Friday, October 7, 2011

Old Wives' Tales.....

The past few days in Connecticut have been glorious. I mean they've been the type of days you only see in movies, but rarely in real life.

As I was driving around with the sunroof open, all I could wonder about was how long it would take for a bird to shit on me.

Why couldn't my brain wonder off to think about the beautiful sunny, blue skies? Instead, I zeroed in on the fact this was perfect weather for a bird to shit on me.

Before you start thinking she's crazy, let me explain.... On 3 different occasions, I've had a bird shit on me. All 3 times, the days were just as beautiful and sunny as yesterday. Only difference is that I was alone.

In the past, birds shat on me when I was standing or sitting next to another person. So very odd. But, I guess if the bird is going to hit its target, it probably wants witnesses to see how talented he is.

Just to be clear: When a bird shits on you, it's gross, but not the end of the world. However, I don't believe a bird shitting on you brings happiness.

Nor do I believe rain on your wedding day brings a long and happy marriage. It rained the day of my first wedding (notice I use the word 'first'), so that wives' tale isn't true.

Why do wives' tales exist? Why don't people just say "It's raining, get over it" or "Get away from me, I don't want bird crap to get on me?"

I never had children and wonder if they tell a mother-to-be that a really hard and long labor means you're going to have the best behaved, beautiful, brilliant and considerate child?

If not, I want to add that into the collection of Old Wives' Tales. Why not? I'm married and I often wake-up feeling like a 110 years old.......


lacochran's evil twin said...

Was it a Foo?

If the Foo shits, wear it.

Brian Miller said...

i thought is was good luck to get shit on...

Pat said...

Maybe they are called "Old Wives Tales" because they were named after old women who have lost their minds and didn't know what they were talking about.

What? It could happen.

Don't feel bad. Birds like to shit on me too. Thank GOD cows can't fly!

JeannetteLS said...

I think that some of us are drama queens. I mean, really. It's so much more fun to go through life saying everything is a sign ... and if it rhymes, well, we're golden!

So. Cal. Gal said...

"When a bird shits on you, it's gross, but not the end of the world"

I would think it depends on the bird. Have you seen how BIG an eagle is?

Luna said...

its true its not the end of the world when a bird shits on you. its happened to me before. its annoying but thats about it. you clean yourself up, maybe curse at the bird, and move on.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Nothing good comes from bird poop! Keep the sun roof closed ;-)

Little Ms Blogger said...

lacochran - they were hit-and-runs so not able to give description.

Brian - LOL

Pat - I think you're on to something -- and I'm happy cows can't fly either.

Jeannette - I have a sign at the end of my street - does that count for drama?

So Cal Gal - imagine if eagle did shit on you? Because they fly so high in the air the impact could knock you out.

Luna - you're right, I was more curious why people think it good luck.

Joanna - you're right!

Lora said...

it's just to make us feel better for sure!

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