching your head thinking WTF....

Maybe I was empathetic because hubby was suffering from the flu, maybe I was replaying the horrible interview I had the week prior, or maybe it was the Percocet I had taken for the pinched nerve.

Whatever it was, I'm glad it's over. I enjoy blogging (my definition: writing and reading other blogs). I've readjusted my attitude towards potential employers (translation: I won't doubt them when they claim the position is real and will lie convincingly when asked if this is my dream job) and will begin tackling one of the many household projects I've procrastinated doing (translation: rain is no excuse to watch trashy t.v. or get sucked into the game Bejeweled Blitz on FB).

I hope that no one ever suffers Brain Fog, but if you do, my advice is to find a mindless game or book and let it run its course. It eventually goes away.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, June 17, 2009.....

Any readers following me on a regular basis know if it's Wednesday, it's time to Rant and Rave about the past week. Without further adieu, here are my Rants and Raves from the past week:

Rave: Last night, I went with my gf to Jane Green's book signing/reading of her latest book Dune Road. From what I've already read and her reading, I am looking forward to kicking off my summer reading list with it.

Rant: Last week I gloated because I had no pain working out with trainer after several days off. Well, I was WRONG. This past weekend, I was nursing a pinched nerve in my back with some percocet. Needless to say, very little sleep occurred.

Rave: Hubby starting to feel much better after being very sick with the flu since last Thursday. I'd also 'Rave' about not getting it, but always seem to jinx self when gloating about something (e.g., see above Rant).

Rant: I never thought I'd be writing about this, but what's up with elevator etiquette? I know there are many that don't hold the door for others, but this is not what I have to rant about. Have you encountered people insisting on finishing their conversation in the doorway you need to go through? I did. Best part, these people were both getting off and didn't think to move the conversation to the floor. Hello? Earth to rude people. Need to be somewhere. Now. This went on for SEVERAL minutes until I said excuse me. Both gave me the 'put-out' look. Oh, please.....

It was a slow week. Between the pinched nerve that kept me awake and nursing the sick husband who gave me a temperature update every 20 minutes, I'm looking forward to this weekend.

So, how was your week? Any Rants and Raves you want to share? I would love to hear them or if you're doing your own Rant & Rave Wednesday, put your link in the comments section so others can read.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Going from Calm to Crazy Panic in 20 Seconds....

Friday, June 12, 2009....

I bet you didn't think it could be done, but I did it. Woo Hoo! Not.

Today, I was to have my breast MRI and I'm claustrophobic. My sister had booked it for me and when I asked if I'd be enclosed, she said ah no...only your legs and feet are in the machine.

For normal people, going in head first is stressful, for a claustrophobic going in either way is still a NIGHTMARE.

Before the procedure started, I was informed that I would be fully in the machine and I believe the look on my face said it all. No Valium. No Xanax. I was to do this cold turkey.

The tech suggested we try getting me in the machine first before injecting me.

They slowly slide me in, face down, breathing heavy, breaking out into sweat.

By the time they reached my knees, I was CRYING. Not a whimper, but full blown crying.

They slide me out in seconds, but I was paralyzed, eyes shut, still crying.

It took several minutes before I opened my eyes. It was vehemently decided that I would not be doing that again (well, I'd consider if given a local, but don't think insurance would pay for an anesthesiologist).

As I left, I went by my sister's office and left her a note: There are not enough drugs in the world that can convince me to do that again.

Hope your Friday was more fun.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, June 10, 2009.....

Any readers following me on a regular basis know if it's Wednesday, it's time to Rant and Rave about the past week. Without further adieu, here are my Rants and Raves from the past week:

Rant: My encounter with the mean nasty lady at the local animal shelter.

Rave: Got around the mean nasty lady at animal shelter to get cute little gray kitty for sister.

Rave: Last night's experience in check-out line at grocery store. Cashier was friendly AND pointed out two things we could do to save extra $$. Because of him, we saved $8 on 2 items. I think I was really impressed because he was just so nice.

Rant: Talking to old co-worker who reminded me why I hated my last employer so. Our conversation also reminded me why I lost touch with her.

Rave: Hadn't worked out with trainer in 5 days and I'm not sore. Well...not yet....

Rave: Having willing participant over for dinner, a.k.a. good friend, to help test out recipes from my cooking experiment AND she's bringing bubbly.

Rave: I have brussel sprout plants for my garden. For those that don't know me, I crave brussel sprouts like most people crave chocolate.

