Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I Love When It's a Slow News Day....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011......

I live outside a major metropolitan city, and my husband is a complete news junkie. Every night, he flips on the news and we watch it for about 2 hours. It's insane. I hate it and typically do other things during this time.

Why LMB don't you want to be informed? Not really. I do enjoy watching the weather man on CBS, Channel 2 (NYC) deliver the weather, and enjoy the food/cooking segment. but, that's about it. Overall, news is pretty dismal and right now, I don't need to be scared or depressed to death with the local news report.

However, I'm curious about something. Who is the person who determines which story goes on the air when it's a slow news day? Yesterday, I saw a news trailer for the story about a police officer spraying a squirrel (segment was entitled Cop vs Squirrel). Am I missing something? Why is this newsworthy?

If we're going to create a news program entirely based upon stories like this I might actually watch the news more. Yes I just mocked this, but it's a nice break in my day because it is absurd. Based upon the absurd news story criteria, I believe we'd see stories such as these:

- Royal penguin wedding being held the same day as that famous English royal couple.

- People dying their hair purple in support of National Welch's Grape Juice day (I made this up, but I bet there is a national grape juice day)

- Local condo association board prohibits kids from being able to play in their front yards because of the noise (oh wait, that was a true news story - I heard this and immediately thought these people needed to move to an over age 55 complex if they don't want to hear children playing in their condo complex).

Okay, you get my point. A slow news day is a waste of my television viewing. Now, if I could only get my husband to agree.


Brian Miller said...

haha. that is the news in our neck of the woods...

maria.palermo said...

LMB, I think people love sensationalism....albeit a cop pepper spraying a squirrel may not totally fit the criteria, but people love this stuff. Look at all the hubub on Pia Toscano getting eliminated from American Idol, not only is it making local headlines, but national ones as well. Crazy, you'd think she was the next best thing since Celine Dion.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Brian - LOL. I just found it odd that it made the NYC news.

maria.palermo - I haven't watched American Idol this season, but saw all the tweets about Pia (I didn't think it made the news)

ME said...

This is why I don't follow the news. Did an officer really pepper spray a squirrel. Sad. I get highlighted news clips sent to my inbox so I don't have to sit for an hour. I do however watch Good Morning America while sending the kids to school.

FYI...I would totally dye my hair for Nation Grape Juice Day. But thats me. :)

J.J. in L.A. said...

I saw the officer vs. squirrel clip yesterday. I'll bet the dude never lives it down at work. Hopefully.

I watch the morning news, and if the 1st story isn't important I turn the tv off because it won't be getting any better.

Slyde said...

i agree. i love how a stupid story is suddenly HUGE news on a slow news day.

always pisses me off .........

The Vegetable Assassin said...

I'll tell you who chooses the stories. A MASOCHIST. A horrible, smelly meanie who likes to depress us and make us cry. Where are the kittens bringing hope to the elderly? Where are the miracle cures? Where is my lottery win? No. War, death, murder and debt. THANK YOU.

Little Ms Blogger said...

ME – Yup. He did. I bet if you did dye your hair for National Grape Juice Day (if there were one) you’d be on the news….but I think you’d have to carry a sign proclaiming it was National Grape Juice Day.

JJ – I doubt he does. Although, I know why this clip didn’t make the tv show COPS..because the squirrel had a fur shirt on….

Slyde -- What’s worse is when they repeat the same stupid story for days.

Veggie Ass – Don’t forgot unemployment and news of more companies slashing its workforce (this has me leaving the room feeling sick in stomach). I bet Mary Tyler Moore never put on depressing news.

Pat Hatt said...

Oh the news I just don't watch at all
I barely listen if I'm down the hall
As after the first story or two
The rest makes me want to spend more time in the
Plus half truths to get ratings is what they give
So live and let live
If its that big you'll hear one way or another
Whether from a friend or

Logical Libby said...

I am one of those people who decides what goes on the air in news programs. To be honest, on days when I throw in things like squriels, or cliff diving, it's when the rest of the news is really bad. People won't watch if I tell them THIS SHOW IS ALL ABOUT MURDER AND BAD GOVERNMENT. But, if I let them know there are a few sweet surprises too -- they tune in.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Pat -clever comment

Logical Libby - You really do that for a living? How cool, but how hard a job that must be.

I really think the cop pepper spraying the squirrel should actually be seen on an episode of COPS.