Sunday, October 28, 2012

Storm Sandy....

Is it a hurricane? A Nor'easter? Or a reason to eat?

Yes, I know we're going to get slammed and I know that my dad's house will be flooded again. I still have fresh memories of dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene to help my dad out, but that's not where I'm going with this post.

What's up with the run on milk and Wonder bread at the grocery markets? I understand the bread because you need it for peanut butter sandwiches or to make bread animals when the power goes out and you're bored [note: Wonder bread has the consistency of silly putty and if you don't have kids, Wonder Bread provides endless hours of fun(note/note: If you're from the Wonder company, I want ad royalties if you decide to use this in future marketing campaigns)].

But seriously? I watched the NYC news and they showed the lines formed outside of Trader Joe's and thought: People don't you have any food in the house?

However, I admit, I'm a bit guilty of running to the store. I went to the local CVS (drug store), because I'm sick as a dog and didn't want to run out of Thera-Flu (OMG, I love this product) and kleenex. Sure, I strayed and bought some Cetaphil body soap (another product I love and is more than amazing), but I am low on soap. However, people were just buying things. I overheard 2 women talking and saying that they were picking up cold medicine just in case. In case of what? It's 60 degrees out and I'm assuming you're not going to sit outside your home during the storm so you get a cold. If you're are, well, I think you may need something more than an over-the-counter cold medication. Personally, if these women were taking the last box of Thera-Flu, I would have tackled them for it. And then, I would cough on them to prove my point that I needed it more.

As I was making soup for dinner, I used the last onion and asked my hubby to run out to the grocery store for: onions, celery, deli meat and more kleenex (what the hell was I thinking only buying one box earlier in the day). Milk was not on the list or Wonder bread, but he strayed on the list and brought home tortilla chips, seven layer dip (if you live near Stew Leonard's you'd know their dip is yummy) ice cream and cookies. Again, as I ask...Are storms really an excuse to just eat?


Brian Miller said...

i hope that all goes well in your area....raining here already but no high winds yet...we are in the snow/rain band so i guess i will wake up surprised in the morning..

we did get peanut butter and bread...and gas...and water...just in never know...after the derecho this year its far better to be prepared...

stay safe.

FunnyGal KAT said...

I was one of those people who picked up bread and milk before the storm... but only because I was doing my regular shopping and we were out of both. Still, it made me feel like one of those people who panics and stocks up on those things.

The storm petered out by the time it got to us-- we never even lost power. But I hope you're doing well (I know many people are STILL without power!)