Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, October 14, 2009....

Any readers following me on a regular basis know if it's Wednesday, it's time to Rant and Rave about the past week. Without further adieu, here are my Rants and Raves from the past week:

Rave: Sunday was my 1 year anniversary. We had a very nice weekend and when I asked my husband if he would do it all again, he said "yes".

Rant: hard is it to merge on the highway?! Seriously. I was driving home the other night on I95. Construction was going on and we had to merge down to 1 lane. I HAD thought the rule was to let one car in front of you to keep traffic steady. I had let a tractor trailer in AND a minivan (who couldn't comprehend I let him in and was driving 1/2 in lane, 1/2 in shoulder -- I missed this driving technique in driving school). However, some YA-HOO from NJ decides to drive along the side of my car. He was in my blind spot and there was no way I could let him in without getting into an accident (the shoulder was closing in on him). Eventually he realized what I did and WAITED HIS TURN. Folks, just because I let 2 cars in, doesn't mean I'm going to let EVERYONE in. WAIT-YOUR-TURN. When did we lose this concept?

Rave: The state omnibud's person for Long Term Care. We're having a situation with the nursing home my mother is in. She was struck by another patient (not the first time) and their solution was to move her into a different wing, a semi-private room because it is easier for the staff to do this then address the issue. The omnibud speaks on our behalf, but with the weight of a hammer, not a feather duster.

Rant: I'm mad at me. With the recent events of my dad, I'm not recognizing his lying is really not lying, just a person who is older and their memory is going. I witnessed his lies and went ape-shit on my sister because, well, I thought he was lying. After talking with him last night about a particular situation and thinking about it overnight, I realize he wasn't lying in his mind, he really didn't remember.

Rant: Going through my dad's voicemail. He didn't know how to access it. Guess what? 160 phone messages is time consuming. Most are sweepstakes calls, but the scams they use to have him call them back is scary. Some people claim they are with the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Affairs, one person just said he was an officer, several claimed they worked for either UPS or Fed-X and had an urgent package to send. After I finish listening to them all, I will go in and block his telephone # on the do-not-call directory.

Rant: My Red Sox are out and I have to listen to my hubby go on-and-on about his Yankees until they get knocked out.

That's it for me. Any Rants and Raves you want to share? I would love to read them. Just click on the linky thing. This way, I won't miss a person that wishes to post their own R&R Wednesday.


Badass Geek said...

I don't know what it is about merging that is so hard to understand. Seems like a simple process to me.

Anonymous said...

Merging on the highway is like having a mini heart attack. Sorry about your Red Sox.

JennyMac said...

why cant people merge????

and I can appreciate your sentiments about your Dad.

Monkey Man said...

October is a great month for anniversaries. Congrats. Did you save the top of the wedding cake for your first? Goofy old tradition, but it can bring back good memories.
Happy merging. Now what was it I was going to add? Can't remember.
Oh yah, Yankees suck. So do people without a conscience.

LiLu said...

160 messages?!

I would have hit Delete All. BELIEVE.

a corgi said...

I think a lot of people need to go back to driving school and learn how to merge and how to get out of crowded parking lots; there is definitely etiquette there that people aren't following

it is hard to watch our parents age and to see their memory is slipping :(

but I'm glad you/hubby had a nice anniversary :)


New England Girl said...

I hate highway drivers. They are so incompetent most of the time... it drives me insane!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary! :)

I hate merging. I think it can be very dangerous since most of the people out there don't know the "rules!"
I'm really sorry about your dad.
Yay for your mom!
Just remember there's always next year for the Red Sox!

As for your question about what I did, I worked in a health food store. I helped people with all of their health issues since I'm an expert on supplements and health in general. I should get certified in Bach Remedies and Boiron Homeopathy because those are some of my favorite remedies.
I helped women with their hormonal issues. Everyone with their potty issues or lack there of, if you know what I mean?
I ran the store by myself on Sundays and with only 1 other person on Saturdays. I loved it but my boss is a big meanie butt poop head BITCH.
I don't miss her but I miss my co-workers, customers and that store....A LOT.


