Monday, September 28, 2009

Mish Mash Monday

Monday, September 28, 2009....

I had 2 experiences the past few days which don't correlate to one another, but I want to write about. Since the title of my blog is "A Little Blog About Nothing" I guess I can.

#1 Mish Mash - The other night I dreamt I was in a small motorboat, actually it was a rowboat with a small motor, and I couldn't control the boat. It kept going in circles. As hard as I tried to steer the boat straight, it just wouldn't.

Eventually the dam levee that I needed to go over began to rise. It was imperative that I cross the levee, but as hard as I tried, I couldn't. I don't know why I had to cross, but knew if I didn't, I would sink or drown.

Out of nowhere, this woman appeared walking on the other side of the levee. I have never seen her, but she extended her hand to assist me. For a split second I paused because I had never seen her and ultimately gave her my hand. She lead me to safety and when I went to ask her if I could do anything, she said 'no' smiled and walked away.

I've had this same dream for the past 3 nights. Why?

#2 Mish Mash - Many days I don't answer the phone from an unknown caller, but today, I answered a call from the 813 area code (I'd put the whole number in, but Skype automatically puts a hyper link into my blog entry). The initial recording told me I could lower my credit card rate to 6% and to press 9 to speak to a representative. I did.

The representative started his speech and when I asked which company he was calling from he said 'Mastercard, Visa, American Express'. Really? I don't think so. I actually said this with my out loud voice.

When I asked again, 'which company are you calling on behalf of' he told me he had all of my info and just needed to know which card I wanted to lower. My response 'FAT CHANCE'.

I told him I didn't believe him and couldn't believe others fell for this scam. Told him to have a nice day and then hung up.

Seriously? If you're going to scam someone out of their personal information at least be a little prepared. Know if the innocent consumer has a Capitol One or Citibank card? If not that, at least know my name. disappointed to know that scam artists are really pretty stupid.


kk said...

that credit card story is creepy. what is wrong with people today?

hope you enjoyed newport!

rxBambi said...

hard to believe people actually fall for that. Good for you.
About the dream, that's kinda creepy. I think it means you're stuck in a rut and need help getting out... but I really don't have a clue.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

That was me offering to help you out of the levee. :) No seriously, I think it was a sign to trust another woman or person that you haven't trusted before? Maybe she was you and you need to learn to trust yourself? I love trying to figure out dreams!!!!!

I would have put the number as 867-5309!! LOL!! That guy was pretty stupid but I'm sure that maybe some elderly people might fall for that scam. A lot of elderly people don't have caller I.D.
Glad you went with your gut and didn't give him all of your info....(shaking my head!)


New England Girl said...

That credit card story? What a horrible thing! I couldn't imagine that happening... and I agree with KK: What is wrong with people nowadays? It's so awful to think how low people are now... so glad you didn't fall for any of the BS! But I'm sorry for those who do. :(

Dree said...

Oh gosh that scam is pretty freaky. To think that people could so innocently fall for that... Scary. And I don't know what to think of your dream, hopefully it means help is on its way?? Have a great Monday!

Sunshine Mama said...

I was getting goosebumps when I read about that dream. And to have it there nights in a row. That's interesting.

Hey, I'm awarding you the Honest scrap award because of your cleverness and honesty.

LiLu said...

The worst part about that is you know he's getting some poor grandmas out there. Sad face.

jane said...

i wish i knew what your dream meant.. lately i´ve been having a repeat dream about peter pan... now what´s that about?... sweet dreams!

Life, Love And Lola said...

I think there is a website that interprets dreams.

a corgi said...

I'm not much into dream interpretation but that is an interesting one for sure. It also amazes me how "dumb" scam artists think we are that we are going to fall for their tricks like this. I guess some people must though and that's why they keep trying :(


Titania said...

About the credit card story... yes, they are pretty stupid. Still, some people fall for this and that is why they keep doing. Like the Nigerians story.

Matty said...

First you post about an eerie dream involving water and a boat, and then you post about a scam where you tell the caller FAT CHANCE.

This whole thing must be intended for me. I was away for the weekend with neighbors who have a boat. They took us out on the bay off the Maryland shore. While we were out, a rescue call came over the radio for a boater needing help. We just happened to be nearby and went over to it. The boat was in gear but wasn't moving, and so the engine was racing. We hung out with him until the water rescue squad arrived. The name of my neighbor's boat is FAT CHANCE. ( True story, I even have the pictures to prove it).

Anyway, I'm sure it's all coincidence, so I'll give you my unprofessional take on your dreams. In some part of your life, you are in a rut ( the boat going around in circles despite your attempts to steer it otherwise). This situation you are in is getting more important ( the levee is rising). A stranger which could be a real person, or God, has tried or will try to help you (the woman reaching out her hand).

The message is that you should allow this stranger, or God, to help you since you clearly need it ( going around in circles ).

As for the phone call. Kudos for you.

Midtown Girl said...

I've looked up dreams on one of those dream dictionaries, since dreams aren't literal, so its hard to know what they might be related's one:

hope this helps!


otin said...

I'd say that the dream may have to do with trust issues. You had to think about extending your hand to a stranger even though you knew it meant saving your life. There should have been no pause.

