Monday, September 29, 2008

Wedding Registry

Monday, September 29, 2008.....

After many months of people asking where are we registered, we finally went and registered about a week or two ago.

You should understand, when asked where registerd, we would respond "what's the big deal?" I learned that if we didn't register we would probably get stuff we didn't want and have to return. The prospect of receiving items I might have to return spoke to me. I'm an Internet shopper when I can be. However, there are still certain stores I like to go into and others I like to go into, but avoid because I overspend. However, returning via the Internet is much easier than going to the store....So, I guess my motivating factor for registering was the possibility of having to return an item. [Note: married before and trekked into NYC to return many glass duplicate items from Tiffany's]

After I crossed the first hurdle with my fiance, letting him know that we were not going to register at Fisherman's World, it was off to Crate and Barrel and Williams-Sonoma.

Apparently, my logic for registering is common. The C&B person heard our wedding date and stated the obvious "you're here because someone told you to register so you wouldn't have to do so many returns". Busted. However, that is not to say I don't love C&B, or any cooking type store for that matter, but knew we would find some things we'd like.

The fiance picked out a coffee maker. I own a french press.....correct assumption if you guessed I never drink coffee. The fiance does and mocked the french press as one time hot coffee maker. I guess if I had a microwave, the cold coffee in the french press wouldn't be so bad, but having to rewarm it in a saucepan, lost its charm.

Personally, I'm glad I wasn't left with this task because he was excited over some gold filter feature. Whatever....

Most of the items I picked, but was surprised when he picked some funky colorful dessert plates (wait...dessert....his favorite part of the meal...hmmmm, maybe I shouldn't be so surprised). I went for funky plates. Although I collect pottery, in my mind, I believe everyone should own several different types of everyday dishes. It makes eating very fun.

I will laugh if no one buys off the registry after my sister's insistence. I also wonder if it is still in fashion to give glass candlesticks as a wedding gift. I'm hoping that fad has passed as I still own several pair which I don't use.



Moe Wanchuk said...

My wife was the coolest about registering. She did it ALL!
I hate the Mall

Little Ms Blogger said...

Trust me, I volunteered. However, I think he was afraid that I'd register for some fancy coffee machine which could be worse than the French Press I already owned.