That's it for me. How was your week? Any Rants and Raves you want to share? I would love to hear them or if you're doing your own Rant & Rave Wednesday, put your link in the comments section so others can read.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Devil in Disguise

Tuesday, June 9, 2009....

Today, I did a favor for my sister. I thought the favor would be quick, but little did I know that Satan was minding the front desk of a local animal shelter.

Several days ago, my sister rescued a kitty from a local shelter, but wanted to add another kitty to the mix. She was told that Prego's sister was getting spayed on Monday and to come back.

She tried convincing them to hold the kitty since she works and was afraid that the kitty would be gone by Saturday. That was a no go. Instead, she confirmed with the shelter that I could pick up the kitty today on her behalf.

I head out in a rainstorm. Cat carrier in hand, check in purse. I'm thinking this will be quick, but boy was I wrong...

My sister called YESTERDAY, the day that Satan was off. She was adamant I could not take the kitty. She had explained to me that my sister was misinformed and no one there would say such a thing.

I asked if I could adopt the kitty and was told absolutely NOT because she knew I would just turn around and give the kitty to my sister. Okay, this may be true, but if not, why couldn't I adopt a kitty? I don't plan on using her to cat juggle (reference from the movie The Jerk).

Can I hold the kitty for the day (did I mention the weather - thunderstorms, so I'm thinking not an issue). Again, denied.

Finally, I called my sister, got the name of the person who agreed to let me pick up the kitty.

Boy, was she mad. I think it was because she has so little power and I found a way to get around the rules.

Tanya came out, but Satan wouldn't help on the paperwork. She let her flounder and let's just say, what should have taken 1/2 hour took 2 hours.

Satan never warmed up. She just had this attitude, a.k.a. stick up her ass, the entire time. I'm happy to report she shared this love with others, but am amazed that she's around animals all day....

If I were one of the animals, I'd run to the corner of the cage whenever she walked by me.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Many Uses of Duct Tape....

Monday, June 8, 2009....

Duct tape is one of those magical inventions where people can use it for reasons other than its original design.

I've recently read where it works wonders for removing warts. If memory serves me, you cover the wart, leave the tape on for a week, rip it off and then use a pumice stone to file down any fragments.

I applaud that duct tape is so versatile, comes in various colors, but never in my wildest dream would I combine it with saran wrap to make the super condom.

Yes, you read correctly: duct tape + saran wrap = super condom.

Yesterday, I was with a friend at a local outdoor steel drum concert and we were catching up. She mentioned this girl, L, I've met once or twice and am always amused by L stories.

L is over 40 and only talks to available men with the right credentials. Basically, she's looking for a rich man to marry. Currently, she's dating a man with the 'right credentials', but he has a condition that would put a damper on one's love life.

To combat his issue, he created the Super Condom.

Now, if I were drunk and playing a game entitled 'Name Another Use for Duct Tape', I'd probably suggest the Super Condom. But, there is no way in HELL I'd ever use one.

Seriously, think about this.

As a woman, the thrusting motion could push back the tape ridges and expose the sticky stuff to your inner most private place. Not in my world.

As a man, what if the tape happens to hit skin. You'd have to rip it off your most prized possession. I'm thinking most men would pass on this option.

Personally, this guy's a tool for not going to his doctor and getting a prescription for his condition. I've seen enough t.v. drug commercials to know that his outbreaks can be reduced by just taking this magic pill.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cooking Experiment or What Have I Gotten Into?

Saturday, June 6, 2009.....

When I realized that I had to change my eating habits and incorporate more vegetables into my diet, I wasn't ready to become a vegetarian nor was I ready to eat just steamed veggies and salad for the remainder of my life. Instead, two thoughts popped into my head:

1) Why not meal plan and use my cookbooks that I've collected over the years; and

2) How many cookbooks do I actually own?

Most people would probably answer the second question by just counting them, but not me. Instead, I decided to embark on an interesting experiment which I alluded to in an earlier post.

I decided to choose 5 cookbooks per month and 1 cooking magazine to plan my meals from. I choose 4 recipes from each and then cook them. Sounds simple. Yes and no.

I forgot to factor in the days I don't want to cook; or days I've forgotten to read the recipes and see that you have to chill it for 3 hours prior to cooking. Needless to say, I have 2 more recipes that I'm finishing up from May.

