Friday, October 31, 2008

Ode to the Crockpot....

Friday, October 31, 2008......

Crockpot Update: Okay, pork chop and cream of chicken soup is just that...the crockpot had no magic powers. The pork chop was very tough and tasted like someone poured hot cream of chicken soup on top of.

So, sad. Hopeful for a really good recipe to renew my hope of the magic of the crockpot.


Completely mystified as to why, but I have this thing for crockpots.

Over the years, I've owned several in the hopes of using them on a daily basis, but never quite knowing what to do with them. I think the concept of throwing all this food that you would never think go together into one pot and creating something very tasty hours later baffles me.

My friend swears by chicken, apricot preserves and onion soup mix. I don't know, but it sounds like you're put a cat, bird and mouse in a small cage trying to create instant harmony.

Throughout the years, I've moved many times and have left a crockpot behind, but my curiosity has reared its head and I'm on a quest (granted, a stupid one), but a quest to make tasty food with little work by using odd ingredients. I now own a premium one thanks to my friends and am putting it to the test.

First recipe from the crockpot cook book was horrible, but today, I'm using a recipe from a community Weight Watchers' board. I think it will satisfy my fascination of odd combinations - pork chops and cream of chicken soup.



kk said...

i'm sure it'll be great! i LOVE my crockpot. makes great beef stew, chili and short ribs.

LiLu said...

You can make some killer pulled-pork bbq in a crock pot too