Life, Love And Lola said...

Happy Anniversary! Awww how sweet of your hubby to say!

Drahdrah said...

Happy Anniversary... glad that you have someone fighting for your mom !!! It's nice to hear that for a change.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Man, do I feel better after ranting a little! Thanks for the idea (I gave you credit on my blog).

And happy anniversary!

rxBambi said...

If your dad has that many issues with scamming callers I think I'd get his number changed. Seriously. That is not okay...

On the bright side, Happy Anniversary!!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

BTW,. How many times did you two do it on Sunday? LOL!! Just joking with you!


Melanie's Randomness said...

I live in NY & I'll agree with you on the how people just don't know how to merge, ESPECIALLY in NJ. No turning signal or merging. Seriously, some people don't know how to drive .

otin said...

A bad Jersey driver??? Never! You were just thinking that he was probably a Yankees fan! NANA NA NANA!

Happy anniversary!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Badass Gee k – It is!

Sunshinemeg – I agree….and I think I’m more saddened that Yankees are still in.

JennyMac – I think it must be a genetic malfunction….and thanks, it can be a bit trying.

MonkeyMan – It is a great month to get married. Didn’t save the top of the cake because we had cupcakes because I’m not a chocolate fan.
LOL..your comment about the Yankees cracks me up.

LiLu – that would be heavenly. It would also be great if I pressed delete and the scammers would disappear as well.

A corgi – I wonder if these people even went to driving school? I’m thinking not. It is very hard to watch parents age.

New England Girl – Never mind highway drivers, I hate traffic. My dream is to live where traffic doesn’t exist.

Green-Eyed Momster – Thank you. A health food store and the manager was nasty. Huh. I guess I imagine only helpful, calm people working in such a place.

Life, Love and Lola – Thanks and he is a definite keeper.

Drahdrah – I’m glad too and it seems as though she has really come through.

FunnyGalKAT – Sometimes a good rant is necessary and I’ll have to go check yours out.

rxBambi – I wish it were that simple.

Green Eyed Momster – A lady never tells…

Melanie’s Randomness – Exactly. I used to commute to NJ and would go nuts with the drivers. Many thought they were the only ones on the road.

Otin – Ummm…hate to break it to you, believe NJ drivers are ranked the worst in the nation. I think you wrote something after the NJ driver comment, but I can’t read gibberish.

Constructive Attitude said...

haha merging on the freeway IS hard. I'm serious, sometimes i am so terrified of doing it.

And congrats to you and your husband on the one year anniversary :)

Unknown Mami said...

Happy anniversary. The merging thing drives me crazy too. I'm upset just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Hi LMB!!
Love your post this week, congratulations on your 1 year, so romantic! I'm sorry to hear about your dad. Merging is the worst, especially if there is something people want to look at other than where they are going.

Rave- met Rachel Ashwell today at Lillian August!!

Leah said...

Happy anniversary! Your dad is funny... 100+ voice mails and he can't access them. Just love him for his quirks, he is definitely a character.

Joanna Jenkins said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Wishing you many, many more!

kyslp said...

Darn! I forgot to do this again. I keep meaning to.

Sorry about your dad's memory. It is hard to watch the ageing process on loved ones.

DB said...

Happy Anniversary! I still remember the tasty cupcakes from your wedding.

Rant: Sick with upper respiratory infection thingy. Taking more drugs than I know what to do with. Going for more tomorrow.

Rant: Unexpectedly missing curling lesson due to same said sickness thingy.

Rant: CT has its share of idiot drivers too - they are not all here in the Garden state.

Rave: Leaving with all my drugs on vacation tomorrow.