Even though I'm learning that cooking times are off and chopping/mincing takes longer than I planned, I'm loving this experiment.

Over the years, I've cooked a lot of things, but simple techniques (e.g. clarifying butter) is something I haven't tried till this month.

For the month of May, I selected the following cookbooks:

1). Martha Stewart, Cooking School: I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about this book. I was given one of her books years ago, when I first really started cooking, entitled something like 'Quick & Easy', but quickly learned shredding chicken for enchiladas is not a quick task. Although I loved the dish, I hated that I was deceived from believing that recipes would actually be quick to make.

Now, I can easily spot tasks within a recipe that will require time and am not bothered by the misuse of the word 'quick'.

I had to admit, of the cookbooks selected this month, this was probably my favorite in terms of reference.

I now owe my forever going forward rice recipe to her. Sure, the Rice Pilaf recipe she posted may be known by others, but I was raised believing soy sauce goes into rice pilaf (personally, I'm beginning to believe that was my mother's only seasoning).

I also referred to her book when the french cookbook I used was a bit sketchy on directions.

2) Glorious French Food (James Peterson): If you're a novice cook, I wouldn't recommend this book. Many of the ingredients were left to sight and taste. I would also have to say the directions given (e.g., clarifying butter) weren't the clearest. I would turn to Martha's book when in doubt.

Some dishes hit the mark, but then again, butter and cream can make any dish tasty.

I'd cook from this book again, but wouldn't use everyday because I'd probably die from all the fat in less than a year's time.

3)Ten (Sheila Lukins): Years ago, my sister and I took a class where Sheila was demonstrating some dishes from another cookbook she had written. Everything was incredibly tasty so I was excited to cook from her book this past month.

Unfortunately, sometimes reality doesn't live up to expectations. I've learned that any recipe with fish sauce, soy sauce (even though I used reduced sodium) and chicken broth creates an inedible dish. I love salt, but that dish was insane.

I also tried quinoa for the first time and thought the orange zest made the dish bitter. I haven't given up on quinoa, but would never make this recipe again.

In all fairness to Sheila, I finally know the exact roasting time for asparagus. Typically, I keep them in the oven too long and have one more recipe Lemony Roasted Potatoes to try.

4) The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook (Nancy Harmon Jenkins): I'd give this cookbook 5 stars, but whomever edited this book was a bit off on cooking times. Luckily, I cook a lot and recognized this.

I loved Italian Frittata with Tomato and Peppers, Baked Fish with Capers and Olives and this lentil dish I made last night which changed my husband's opinion of lentils FOREVER.

All the dishes I made left you feeling light but satisfied. I'd definitely cook from this book again.

5)Healthy Appetite (Gordon Ramsay): I have to admit, I selected his book because I watch Hell's Kitchen & Kitchen Nightmares and wanted to see if he had the right to scream his head off.

Well, he does.

What I've made from this book has been good. We've loved the Flatbread and Chicpea Salad converting my husband and I into official chickpea lovers.

The recipes I've made are also light and satisfying. I still have the Stuffed Chicken Breasts Wrapped in Prosciutto, but can't imagine that being anything, but tasty.

I really was hoping to find fault with this cookbook since he's such a vocal critic, but couldn't.

6) Bon Appetit (June 2009): I decided to include cooking mags into my experiment because every month I get a collection of them, skim them, fold the pages of recipes I want to try and nothing.

I believe this issue was to be about quick & easy recipes and admit it really lived up to its mission. I wasn't crazy about the Herbed Balsamic Chicken recipe, but the Pasta with Goat Cheese and Shrimp Scampi with Green Onions and Orzo is a definite solution to dinner fast while still having yummy flavors.

What have I learned this past month:

1. I now know how to clarify butter and appreciate it.

2. Good recipes can change your opinion about foods (e.g., lentils & chickpeas)

3. Jury still out on quinoa.

4. Read, read, read a recipe for timing reasons.

5. I prep all recipes before I start to cook. I don't care if the recipe states 'while simmering chop 3 lbs carrots'. Inevitably all liquids in my dish will evaporate and I'll have only chopped a 1/2 lb.

6. Tasty dinners make tasty lunches (good thing since I have a ton of lentils leftover)

7. I love the bay leaf and finally remember that the CA bay leaf is twice as potent as the Turkish one.

That's it for this month. Next month I plan on trying pasta with lettuce and eggplants, zucchini as pasta and more chickpea and quinoa dishes.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, June 3, 2009.....

