Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Education Through Movies

Tuesday, September 9, 2008......

With the wedding a little over a month away, I decided that Friday nights when my fiance comes to my place for the weekend (we have 2 separate houses in 2 separate states) we like to be low key. Sometimes, being low key means movie night.

I have this extensive collection of movies (thanks Columbia House) and decided for weeks preceding the wedding, all movies shown will be about weddings, marriage, etc...

Last Friday, marked the kickoff of my themed movie night with an educational one..."Fatal Attraction". It was perfect, I hadn't seen it in years and my fiance had never watched it.

At the end of the movie, I asked what did you learn from the movie (thinking his response would be NEVER CHEAT ON YOUR WIFE).....instead, I received the following response "If you going to sleep with someone, make sure she's not a crazy bitch".

Nice. I can tell he's not open to the wonderful education movies can provide. Just wait, I'll have him watch "Maid of Honor" with Patrick Dempsey.....he'll never get the message of that movie. Personally, the message I'd like him to get from that movie is "Sometimes, my wife is going to make me watch movies just because there is an eye-candy actor in it for her to stare at". The fact that it is a wedding movie, just let's me sneak it into the mix.



kk said...

Oooh! Some of my wedding-movie favorites:

Father of the Bride (who doesn't love Steve Martin???)

My Best Friend's Wedding

Meet the Parents (this is a bit of a stretch to get to the wedding, I suppose Meet The Fockers is a better example, but there's no movie I love more than MTP!)

My husband and I lived in separate states the first 2 years of our relationship...hopefully one of you is moving soon!

Little Ms Blogger said...

KK - for the most part, he'll be here. Long story, but it'll take some time to divide the house he shares with brother. He'll stay with me for the most part.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Sounds like your fiance has the same sense of humor as Commander.