Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ten Random Things About Moi!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009.....

MiSS RambLEs bestowed the Honest Scrap award on me - Yay and thanks.

“The HonestScrap award comes with a caveat or two. Firstly, you have to tell your readers ten things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly, you have to tag 10 people with the award, but I'm only going to tag 5”

So, here it goes:

1. I like ironing and always iron my sheets. Don't judge me for being a freak (well, not for this) until you've slept on ironed sheets.
2. I'm not a fan of chocolate and had cupcakes at my wedding last October. This way my hubby could have his chocolate, and me,white cupcakes with lemon filling and coconut frosting (okay, you probably think I'm a freak now because I'm not a chocolate fan)
3. A HUGE fan of the filthy dirty martini.
4. I used to do summer theatre - but now, I can't sing for my life.
5. I played the cello as a kid and then bought one on eBay after I separated from my first husband. When I first starting playing it again, my cat would come in the room and cry until I stopped.
6. I took one cooking class with Jacques Pepin (it was amazing and I would kill to be his personal assistant).
7. One of my favorite memories is when I would go to my dad's hockey practices as a kid.
8. I TRIED playing hockey in college but kept falling on my face because of my years of figure skating lessons.
9. I'm a cancer survivor (this might be known).
10. I used to watch Law & Order because I had a crush on Sam Waterson.

So, now it is time for me to tag 5 people and I'm going to choose:

Tales of Wild Boomba
Miss Nobody


Heather said...

Loved the list!! I soooo do not iron my sheets. Honestly - I don't iron a whole lot of anything... just toss it in the dryer and turn it to the "fluff" setting.
And what you said about your cat crying made me laugh. My dog doesn't particularly like to hear me practice guitar either. :)

marathoner81 said...

Ha ha...I hardly ever iron, that's what I use my dryer for!

I am a huge, SERIOUSLY MAJOR fan of dirty martinis. I've never had a filthy dirty martini....I MUST try one!

Thanks for the award!!!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Heather - it took me awhile to determine cello playing & cat crying - always thought she was hungry. Eventually, I figured it out and luckily got better.

marathoner81 - filty dirty martini is YUMBO - extra olive juice & olives - my sister tells me to just add vodka to the ocean & drink.

Kristin said...

#2: I don't like chocolate either AND had cupcakes at my wedding too so that Those Who Like Chocolate wouldn't feel left out.

#3: filthy dirty martinis are one of the best inventions, in fact, I think I'm going to go have one now.

#6: Jacques Pepin. I'm in awe. (Of him and of you for the assisting).

Miss_Nobody said...

Ironing?Omg,I loathe that lol,I should have you over,oh no not for that for a dirty martini :)
Thanks for the award!!