Any readers following me on a regular basis know if it's Wednesday, it's time to Rant and Rave about the past week. Without further adieu, here are my Rants and Raves from the past week:

Rave: A random act of kindness by my pizza guy has renewed my faith in mankind. For years I've been going to the same pizza place, I've never known the owner's name, but we always make small talk. Yesterday, when he found out I was unemployed, he pulled out the business card of his good friend and told me to check out the company because they were looking. I did. Unfortunately, not a programmer, but still it was nice of him to make that gesture.

Rant: Another *squish* exam (a.k.a. mammogram is needed) to magnify a particular area. My issue with mammograms is that I feel like a can of peas on the grocery shelf and someone is trying to pull the 'can' off the shelf. Hello people, don't you know the breast is attached!

Rave: Good results on the test I was worried about - Yay for me!

Rant: Trying to get through to insurance company to verify I don't to pre-certify an upcoming MRI. Been trying and trying and I'm beginning to believe that an audience with the Pope is probably easier to get.

Rant: CVS Pharmacy sucks or is inept. Either one, pick your choice. After telling my husband and I to come back 3 times, they posted my address on the script as Ohio. Nothing wrong with Ohio, but I'm from CT....

Rave: Some great weather recently and herb garden almost all in. I feel so *green & organic* growing my own stuff.

Okay, a lot more Rants than I expected this week. How was your week? Any Rants and Raves you want to share? I would love to hear them or if you're doing your own Rant & Rave Wednesday, put your link in the comments section so others can read.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Halfway to the Finish Line

Tuesday, June 2, 2009...

Fifty-one days ago, I started my 100 Day Goal which basically was to change my diet by eating more alkaline foods and create a skin care regime.

To date, I've accomplished the following:

1. Supplements. Sure, I knew they were good for you, but now that I'm taking them DAILY and learned they really do make a difference.

I found a great supplement for my alkaline/acid condition from a company called pHion.

2. Diet Cola vs Water. I know diet cola isn't good for you. However, when you don't drink coffee and need that jolt, I say diet cola rules. Unfortunately, I was drinking far too much cola and not enough water and have made the switch. One cola drink per day. It can be ANY size. Most days it is one can, but I love large fountain sodas with extra,extra ice.

Now, I drink 6 to 7 20 oz water servings/day. Best part is that I don't have to remember how many waters I drink because my fabulous Thermos Water Intake bottle a.k.a best water bottle ever (yes, I'm still singing its praises weeks after buying it) has a counter on it.

3. Fiber. I've incorporated & embraced it into my diet. I don't think I need to elaborate.

4. Meal Planning. This actually has been the funniest part of my journey. As a cookbook whore with a fair amount of free time, I've decided to pick 5 cookbooks and 1 cooking magazine each month to cook from. I choose 4 recipes from each and try them out.

Since, I'm not counting calories yet, one of my cookbooks was "Glorious French Food" and I've determined that the French and Butter Council are in cahoots.

I've also discovered the easiest rice pilaf recipe which is now my staple rice recipe and Gordon Ramsay has changed mine and my husband's impression of chickpeas FOREVER.

5. Washing Face. Daily. Surprise, surprise, I can do it and have been 98% of the time. I have to admit, there is an amazing difference. Not sure if it is the supplements or if the Clarisonic is doing the trick, but I've really noticed a change.

If you have the $$, the Clarisonic is a fabulous tool.

Things I'm starting to incorporate as part of my daily routine for the next 50 days:

1. Exercise daily. I believe that is self explanatory.

2. Food journal through the vitabot. A funky online food journal that tracks more than just calories, but your vitamin intake, sodium, cholesterol everything you need to know if you're eating a healthy balanced diet.

3. At Home Facials. I have the steamer and masks, now I just need to put the time aside at night.

4. Wear a Heart Rate Monitor. Again, self explanatory.

Monday, June 1, 2009

What's 'UP' With Kids at a Late Show?

Monday, June 1, 2009....

The movie Up opened this weekend and although I have no children, my girlfriend and I really wanted to see it.

We figured late show, avoid the crowds because small children would be home in bed.

We go to the 9:30 p.m. show and guess what? Yup. You got it. Kids. About 20% of the audience were comprised of small children.

The youngest was around 3, oldest 9, but most were around 5 years old.

Is it me, or do I think it nuts for a small kid to be going to a movie that late at night?