Thursday, January 28, 2010

Question of the Week....

Thursday, January 28, 2010....

I've decided to make Thursdays my "Question of the Week" day because I always have questions and am always interested in people's answers.

This Week's Question:What grocery item will you not buy the generic version of?

Last week, I asked hubby to pick up some Q-Tips. I told him, Q-Tips, not generic brand and you know what....he came home with Johnson & Johnson cotton swabs.

Ummm...not generic, but NOT Q-TIPS.

When we went to COSTCO, I noticed they sell Q-Tips and snatched up my 4 pack (smart purchasing people at COSTCO) and when we got home had to show him the difference (he probably couldn't care less, but I wanted him to know I wasn't crazy).

I told this story at my last food pantry party and didn't realize that are other items people feel brand name is the only way to go. I think peanut butter, mayonnaise and ketchup were mentioned (specially, Peter Pan, Hellman's & Heinz).

What's your must have brand name product?


Spot said...

Toilet paper. Must be either the new Quilted Northern or Charmin. Generic toilet paper is the worst.

And Kellogg's Pop Tarts. There is no substitute!

Those are probably the only things I won't compromise on.


That Kind of Girl said...

Oh, totally agree about Q-tips! Anything other than the proper brand and you risk getting cotton swabs with really thin stick parts that bend when you apply any pressure! It's horrifying.

My must-have name brand: Tampax Pearl tampons. I figure anything so anatomical is worth spending a little extra cash on.

ADELE said...

I only use heinz's ketchup and Kraft mayonnaise.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

My husband is a Duke's Mayo guy - I could care less.
But as for the q-tips you are right, there is a HUGE difference.
Personally - cream cheese and sour cream have to be name brand, other wise the cream cheese tastes like cardboard and ruins a cheese cake and the sour cream tastes actually sour.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there are several items that I must have a particular brand of, but the one that comes immediately to mind is syrup. It must be Log Cabin.

kk said...

oh, so many things!

Q-tips, definitely with you on that.

Hellman's Mayo.

Cereal (Special K)

Herding Cats said...

Actually, I'm not that picky. If anything, it's peanut butter. Skippy household here!

Mandy's Kidding said...


Tracey said...

I love Q-Tips. I call them all Q-Tips and I will use the generic or cheaper ones. I even stick them in my ears because I'm a rebel! They are a great makeup tool too.

As for name brands, I've been so poor for so long that I hardly ever splurge on name brands. I do prefer David and Son's Barbecue sunflower seeds to any others.

Green-Eyed Momster
P.S. I just saw Spot's comment and my hubby won't use anything but Charmin. So, that's what we splurge on, I guess!

Dan said...

You named three do-not-have-to-haves for me. I like JIF or generic PB,generic mayo, and almost any brand of ketchup except Heinz and Hunts (too acidic of tomato base).

The one brand loyalty that comes to mind is toilet paper - Northern it must be. And their move to the smaller rolls is just about enough to toss them as well. If I wanted narrow toilet paper, I would have asked for narrow.

Most of my other brand preferences are force of habit rather than specific desire or quality.

Actual Scale said...

Mayo has to be Hellman's Light for me. Kraft tastes weird & I don't care for Miracle Whip...which my mother just cannot understand. lol

We are total coffee snobs. No generics. Starbucks House Blend or the Marques De Pavia stuff I get from Amazon...which tastes like a lower acidic version of Starbucks Breakfast Blend to us.

Diaper rash ointment has to be A&D. Nothing else works on the boy.

lacochran said...

Cotton swabs vary dramatically but I can get by with most generic versions. Guess my ears aren't that picky.

Must have by brand: 2% Breakstone cottage cheese, Ocean Spray cran-apple juice, Snyder of Hanover pretzels, Cling-Wrap. Probably lots more but those immediately come to mind.

McGillicutty said...

mmmm it has to be Jif Reduced fat Peanut Butter and ... definitely L'Oreal Shampoo...we're so not a Suave family!!!

McGillicutty said...

mmmm it has to be Jif Reduced fat Peanut Butter and ... definitely L'Oreal Shampoo...we're so not a Suave family!!!

Anonymous said...

Chock Full of Nuts Columbian coffee. Nothing else!

The Peach Tart said...

Being a Southern Belle, I must must have my Duke's mayo and White Lilly flour.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about Qtips. Don't mess with my Charmin or Heinz!

Sunshine Mama said...

Aunt Jemima Light syrup, Gold-n-Plump chicken breasts, Taco Bell brand taco shells, oh, and of course my chocolate covered cream filled bismarks have to come from only one specific local grocery store in town.

I intend to have one of those soon. Feb 7th or 8th.

