Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Tuesday, September 30, 2008......

Today, I decided to tackle this small little room off my bedroom that has six windows, a great refinished secretary and storage containers worth of clothes.

My initial thought when I bought this house would be my room to sit, read, pay bills and journal. Although, it is still my room, it is more of a living closet. The secretary so jammed with stuff, that I took the chair and brought it into another room where I would actually use it.

Typically, when I go through things, I take my time and read old letters or look at photos and try to pinpoint where I was at that stage in my life. Today was no different, but there was a slight twist to it.

I discovered that I own a "hook" to hook rugs. As I sat there looking at this hook, I really could not remember a day or time in my life that I was going to hook myself a rug. I remember starting a handmade quilt and throwing it out because it resembled nothing that one could even call a napkin. However, a hooked rug? Not quite sure.

I also loved discovering the Christmas photo cards where my friends only have their first child in the picture as the second or third had not arrived.

I discovered I had an insane amount of return address stickers which I promptly pitched since my name is changing in about 12 days and I don't have 20,000 items that need mailing.

Throughout the process, I realized that over the years, one hardfast thing to be true.....I collect too much stuff for this very small house.

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Moe Wanchuk said...

You..my friend...are a Pack Rat.

I'm the opposite...I throw it away with out even looking at it