Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I Did on Summer Vacation by LMB.....

Remember when you were in elementary school how the teacher would start the first day with having you write an essay on what you did for Summer vacation. Every year the amount of words that you had to have on the page had to increase. This task became trickier and trickier because I could never figure out a way to expand upon what I did. Basically, if I wasn't swimming in my friend's pool, I was sailing on a small sunfish or climbing trees. Occasionally, I'd go down to the beach, but as a kid I enjoyed swimming in a pool. As a teenager, well, the beach was a preferred choice.

If I were back in school today and had to write a similar essay, I think I'd put the professor to sleep. My summer was lackluster and at times not a lot of fun.

After 3 years of unemployment, the money has dried out and I've been scrambling a way to find a way to keep my home of 15 years. I knew in the Spring this may happen and started calling various agencies and am working with the banks now. We'll see.

But, no money = no trips. Well, I did take a day trip to Rhode Island this Summer and it was great to just get away even if it was for just one day.

Some might argue and tell me I went on a safari with my continuous battle with the wildlife that attacked my garden. I think all the animals (except squirrels - I really hate them) were adorable, but should have manners and sit on the outside of the fence and not touch the growing veggies. But they obviously weren't given proper etiquette lessons from Emily Post.

After giving up on trying to outsmart the animals in the garden, Hurricane Irene came and flooded my 89 year old father's house. We're still finishing up getting his life back together, but I learned that screaming for extended periods of time because your father won't wear his hearing aid is just crazy. Blood pressure goes up, headaches start. I've now stopped screaming. I'm learning my health is too valuable.

A couple of other discoveries happened for me, but this post is becoming a bit of a downer, so I'll leave you with this last thing I did: Pig Chases. Yup. I saw them and can cross them off my bucket list.


Brian Miller said...

wow. you had quite the adventurous summer...ughon the flooding...went throughthat with my gramma before...know that is work...and theyelling yeah your sanity is more important...

The Vegetable Assassin said...

Bah dude, the job situation is still sucky, huh? Me, I've been doing temporary work which is good and well but it pays less than permanent by a lot and of course it's over at some point and you need to find more. SO frustrating. I'm applying for stuff all the time and the competition is fierce. Let's just win the lottery and all run away to a tropical island. No? I think so.

Dan said...

The job situation is indeed sucky. And dealing with the banks is a full time job in itself.

Re: jobs. Some of us have changed careers entirely. I went from CTO of billion dollar companies to the executive director of the local humane society. But in many ways the new job is more rewarding than the old. Computers seldom lick your face and sit on your lap and purr. {*grin*}

What is a pig chase? I've seen greased pig contests all my life - is that similar?

DB said...

Well written post as always. You should mention (and take credit for) stepping up and adding volunteer work to your life again. You are doing some valuable service for the hungry in your community. Not to mention exploring ways to improve your health.

I know both of these don't outweigh all the lousy stuff that has been happening, but these are 2 great things that you've been working on.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Brian - It's funny I always put the word adventurous with doing something fun, but I guess you're right. Although, I wish it was more fun than not.

Veggie - I'm an optimist and believe I may win lotto before the economy comes back.

Dan - I'm guessing a pig chase may be the same as greased pigs, but without the grease and they run around in a fenced course. I did learn that pigs are #4 on the intelligence scale.

DB - You're right about the charity work. I'll probably blog about that and the health issues separately.

blueviolet said...

I'm glad you just saw the pig races, and didn't participate in them. Yikes! I hope things get worked out for you with your house!

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