Excellent question.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Real maple syrup....

Brian Miller said...

someone said it already, but poptarts...the generic taste like cardboard...

Anonymous said...

Toilet paper. I'm an Angel Soft girl.

Cheryl said...

After trying any generic brand, I always go back to the tried and true. (Generic cereal and toilet paper is the worst. I usually get Post cereals and Scott tp.) But these days I get most of my groceries from Trader Joe's, which, when I first tried it, was a lot like generic. But it's gotten better, or maybe I'm more used to it.

The Sorority said...

Hellmans mayo - must have the real deal. Qtips - a must. Colgate toothpaste; Balderson cheddar; Rolled Gold pretzels; Glide dental floss; Tim Hortons (a Canadian brand) coffee - and the list could go on and on

My husband is all about the Heinz ketchup - I bought him a gourmet organic one and have never heard the end of it.

Good question LMB!

P said...

Helman's Mayo, Heinz soup and baked beans, Philadelphia (not the cheapo cream cheese), and Diet Pepsi (NOT generic diet coke). That's pretty much it!

TechnoBabe said...

Cereals, not hot cereals, but Grape Nuts and Raisin Bran and Cheerios.

Erin P said...

Good question--I'm in the process of educating my husband about this. My peanut butter--Smart Balance, any canned or frozen veggies (I've had too much bad luck with generics there) but fruits are fine as generics, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, razors. But, some things must be store brand: milk, for one (the more expensive milk is much older on average.) My bran flakes are fine generic, as are q-tips, but pop tarts are absolutely mandatory brand name.

Funny how everyone has their "thing."

DB said...

QTips are a must. I also must have Heinz ketchup and Hellman's mayonnaise. That might be it for brand names.

I think generic toilet paper is bad but I don't necessarily have a brand name preference.

Jaime said...

Kleenex - i hate generic tissues!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Paper products and canned tomatoes (they never trim the stems well enough).

Interesting questions. I'll be thinking about it the next time I go the the grocery store.

Have a great weekend.

Living and Loving in L.A. said...

Paper towels. I'm a VIVA girl all the way.
And I also buy Cascade dishwasher detergent. And Cottonelle TP.
But I don't really use Q-tips except maybe once in a blue moon.

AriSpark said...

I love this question..

I must have my Kraft cheese slices! The other stuff just tastes sour.. blahk!

maria.palermo said...

I must have branded Mylanta and Ibuprofen (sp???)---always go for the Advil.....don't like CVS or any other generic at all.

CaJoh said...

I normally do not have any brand loyalty, but I know my wife does— especially when it comes to mayo. It's hellman's or nothing for her.

Excellent question,

FunnyGal KAT said...

I was going to say I'm not particular to any brand name product, that That Kind of Girl reminded me that I will buy only one brand of tampon (Kotex plastic applicator). That's not something to be messed with!

And the Pretend Husband will only allow me to buy Land O' Lakes American cheese. He doesn't care about the brand of almost anything else, but you do not mess with his American cheese!

Heather said...

I'll do generic when possible - which is nearly impossible when trying to go organic, but I have to agree with the other ladies, I won't compromise on feminine product. Oh! And on conditionor it has to be Nexxus.

Leah Rubin said...

Q-Tips for sure, and toilet paper, too. In fact, I won't buy Scott t.p. no matter how cheap it is. I mostly buy Cottonelle, in one of its many types. Who wants to be stuck with harsh or scratchy paper?

JennyMac said...

I will not buy the generic version of almost everything. Maybe children's vitamins and flour/sugar. That is about it. LOL. It stems from childhood. Childhood brattery that is.

Matty said...

Toilet paper, paper towels, snacks, chocolate syrup, ice cream, pop tarts, cereal......I could go on. The brand names are better.

Rebecca Watson said...

Mac and cheese- has the kraft!

cute blog!

I followed you through google connect, please do the same thing!

otin said...

any cereal! Food store Raisin bran has everything but the raisins!!!

Jen said...

hahaha, I always buy no name brand and he hates it! he LOVES name brands, too funny!!

mean_owen said...

Aluminum foil: it has to be Reynolds Wrap. Generic is too flimsy.

Ice cream: generic just won't cut it.

Remember the generic, black-and-white label craze of the 1980's? We had a generic store in town. My favorite item was "Beer".

Heather said...

I have something for you on my blog!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Land of Lakes Butter

Little Ms Blogger said...

Spot – TP is essential. I agree that generic could be the same as rubbing one’s butt with a tree bark. I’ve never had a generic pop tart. Honestly, didn’t know they existed.

That kind of Girl – Exactly!

Adele – Those are my favorites, but I will use generic mayo now.

