Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Bonnie Hunt Talk Show.....

Thursday, September 11, 2008.....

Okay. I bet you're thinking why did I dedicate a blog entry to The Bonnie Hunt Show? No, I don't work for her, nor do I know her personally. However, it beat the alternative title of "why I consider talk shows to be a possible car wreck"?

You know how most drive by a car accident and look, but turn their head as soon as they see a possible victim, well, I don't. I either look or I'm busy cursing why I'm stuck in stupid traffic. Seriously, people slow down causing a standstill traffic jam because they "think" they have to look when they really don't want to. It's just annoying to me. If you're that curious to look then look and be grossed out. Don't pretend, slow down traffic and not look. That's just wrong.

However, I have a different version of a car wreck. They are new talk shows. Ever since the Chevy Chase talk show, I'm hooked to watch the beginning of some new talk shows. The Chevy Chase talk show, if any remember, was so horrible that I couldn't stop watching. If it were a car accident, many people would drive by pretending to look, but would have to turn their head. I, secretly hoped that the medics could revive him, but nope.

I have to admit, I don't watch every new talk show that comes out. Some, I actually know will work because of their established fan base, their hot factor, but others, I wonder about. I knew they could be a hit or miss. Megan Mullally's show was another car wreck and I knew it was to be short lived after week one.

I dvr'd the Bonnie Hunt show because I felt she could straddle the fence of being a car wreck, but I am happy to report she's not. She has an ease about her that makes her real and very enjoyable to watch. I hope that she's on the air for a long time.



kk said...

I LOVE Bonnie Hunt!

I used to love her sitcom that was on for, like, 3 weeks.

Moe Wanchuk said...

How can you watch Bonnie Hunt, while SpongeBob is on Nickelodian?

Priorities lady!

Anonymous said...

I hope the Bonnie Hunt show does well. She is hilarious in everything she's in. And so is your blog. I love what you said about people slowing down to NOT look at a car wreck. that is so true.