I am doing R and R again on my other blog, so make sure you get your linky!

Leah Rubin said...

Hard to believe the amount of phishing going on-- beware of scams and schemes!

And what's up with that dream? I'm so curious about what it might mean...

mylittlebecky said...

i never answer unknown callers but that sounded fun :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Having that dream 3 nights in a row has to mean something.

I have had a recurring dream for years.

In my dream I always have all these fish tanks I forgot I had and I have to take care of the fish as soon as possible because they hadn't been fed and the tanks were really dirty.

I finally realized that the dream was telling me that I was overwhelmed by taking care of everyone in my family and all of the animals and that I felt I wasn't doing a good enough job.

One time in the dream I had to take care of a friend's fishtank along with my own. That friend has always asked for a lot of favors, which I don't mind doing. But, it did make me realize that I was probably doing too much and expecting too much of myself.

I haven't had the dream in awhile, so maybe I'm handling my life better. Now watch. I'll have the dream again tonight!

As far as the caller, you did the absolute right thing by not giving him any info. I, too, worry about older people who don't know better and get scammed. Those scammers have to live with themselves and I hope they have recurring bad dreams because of it!

Laura said...

omg how scary

Yankee Girl said...

That is why I NEVER answer unknown numbers. I hate dealing with people like that. I have zero patience.

Actual Scale said...

Hmmm, the first one - someone you do not know will offer help in a hopeless situation but you'll hesitate to accept help - don't hesitate, just accept the help & pass it forward.

Okay, so I probably would have flunked Dream Interpretation 101 because I'm too literal, but it works for me! ;)

And the second one...for goodness sakes...Visa Mastercard & Discover? What an idiot! I only hope no one falls for that load of bull & that someone nails their butts for trying to scam people.

Have a good week!

very married said...

the next time you have the dream try looking longer at the woman. they say sometimes you can control your dreams...

TudorCity Girl said...

my gosh!! Awful people do that and sad because elderly people can easily fall for it. :(
Dreams baffle me sometimes.. I look up the meaning in the online dream dictionary and sometimes it really makes sense of them. I agree with others on that it has something to do with trust issues.
Hope you are doing great!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Kk – I hate people that are like that. It makes it difficult to believe anyone these days. RI was great. We ended up in Jamestown because neither one of us had ever been there and were curious. Thank you so much for the recommendations and I plan on trying Puerini’s since we will be going back soon.

rxBambi – Midtown Girl sent me a link and the boat is my life, the water well, that’s a no-brainer (represents my life) and the hand of the stranger means there is someone willing to help, I just have to ask (this is very hard for me to do and makes sense why I hesitated).

Green-Eyed Momster – I have a tendency to trust too easily, what I don’t do well is accept or ask for help. I hate that I have to rely on anyone, but, I’m working on that. I hope elderly people never fall for such scumbags.

New England Girl – I feel sorry for people that fall for this scam. I always make any telemarketer send me their info in writing and provide me a # to call them back after I’ve reviewed the info. If they can’t, I terminate the call (btw, this assumes I answered the call in the 1st place).

Dree – I hope help is on the way as well.

Sunshine Mama – It was a bit creepy for me. I ended up not sleeping well Monday night for fear of the same dream. Luckily, it has stopped. For now.

LiLu – I think most elderly people don’t have the credit card. It wasn’t really part of their generation. Besides, if they are like my dad, they are suspicious of EVERYONE.

Life, Love & Lola – Midtown Girl did share a great one with me – link is below.

A corgi – A lot of people must fall for it if they are able to create a business from it.

Titania – I hate that so many people fall for it. I hate that there are people that get rich taking advantage of others.

Matty – Okay that is just strange. I recently read another blogger’s post about the coincidence of thinking about something or having it happen to them and how they begin to hear about it from everyone they encounter. Oh, I’m definitely in a rut – actually, I think more like a holding pattern while I wait for my next job to begin (that’s a definite rut). I do need to allow others to help me. I’m trying to get better at this.

Midtown Girl – Thank you for the link. I used it and my dream apparently means the following: the boat is my life, the water well, that’s a no-brainer (represents my life) and the hand of the stranger means there is someone willing to help, I just have to ask (this is very hard for me to do and makes sense why I hesitated).

Otin – Asking or accepting help is a real problem for me. Trust. Not so much. I believe and trust most everyone. Okay, I believe everyone and trust the people I like. Look, I trusted you with Mr. Linky . Man, that didn’t sound right did it?

Leah Rubin – I hate scammers… I looked it up via link Midtown Girl gave me – see above.

Mylittlebecky – I typically don’t, but was in just the right mood to mess with people.

WildBoomba - Just remember to always put ‘YOU’ on the top of the list and I bet you’ll never have that dream again.

Laura – Yeah, not fun.

Yankee Girl - I typically don’t, but was in the mood to mess with someone.

Actual Scale – You’re right and I need to get better at that. Unfortunately, there must people that fall for this crap because they were able to create a business by taking advantage of enough people.

Very married – Really? Hmmm…that is interesting.

TudorCity Girl – I hate the scammers and Midtown Girl was good enough to give a great dream interpretation link. Apparently, I’m hesitant to ask for help, but need to (according to online dream interpretation site). This would make sense because I have issues asking for help.