Friday, September 3, 2010

Best Scam Email Yet

Friday, September 3, 2010.....

Yesterday, I received an email from the "BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION" apologizing to me for being the victim of a lotto or a kin claim and am entitled to a large sum of money if I responded to the email because of I was a victim.

Two things that made me laugh about the email:

1) They want to give me $2.4 million because I am a victim of a scam and I just need to give them contact info; and

2) Although the British High Commission lists his email address within the body of the email, the email originated from a gmail account. I'm thinking the British gov't would not be using gmail for its electronic mail service.

I'm just glad these criminals are plain stupid.

Actual email with my comments:

The British School of Cotonou,
Haie Vive, 08 BP 0352,
Cotonou, Benin.

Sir,(Dude if you're going to win me over, at least know I'm a woman)


The Government of the West African Countries (ECOWAS) under the African Union (AU) have recompensed you following the meeting held with the Government of the various countries' high commission with the AU chairman, DR.BINGU WA MUTHARIKA for the fraudulent activities carried out by her Citizens on you.

This is to cushion the effect of the present economic difficulties on you. (So impressed he knows I'm unemployed and unemployment has run out - bet he's psychic)Your email address confirms that you were among those defrauded as listed by the FBI and Scotland Yard (Wow...I've never submitted any of these to either agency) through email scam by fraudsters either as contract payment, Next of kin claims, (do you mean these weren't real?)lottery and game wins etc. By citizens of either Nigeria, Benin Republic, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Equatorial Guinea from any part of the globe where they operate from.

Be informed that a total of two Million four hundred and fifty thousand US dollars ($2,450,000.00) was allocated to you by the heads of states of the African Union as you were indicated as one of the fraud victims. Your current phone number/contact address (name John Doe, 1234 Main Ave, Anytown USA, 800-555-1212) should be made available to this Commission in acknowledgment of this mail to effect the processing and release of your fund by the nominated bank.(I bet you believe I think monkeys fly too) You can as well contact the Director in charge of the release/CEO of HSBC Bank London.

8 Canada Square Canary Wharf.
London, E14 5H.
Phone: +44 703 591 4563
Contact: Mr. Stephen Green.

Further communication between you and fraudsters should be discontinued as such will result to a total cancellation of the release of the stated fund to you. You are requested to acknowledge the receipt of this mail for proper update of the file opened for you in this regard.

Yours faithfully.

Mrs. Pauline Collins for.
Mr. Bob Dewar. (Commissioner}


Brian Miller said...

sweet you are rich! lol.

BeckEye said...

Fraudsters? That's a jolly good word.

BeckEye said...

By the way, I can tell you how to end spam emails forever. Just send me $50 and I'll give you the secret.

The Vegetable Assassin said...


Was their address at least something fun like yobritzforevah at gmail?

If you're going to use a common webmail program might as well do it right, right?

P said...

Haha! I get crap like this all the time. It's so annoying.

Have you ever been on the website The 419 Eater ( It's pretty cool - people basically respond to this sort of spam and try to set up the people behind the scam. Hilarious.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Brian - I'm so excited that I'll even split the $$$ with you. Just send me all your personal info and bank account # and I'll TRANSFER the money in.

BeckEye - How exciting - do you want cash or a check?

Veg Ass - No. It was rather boring which also makes me upset. I want EXCITING, CLEVER criminals.

P - Never heard of this site, going to check it out.

Nick Thomas said...

Sad part is, there are STILL people out there that repsond to those emails and send $$

Joanna Jenkins said...

I yiyi! I guess criminals really ARE stupid.

It's amazing how many of these types of scams are going around. I get a couple every week! Sheesh.

Happy weekend. jj

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome email. Quite well written really.
To Beck Eye - fraudsters is a real word. Also please give me all your banking details and I will happily give you $50 for that secret :-p

Deborah said...

That was a good post! I get those notifications all the time too! LOL
Happy Labor Day!

Deborah said...
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