Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Feeling Productive While Searching the Internet Job Boards

Wednesday, May 28, 2008....

This morning, like most mornings, I search the various job boards online to find out if there are any possibilities for me. Anything that I may be qualified for and also any job that peaks my curiosity. Granted, I have found very little that I'm qualified for, but I have scanned the swim instructor (I can swim, but it would be an act of God to get me in a bathing suit as my daily outfit because of my figure and because I'd have to shave my legs daily) and the usps site to be a mail carrier but can't figure out the pay or if there are actual positions open in my town.

Today, was a bit different. I scanned the job boards to find nothing in a short amount of time and thought this a disgrace. Instead I actually opened one of my junk emails so I felt as though I was spending more time on the web being productive.

I should explain that I typically just trash the junk emails, particularly the emails that imply a foreign relative has left me a large sum of money or that I've won a non US Lottery (does anyone know if these get answered? If so, I wonder if Dateline has done an expose on it). However, today was different and I am happy with my results. Today, I went to the following site It is the promotional site for Lipton's Green Tea in which people created videos to show how young they are. Winners will receive $25k. I was to vote on best video which I think will be used as a new commercial.

Just think, I had the power to grant someone $25k by placing my vote. Outside of family members, who actually goes to these sites to vote? I don't because it is time consuming to watch all the videos (and as noted in earlier blog, I have attention span of a gnat). My personal favorites were a guy playing a guitar (he had talent), a man who could put together a lego structure without removing the pieces from the bag (yes, freakish and weird, but how cool), a group of 4 people as a human rubberband (note my comment from lego guy) and the guy that kept tossing empty cans into various garbage cans from various positions. Granted, I have a feeling that the whole thing was staged using something digital, but for the computer neophyte, it was way cool.

It should be noted that none of my picks actually showed people doing athletic stuff (maybe the rubberband group) which is what I think the Lipton Tea people wanted, but I like the odd stuff. This could explain why I think I did poorly on yesterday's phone interview. I was asked questions like "what leadership traits do you have" or "what makes you a team player" and what I would have been preferred to have been asked is "if your house was burning, what one item would you run back in to save". If asked that I think I would have aced the interview. Oh well, we'll see. No word yet, but wouldn't be surprised if I wasn't called back.

- j

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