Monday, November 3, 2008

Saturday Night...

Monday, November 3, 2008.....

This past Saturday night, my friend offered to take me out for a belated birthday dinner because it is a tradition of ours. I wanted oysters and martinis and she knew of this great place that I hadn't gone to.

I love new places and since the place is always booked she wondered if I'd be okay eating at the bar. I was fine with that because sometimes it turns out to be the best spot in the place. Particularly for people watching. Saturday was no different.

The bartender was very nice and they had a great piano player playing old Sinatra type tunes on the piano. However, I didn't think that we'd be the people to watch.

We had just settled in, taking our first sips of martinis when this older gentleman plopped down next to my friend. My friend is always attracting men and many times I just ignore them because they turn out to be annoying (note: desperate men are scary to watch in action). This case I couldn't. I was dragged into the conversation.

I want to note the following of this man so you understand just why I wanted him to go away ---

1. He had too much to drink. He came over because he was interested in my friend's Cosmo. He had claimed he never had one and was curious about the taste;

2. He thought he was hot stuff for a man that had been married close to 40 years and his son was 43. I think he asked us several times if we could believe that he was only 67. Personally, I thought mid-seventies.

3. For a man who bragged about divorcing his wife after many years of marriage because he finally came out and admitted he was gay, he resembled a "straight dirty old man out on the prowl" (more on that reason in a moment).

4. I could care less that you married a woman from a prominent American family. If you have money, don't tell two women, "I just closed out my bar tab, but if you ladies buy me a Cosmo, I'd love it." Ummm...think again. My friend put it nicely by stating "If you have all this money, shouldn't you be buying us drinks."

Lucky for us, he finished his wine. He got up to leave, coming behind both of us to say goodnight. He first mentioned that he was going to get in his Mercedes (woo hoo -- again, like I care) and then kissed us on our cheeks. I'm okay with that. However, what he did next, I questioned his declaration of "I'm gay" -- he turned my cheek and before I knew it, tried to tongue me. Eeewwwwwwwwwwwww...... I did not see that coming and when he tried for another, I just faced the bar. Hello? Don't you get the clue when a person pulls back and quickly wipes their mouth they have NO INTEREST in receiving another kiss.

I have to ask, is he gay when sober and hetero when drunk???

After he left, we had a great meal and then saw Changeling which was a great movie. I'd recommend it.