Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, September 9, 2009....

Any readers following me on a regular basis know if it's Wednesday, it's time to Rant and Rave about the past week. Without further adieu, here are my Rants and Raves from the past week:

Rave: The weather. Except for the fact that it is starting to become overcast, the weather has been great. For readers who do not live in CT, out of the past 15 weekends 5 have been sunny and that is just the weekends. Many times the weeks have just been very rainy. Great weather is a gift from the weather gods.

Rant: While at the grocery store (I'm noticing many of the rude people I encounter are at the grocery store) this guy came barreling up behind me with his cart. I don't walk slow, but he was in such a hurry I moved to the side to avoid having wheel marks on my back. Same trip, different guy bumps into me because he too was in a rush -- hello -- go around. There is a reason I rarely go to Stew Leonard's.

Rave: Got some home projects done this weekend which needed to get done.

Rant: Lost 2 hours of my life at Taking Woodstock. It wasn't a bad movie, just not $10.25 worthy....and the first hour moved slowly. Although, the story was interesting and probably made a great read.

Rave: My arch nemesis, bunny, is back. I saw him. I saw my lack of cucumber leaves and saw another brussel sprout chomped on. I'm glad he's back, but what's wrong with the grass and clover he's allowed to eat?

Rave: In the past week, two bloggers nominated me for awards. Nina awarded me the Kreativ Blogger Award


Funny Girl Goes Blog bestowed the Honest Scrap Award

I will acknowledge these properly in another post. However, I want to say thanks! I'm truly flattered.

That's it for me (I'm having a brain cramp on R&Rs today). Any Rants and Raves you want to share? I would love to hear them. Matty's Thoughts, rxBambi and Green Eyed Momster have posted their own R&R Wednesday. Check them out.


Ink Obsession Designs said...

I am really over rude people at the grocery store. The other day someone cut in front of me and what I mean by "cut in front of me" is that I was putting my groceries on the conveyor belt and a youngish girl stepped in FRONT of me without saying anything to purchase a box of popcorn.

The cashier rang up the popcorn and then started to ring my items with it and then was annoyed with ME when I said these were two separate transactions. The girl with the popcorn didn't say anything and I'm guessing she was going to see if she could slip her food on my receipt? She also didn't have the money for the popcorn and then started yelling across the store to her friend to give her some change.

Anyway it annoyed me.

Sorry for rambling on your blog!! :)

Kelly said...

Oh, I have a rant and rave!

Rave - I got to spend nine days on the Cape. The weather was beautiful and tons of fun company.

Rant - coming back to work. Why do people feel the need to bother you all through your vacation and then line up at your door at 8:15AM to follow up on questions they had while you were out. Give me a break!

BTW, I hate grocery stores. I can't do it... People are so darn annoy'g there.

Sunshinemeg said...

That grocery store shopper needs to get a life. Yikes! I am annoyed with the phone today. It won't stop ringing today. It is a pretty simple rant today - just for the phone to shut up.

f8hasit said...

Cngratulations on your awards!
(and making it out of the grocery store sans wheel marks...)

restaurantrefugee said...

Rant: Conspicuous complexity can suck it. Why must so many people in my life look for the drama rather than assume the simple? Are just not familiar with Occam's Razor?

Rave: On my last trip to my favorite grocery, Kevin, the terrific fromager, flashes me an almost conspiratorial smile and says "Hey, Refugee, wanna taste this new triple creme we just got in?" Ummmm, yeah, I left with 8 ounces of gooey, delicious, cheesy love.

New England Girl said...

Great rant/rave day! I too hate rude people at the grocery store. Or anywhere for that matter! I never understand why they think the few seconds are really going to make any difference. All it does is upset other people and make those rushing look like fools. I have waaay too many stories about stores, or driving, or other public places to even know where to begin! Luckily I am pretty patient or I am sure I would blow up on a few of them here and there.