Rave: LMB is going to let me guest blog again soon!

mylittlebecky said...

happ anni! also, your wrinkle warninng below made me giggle :)

Aptly Inappropriate said...

congratulations on your anniversary! Maybe someday you can suggest for the start of a nice romantic evening he wear a red-sox jersey lol

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Most sympathetic about having to listen to Yankee lingo. I hate the Yankees. (I'm a Tiger fan.) Maybe they'll get beat early and we can all move on.

Enjoy the rant and rave day. Seem to hit is most often.

Dan said...

Happy Anniversary!

Out here there is so little traffic that merge is not an issue - everyone is just happy to see someone else on the road. {*grin*}

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! And I had those SAME thoughts about merging JUST yesterday!

very married said...

sorry about the red sox! personally, i don't get too into major league baseball (being from kansas, the closest we have are the Royals and they haven't won since like, the 80's) but I have a yankee obsessed friend and it's getting on my nerves!

Joy said...

I hate merging too. I hate being the merger and the mergee equally. People can be scary! Especially when they're holding a cell phone. But that's a rant for another day...

Sounds like you've got a lot to handle with your father but it also sounds like you're doing it with grace and determination.

Midtown Girl said...

LOL! Between You and Otin I am rolling in laughter - u guys are awesome!

BTW - You are one heck of a daughter, the way you are there for your dad...

NJ drivers suck.

The Bumbles said...

I'm sorry - are we related? I've got many of the same opinions!

Isn't it just sickening how scam companies prey on the elderly? One of our former landlords in a younger day was this elderly woman who was slowly losing her ability to stay focused and take care of herself. She'd talk to any solicitor on the phone because she was lonely and thought they were nice people to call and chat. I used to try to warn her daughter about it - but I'm sure she threw her money away based on all the mail she got with offers and sweepstakes.

P.S. - Go Angels! That's all I have left to root for this postseason. Apologies (not really) to your hubby.

Jewels Diva said...

People don't know how to merge on highways here in Aus either. They just prefer to speed ahead of the person to their left or right and get ahead, like they've achieved something from it.

Miss_Nobody said...

If highway drivers are like this,I'm glad I don't drive.
Happy anniversary!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Constructive Attitude – Very true. Why can’t we have the flying vehicles like they have in the Jetsons?

Unknown Miami – Thanks, I’m the lucky one to find him.

Girl inspired – Thanks and thank you on the congrats. You’re a lucky duck to have met Rachel.

Leah – I’m glad he can’t access them.

Joanna – Thanks and we definitely plan on a lot more!

Kyslp – LOL – I can send you a reminder on Tuesdays and some don’t do it till Fridays. It is EXTREMELY hard for me to watch.

DB – You’re gone to ITALY so you won’t be reading my response – Beotch for not taking me. Only joking. Sort of. FYI DB is my sister and I can call her that.

Mylittlebecky – thanks and no company has managed to market the cream that combats wrinkles due to gloating.

Aptly Inappropriate – LOL…okay, that was funny.

Midlife Jobhunter – The Yankee chant is the worst!

Dan - Did you read my entry on gloating?! No traffic is just gloating. Seriously, do you have cell reception on the deserted roadways?

Jules – Thanks. Merging really does suck.

Very married – Yankee fans are all around me since I live right outside NYC…I can’t seem to escape.

Joy – Oh yeah, when drivers are merging with a cellphone in hand…..I want to scream “JUST DROP THE PHONE AND PAY ATTENTION”

Midtown Girl – Otin is funny, but would he help you rescue the crying dog like I might? Would he look fabulous using the sephora makeup in your birthday giveaway?

The Bumbles – No need to apologize to my hubby. He only really started rooting for the Yankees when he met me. I think he was jealous that I was actually had season tickets for several years.

Jewels – This makes me sad. I really thought people from other countries could merge. I guess I should just win lotto and hire a private driver…ahhhhh…..

Miss_Nobody – They are, but you don’t drive. Public transportation must be awesome where you are.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Sad about your dad but it sounds like you are learning. I hope you have some good support in his medical team to help you best support him.

Happy 1 year! Hubs and I just celebrated 6 years on the 18th!