Monday, October 19, 2009

Shout Outs...

Monday, October 19, 2009....

Over the weekend, two people accomplished amazing feats that I want to recognize.

IRL, my friend Sue, an amazing athlete who come rain or shine, works out at 4:30 a.m. daily, placed 2nd in a 4 woman boat coming in 2 seconds after the first place winner.

When I was texting her the other night, she was disappointed and I quickly pointed out that she could row an amazing race and come in 2nd or sitting on the couch watching t.v..

Sometimes people don't recognize their accomplishments and need lazy couch potatoes, like me, to remind them how AWESOME they are.

Sue, does not have a blog, but the other shout out I want to give does --Living and Loving in LA who ran in the Nike Women's Marathon this past weekend.

My favorite tweet was this: "Mile 11 and all we can think about is beer. Oh, and the finish line! Only 15m to go!"

If you have a moment, stop by Erin's blog and congratulate her. I've walked a marathon and remember the months of training and what it takes. IT'S HUGE!


New England Girl said...

Awesome accomplishments! Thanks for highlighting both of these feats... wonderful! :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

Those are definitely things to brag about!! Whoohoo!!

Found you through Speaking From The Crib... and I'm going to follow you!

Leah said...

Those are awesome accomplishments... can't want for Erin to post about her run.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Fantastic and awesome!


rxBambi said...

kudos to your friends, they are inspiring!

Deborah said...

I would be definately talking about that if I could do that! Or atleast my friends would be, but I'm one of those lazy couch potatoes you mentioned. Have fun!

Optimistic Pessimist said...

holy cow...she was tweeting while running a marathon. don't be looking for me to do that. i'll be lucky if i'm not crawling on all fours by the end!

Spot said...

Yeah, I'm pretty amazed at the tweeting while running thing. I can't run or tweet but especially not at the same time!

Kudos to both ladies!


Unknown Mami said...

Both are very inspiring.

Helen McGinn said...

Great achievements indeed; the half marathon nearly killed me so I can only imagine! x

Badass Geek said...

Congrats to the both of them!

Suzanne said...

You are soooo cute. Thanks Joanie.
It's just hard when I was looking forward to my fourth Head of the Charles 1st place medal ...
Ok, ok - most people never accomplish one. I'm over myself :-)
(a.k.a - crazy 4:30 AM rower)

Esmerelda said...

Wow. Those are totally inspirational accomplishments. Wow.

Living and Loving in L.A. said...

Thank you so much! And yes, I did run and Tweet at the same time!!! Haha. I'm talented, what can I say?
Oh, and also VERY sore. I woke up in the body of a 90 year old today!!!
Thanks again!!!

LiLu said...

"Only 15 mi to go"... WOW. Just wow.

Congrats to both!

Dree said...

These are such great accomplishments. You're right- we all need to shine a light on the good things that people do.

otin said...

I just cannot imagine running that far!

Constructive Attitude said...

awwwww that IS awesome!!!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

I can't imagine doing a marathon - walking, running, or crawling. Massive triumph.

fgrngtllt said...

well done to them am tht lazy couch potatoe who has only jst gotten into a routine of working out but fears tht in a few weeks the cold weather will make me give up!

Little Ms Blogger said...

New England Girl – I thought so too!

Eternal Lizdom – Thanks for finding me and following.

Leah - Both were awesome and even motivates me to get off the couch.

Green Eyed Momster – Isn’t though?

rxBambi – I wonder if I touch them their determination will instantly rub off on me.

Deborah - If I did that, I’d be bragging and make my friends brag as well. It’s a killer feat.

OP – Yeah tweeting – what you’re not going to be doing that while running – thought your iPhone was magical.

Spot – I can’t walk and tweet, never mind run and tweet.

Unknown Miami – I think so too!

Helen – I want to run a ½ marathon in the next year or two.

Sue-Sue – hmmm…don’t know if we can be friends anymore. I mean, you’re only a 3 time 1st place winner at the Head of the Charles. Slacker.

Esmerelda – Aren’t they. Running, rowing and then running & tweeting. Walking and chewing gum is hard for me.

Living and Loving in LA – I can’t believe you could tweet and run with no spelling errors – Kudos to you for finishing.

LiLu – I say that while driving in my car – does that count?

Dree – I think we all fall into the trap of only recognizing the negative. It’s great to shout, cheer for and scream all the great stuff we accomplish.

Otin – Yeah, I’d get bored.

Constructive Attitude – Isn’t it!

Midlife Jobhunter – LOL – but you swim, so maybe you can swim across the English Channel.

Fgrngtllt – No you won’t. I have faith in you.