Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mad Men and the Virgin Mary's Birth....

Tuesday, October 27, 2008......

Okay, the subject of today's blog have nothing to do with one another, but they are the random thoughts racing through my head today. Let me explain......

I have been a big fan of Mad Men since day ONE.

Yeah, I loved the finale and I think they tied up some lose ends, but what I really appreciated was the use of one word during the episode. The word "wan".

How often do you ever hear anyone ever use that word today for its original meaning? It may be used as WAN (wide area network), but not in my circles.

Mad Men goes one step further depicting 1962 than just the clothes, workplace and chain smoking --- it uses the appropriate vocabulary for that generation.

Personally, I love the word "wan". I will probably never use it, but will just add to the list of words I already do love such as quandary, peruse, etc.....

So, now that I have cleared the Mad Men thought out of my head, let's talk about the Virgin Mary and my 86 year old mother......

I may have mentioned this before, but if I haven't, my mother is 86 and currently resides in a nursing home because she has Alzheimer's. In the past 2 months, the home has called twice because of the things my mother tells them.

Last month they called to check up on my dad. Apparently, my mom tells "anyone" who listens that my dad hasn't come to see her. I say "anyone" because the Director of Admissions called to quiz me about my dad. The conversation went as follows:

Director: Is your father okay?

Me: Yes

Director: Well, your mother tells us he hasn't been to visit her (it should be noted that my dad visits frequently and even does her laundry)

Me: Ummm...you remember my mother has Alzheimer's

Director: Yes

Me: Ummm.... I don't know how to say this, but she's lying. She never remembers my father's visits; even if he visited her 20 minutes earlier.

Director: Oh, okay.

I hang up, think to myself, duh...he knows she has Alzheimer's and he knows my dad does her laundry, think....was she naked????? If the answer is no, assume he visits. [Note: for the record, my parents have been married 61 years and he does visit often - initially too often and we told him to stop because it was a strain on him]

Now you have a clear picture....my mom loves to chat and somehow convinces the staff of silly things. This past weekend, I receive a message on my answering machine from the home stating "your mother is restless". What the heck does that mean? She's in a wheelchair (only because she decided she was tired of walking after raising 5 children), was she racing the halls with other residents or tripping visitors to the home?

I call my sister because we both get these calls and she was able to talk with them. The home put my mom on the phone and she announced that she gave birth to twins the day before was feeling fine and didn't have sex......there it is....my Virgin Mary connection.

If you are familiar with Alzheimer's, what I asked my sister next won't offend anyone. I asked her if it was a C-Section or did she try those water birth procedures? I asked my sister if our new siblings should be added to the Christmas grab bag list.

I immediately called my sister in NJ and told her of our new siblings and she was to be the God parent as I believe her to be the only sibling that goes to church on a weekly basis.

I don't know what I was more impressed with....the fact that she got pregnant without sex, being 86 and giving birth, or giving birth to twins the day before and already up and about the halls in her wheelchair.


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