Monday, May 25, 2009

Scary Cat People

Monday, May 25, 2009.....

On Saturday we went to an Open House/House Warming party for a couple we know. B & D purchased their home late in 2008 and spent several months renovating the place. Hubby & I like B & D and were curious about the finished outcome.

We met B & D through a close friend, but I really don't know much about their friends. I know they are passionate about politics and D had run for local office in their town.

We got there late in the afternoon and I understood that swarms of people had come and gone, but unfortunately one couple was just arriving.

The 'Crazy Cat People' misunderstood the definition of Open House and confused it with London's Speaker Corner. Their mission to have everyone race down to Yonkers Pet Smart and adopt a stray cat or dog (I got the feeling they weren't too keen on dog people).

As a group of us were sitting and chatting in B & D's family room, B gathered everyone else into the room. B asked if we wouldn't mind listening to Mrs. Crazy Cat Lady (MCCL) for a MOMENT and we said sure.

MCCL & her husband (whom we thought was her son) took the floor. She went around in a circle and asked every person if they had a child. If you said no, then the next question of 'do you have a pet?' was asked. It was as though you were excused not to have a pet if you had a child. I have to tell you, I haven't felt this much pressure since my first marriage when bombarded with the question of 'when are you planning on having kids?'.

Of course everyone in the room had responded they had a kid, cat or both.

Except me.

When I responded I had neither, MCCL just stared at me. I quickly responded my cat, Static, passed away after 18 years and my husband and I were looking into getting a Beagle (I want a rescue, short-legged puppy and know my order is tall). I believe I barely redeemed myself because we showed promise. I think we were her perfect target audience because we were looking for a pet.

Don't get me wrong, I know everyone is passionate about something and if I choose to go hear you speak about it, well, I know what is going to happen. However, I HATE when people shove their beliefs down your throat when it is not appropriate. Her mission to inform us about the Pet Smart adoption in Yonkers went on far too long.

We heard about the animals they are bringing up from the South, we heard how she gives to WWF and any organization that protects the big cat and forced us to take directions to the Yonker's Pet Smart location. MCCL was scary and didn't know when to shut up.

When new people arrived, she got their names from the host and stalked them down.

We left the Open House knowing we weren't racing to Yonkers today, but asking each other the only real question: Do you really think she's his wife? We both thought she was old enough to be his mother.


marathoner81 said...

That's funny and bizarre. I agree it totally turns me off when people shove their opinions/beliefs down your throat. They definitely earned the title of "Scary Cat People".

p.s. I just got a kitten and though for just a second you were talking about me and my post with lots of pictures of my kitty... when I saw the title of the post..but this was written before my post so it couldn't possibly have anything to do with me...!

E-Claire said...

Oh God. She might think she's doing the right thing, but honestly, thats just RUDE. People have their reasons for not having pets, for some its just not viable. And convincing those sort of people to get a pet just means there is an unwanted and unloved pet a few months down the track. Sad :|

Also, it amazes me how much money people spend on their animals. Donating to animal charities is important, and saving a beloved pet doesn't require a second thought, but sometimes I wonder. I know that animals need protecting too, but I've always felt a little guilty when I've just spent hundreds of dollars on a vet bill, knowing how valuable that money would be to people in more unfortunate circumstances.

and thats the end of my novel. :P

maria.palermo said...

I think MCCL's behavior was boorish to say the least. As I get older I am turning further and further away from judging people. Unfortunately there are some who can't help themselves. But since I feel like judging (and probably generalizing so forgive me if I offend anyone), I find that older women that are pushy and rude can't get a mate either their age or older, so they shoot for the youngins who are easy to control and manipulate.

Dan said...

I won't comment on MCCL. We all run into such oddities from time to time and learn to ignore them.

As to the short legged rescue dog, it brought to mind a dog we saw when we adopted Molly. It was a Bassett/Labrador cross. Thus it was long and black with a big head and body and then these little 5 inch legs. Sort of like someone knee-capped a Labrador. The Son loved it because it looked so funny. Unfortunately, the owner was planning on reclaiming it.

Miss_Nobody said...

That was SO awful,im sure you went there to have fun,not to be bullied into something.Ew.grr
hope she didn't scare you much,boo her

Little Ms Blogger said...

marathoner81: love cats & dogs. I would never diss them as I was a cat owner for 18 years - can't wait to check out new kitty pics.
E-Claire: Definitely rude and I felt badly for the host. Vet bills can definitely insane! I saw one couple having to use 2 credit cards for their rabbit bill.
maria.palermo: Hmmm...I never notice that. Now, I have to look.
Dan: I can just visualize how quirky that dog must have looked. I would have wanted him too b/c he'd probably have great doggie character.
Miss_Nobody: Scare me, no - did I avoid her ABSOLUTELY!

Anonymous said...

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