MamaOtwins+1 – What is Duke’s Mayo? Never heard of it. Now, I’m curious and will look for. Could care less about cream cheese unless in a cheesecake, but I buy those (unless hubby makes). Sour cream? Hmmm… Never thought about it, but I think it’s because I usually buy Breakstone.

EyeGirl – Syrup was another item discussed at the dinner and I could do Log Cabin or Aunt Jemima (if not real).

Kk – Hellman’s? Before you laugh, I don’t think I’ve ever had.

Herding Cats – I can actually do generic PB, but it has to be the chunky kind.

Mandy’s Kidding – Someone else said pop tarts – is there really that much of a difference?

Tracey – I call them all Q-Tips, but I specifically want the brand name Q-Tips. I use for ears and makeup. Never heard of David & Son’s sunflower seeds. About the TP comment, well, the ass has to be happy or else you pay for it.

Dan – Funny about the ketchup. I can only do Heinz. About the TP shrinking, well, that’s happening with all products. Manufacturers are even disguising the container to appear bigger, but the volume is less (think you posted about this with coffee).

Actual Scale – I find light mayo tastes off to me and probably the only item I won’t go light or nonfat on. I’d rather have less of real mayo then more of a light or non-fat (actually, I’d do light, but never nonfat mayo or skim milk).
I don’t drink coffee which I’m glad about. I have enough bad habits I have to break.

Lacochran – Snyder of Hanover Pretzels? Are they that good? I thought a pretzel was a pretzel. Maybe I’m missing something.

McGillicutty – I’m okay with the reduced fat PB, but it has to be chunky. As far as the shampoo, hmm….as long as I mix it up I’m fine.

Secretia – Funny thing, I think I read in Cook’s Illustrated that was one of the best coffees on the market. I was a bit surprised as it’s been around forever.

The Peach Tart – What the heck is Duke’s mayo? Is it a local product? I’ve heard of White Lilly flour, but use King Arthur because they from a New England state.

Suzicate – I like Charmin, but it kills my plumbing….

Little Ms Blogger said...

Sunshine Mama – The light Aunt Jemima is very good. Never heard or had a chocolate covered bismark.

PHST – We get that often, otherwise, Aunt Jemima or Log Cabin lite versions.

Brian Miller – I never realized that generic pop tarts are bad.

Jules – Yes you are!

Cheryl - Trader Joes’ takes a bit getting used to, but love their frozen stuff.

The Sorority – Hmmm…toothpaste is a tricky one. A few years back they changed all toothpastes and I haven’t found I really like. I guess Aim is my favorite, but we mix it up here. Organic ketchup is watery. I agree with hubby on that.

P – Heinz Soup – hmmm….that must be Campbell’s or Chunky soup in the US (or it could be I’m clueless and haven’t seen Heinz soup on the shelves). Generic diet coke is the worst!

TechnoBabe – is there a generic Grape Nuts? Ewwww….

Erin P – I didn’t know that about milk. Oddly enough, we actually try to get our milk at a gas station because it’s cheaper and fresher (moves out of the station very quickly). What’s with the pop tarts?

DB – Hellman’s??? But you were raised on Kraft Mayo? Trader.

Jaime – I hear you on Kleenex, It’s just like Q-Tips

Joanna Jenkins – Hmmm….never realized about the canned tomatoes issue.

Living and Loving LA – I love the Cascade packets for the dishwasher. You’re lucky you DON’T have to use Q-Tips.

AriSpark – Hmmm….I don’t buy cheese slices too often, but when I do, it is always Kraft.

Maria.palermo – I always go for Excederin and not the generic. I can do generic ibuprofen since I rarely use it.

CaJoh - You have no brand loyalty? Not even pop tarts like everyone else here?

FunnyGal Kat – I don’t think anyone should mess with something that important.

Heather – I like organic, but budget is tight so I do store brand fruits and veggies.

Leah Rubin – Cottonelle, Charmin and Northern seem to be the favorites of this group.

JennyMac – okay, your answer didn’t surprise me and cracked me up. I’m guessing you’re not a COSTCO or BJ’s girl either?

Matty – LOL…Do they even make generic ice cream?

Rebecca Watson – I hear that is the best, but have never been a mac & cheese girl.

Otin – I didn’t know that. Now I will avoid.

Jen – Some things can be no name, but some ABSOLUTELY must be brand names. I don’t have many, but no point of double spending if the generic is going to sit on the shelf collecting dust.

Mean_owen – I buy the restaurant foil. I guess I’ve been using it for so long, I’ve never noticed that fact.

Heather – Thanks. How very thoughtful.

Midlife Jobhunter – that is an absolute must for baking.