Monday, September 15, 2008

My Interpretation of My Sister's Trip to France....

Monday, September 15, 2008......

My sister returned from France on Saturday, but I was able to chat with her a good portion of her trip while she was in Paris (thanks to Skype).... I had posted about her learning the language with these ridiculous cds she purchased in which she learned the words/phrases for condom, I saw the large truck and they have a comfortable sofa.

Well, I must apologize. Apparently, she was able to use the phrase "I saw a large truck" while in the country side. She lucked out because most people spoke English. However, she mentioned that she tried using her french in the following scenarios:

- Outside the Louvre with an ice-cream vendor: She held up one finger, said scoop au chocolate;

- She was able to ask for a chocolate croissant in french; but my favorite is....

- She tried having a conversation in Sephora with the salesperson about foundation or concealer. She did not mention that as a successful conversation.

Here are the highlights from her trip as perceived by moi:

- Quest was to eat a crepe a day
- The US should have crepe stands
- Starbucks in Paris doesn't make ice-tea (they had to give them the recipe)
- Every woman wears a scarf; every man carries a manpurse
- She's decided no one works or cooks as they were out and about at restaurants
- Bread is very important to the French
- A travel journal is a great concept, but the execution of journaling daily stressful
- Although she owns a tremendous amount of fancy soap, it is important to buy Provence Soap while in Provence (not getting that logic)
- The Pope was in town, but because she couldn't see him, she took pictures of him that were posted on the videotrons located throughout the city (note - good friend has already made the comment that we will have better pics of him on the news than in her photos)
- The US markets are crashing because she has made a great contribution to the French economy with all her purchases; and
- Even when traveling international my sister's still enjoys calling me to tell me she got me a present just because she knows I have to know what it is.

Oh sis, if reading today, remember ONE week to my birthday....woo hoo...presents from France for me...



Moe Wanchuk said...

Every time I think of France, I remember my Grandpa always saying....

"There's no one dumber than a smart Frenchman"

SillyStud said... know, it's almost too bad that there isn't a chocolate concealer at Sephora... Talk about a successful conversation!!!