Thursday, July 10, 2008

Farmer's Market

Thursday, July 10, 2008...

Right by my house, every Thursday, a parking lot of a local playhouse is converted into a farmer's market. I've never been, but thought what a beautiful day and wanted some fresh veggies and herbs for dinner tonight.

I love the concept of the farmer's market. Love organic and love the fact that any purchase from the local farmers keeps their business alive. However, I forgotten what type of clientele visit the farmer's market.

I live in an area where people believe that they are entitled or privileged because of their zip code. However, entitlement does not always equal manners. Don't ever confuse that. In some cases, I've come across people that believed they were above manners because of their position. Tsk to them. On the other hand, I find these people to be amusing. Today's visit to the farmer's market did not disappoint.

As I was standing in line to pay (mind you, the line was only 2 people deep), this lady cuts in front of me. I notice, not saying anything because a) it is a gorgeous day; b) I don't have any time issues; and c) I figure she must be in a hurry. Several minutes go by and she turns to me and asks if she had cut in front of me. I said yes, but that was okay and that I wasn't in a hurry and fine where I was. Instead of saying thank you, she tells me that she didn't know I was in line and it looked as though I was still looking around. I laughed to myself as I had not moved and was holding my produce for purchase. Basically, she was trying to justify her actions instead of admitting that she has bad manners. It ended up that we were helped at the same time, but I overheard her tell the person from the farm that she bought this one green leaf veggie (it was only one stem of the bunch) because of its color and wondered if they could cook it up for her. She further explained that she NEVER cooks and always picks up prepared food from where ever she is. I really think that she believed that if she explained this to the people in the booth, with conviction in her voice, they would magically change their mind and cook it for her.

I scored some great veggies and herbs and even gooseberries (which I've never had) and am looking forward to trying.


french lesson: I'm happy to report my sister is back on track with her french lesson and has learned the word for condom. Apparently, she is learning the items you can find in a drugstore while in France and has learned how to say cough drops (toux sera en baisse) and condom (préservatif ). She must be learning the words in some alphabetical order, as she didn't mention learning the french word for Viagra.

Now, as my sister is lying on some comfortable sofa on the back of a large truck in France, I feel safe knowing she is fully prepared because she can stock up on condoms at the local drugstore (just in case she gets lucky in the back of the large truck).

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