Friday, March 9, 2012

Anger: The Train You Sometimes Can't Stop

For the past few days (who am I kidding, the past week), I've been angry. I'm angry at the economy, angry at my situation and what sparked all my feelings of anger is a conversation I had with someone.

I thought I was having lunch with an individual I recently met, but was asked some weird questions AND when I met her with my brown bag lunch, she said she was full, but let's still talk and we ate in company's conference room while she brought a pad of paper with her.

I hate deception. I mean I really despise it. I become guarded and won't reveal anything about myself because I feel if you don't have the decency to be honest with me, why should I really share any of my true opinions with you.

Needless to say, someone who I thought I was going to have lunch on a friendly level turned out to a cluster-fuck of a 45 minute period of time.

That was over a week ago, but learned this week she probably was interviewing me.

Annoyed beyond belief.

I believe in networking, but I don't believe I'm always having to be on an interview with everyone and every encounter.

Unfortunately, I'm just really, really angry. And, if one person tells me to let it go, well, I'll kick them. I know I'll let go, but sometimes you need to let your anger pass all the train stops along its route before moving on.


- p.s. It doesn't help that I found out yesterday, my cable bill jumped from $100 to $171 to $291 in 3 months AND AT&T doesn't really make their contact information easily accessible. Right now - AT&T SUCKS!


Brian Miller said...

for the record Verizon sucks too....just saying...smiles...

so what was she interviewing you for? wacko...

you do know how tempted i am so say let it go, right? ha...smiles...

rail on!!!

DB said...

I know you don't have Fios but I would think you'd pay around $175/month for cable/internet/phone service. Are they billing you correctly?

angelsroy33 said...

I totally understand. You have THE RIGHT to be angry. (You are talking to the queen of anger here!) I understand and agree.Sometimes you do have to go thru all the train stops to finally let that anger go. And the AT&T situation-find their call numbers and when you do, say you are going to cancel, they will start trying to give you better deals to keep you as a customer. My husband did this for us and it worked. You are not alone!!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

AT&T sucks and so does Time Warner Cable.... Grrrr.

An interview instead of lunch?!?! That would piss me off too. That's something people should be upfront about.

Hang in there. xo jj