Glad you got some projects done this weekend! We're having an overcast day up here in MA, too. I am hoping the sun peeks out, but I am not sure it is going to happen.

a corgi said...

thanks for the movie review; I'll wait until it comes out On Demand; sorry to hear the bunny is back; glad it is safe; just not glad it is eating your plants

congrats on the awards :)

I do enjoy your rants and raves :)


a corgi said...

thanks for the movie review; I'll wait until it comes out On Demand; sorry to hear the bunny is back; glad it is safe; just not glad it is eating your plants

congrats on the awards :)

I do enjoy your rants and raves :)


Actual Scale said...

If you're bunny needs company, I'm more than happy to ship my arch nemesis to your house. Little bugger keeps eating the new evergreen grasses I planted a few months ago. Grrrrr Eat the regular grass - not the decorative stuff!

Glad your raves outnumber your rants this week. :)

Sunshine Mama said...

Wow, that's weird that happened to you twice on the same shopping trip. I would have been thoroughl annoyed.
Let me see...a kids fighting...but that would be daily rant...I can't think of anything. Rave would be I'm enjoying a coffee and blogging. Fun life.

Badass Geek said...

Pushy people at the grocery store suck. I always want to throw a can of something at them.

Candice said...

Rude people at the grocery store are annoying. There is a special place in hell for those assholes. And all of the grocrey carts wobble, make annoying noises, and the lines are 500 people long at all times.

In other words, it's WAlMART.

BWAA HAA HAAHA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA (that was an evil laugh)

La La La Leah said...

You are getting awards like sailors get the clap..... careful there! hahaha

Sorry about movie I know how bad you wanted to see it. Good thing you blogged about it and saved me a trip. Speaking of Movies... I should write a blog about the one I am going to go see! HMMMM

Little Ms Blogger said...

ink Obsession - I think that is rude, but one blogger from Europe left a comment on another R&R saying that's the norm. Since when?

I can't believe the girl thought you were going to pay for her popcorn. Oh. My. God.

Btw, it's okay to ramble that's what R&R is about.

Kelly - Lucky duck about the Cape, not so lucky your co-workers have your cell #. I don't miss that about my last job.

Sunshinemeg - Oh...that isn't fun. I hope there are pleasant people at the end of the line.

f8hasit - Thanks and I'm happy I have no wheel marks either - hard to match with anything I own.

RR: Apparently not. These are also the same people who need a copy of Blink and realize their 1st instinct is the right one.

Making friends with the cheese guy and butcher is key! My husband is always doing this at various shops and bringing back splendid pleasures.

New England Girl - many times I can laugh at people like this, but when I'm going to get hurt I'm not such a big laughter.

a corgi - one more thing about the movie you couldn't tell - frontal nudity in some scenes. It wasn't a big deal to me, but I know it may bother some people.

Actual Scale - I don't get it either about the bunnies. If there was no evergreen grass they would eat the regular grass.

Sunshine Mama - Stew Leonard's is a tough market. From the parking situation to the crowds of people, I know to be careful, but twice in one trip does stink. Coffee?? How about water :-)

Badass Geek - Ya know I love that thought - or better yet, hoping they get the cart that constantly veers to the left.

Candice - Ohh...that is a lovely place for them.

Matty said...

Ahh, the weather. Yes, it was great.

I've had my share of rudeness at the store too. Grrrrrrr.

How 'bout that? I also got things done around the house.

Haven't seen that movie.

Congrats on the awards.

Broken YoYo said...

ooh, congrats on the awards!

I hate rude people in stores too... a trick is to step back purposefully, they'll end up slamming into their own trolly, heh :-D

otin said...

I hate it when someone is too close to you with a cart and they hit the back of your foot! Or when someone steps on the back of your shoe!

DB said...

Wow - seems like there are lots of rude grocery shoppers everywhere!

Rave: went to good yoga class tonight. Even better, left office at 5:15 to take said class.

Rave: Starbucks day tomorrow. It snuck up on me with the short week.

Rave: Finally have ticket and hotels planned for Italy.

Rants: Drama over taking 12 hours off from work 3 months from now.

Very happy to see that your arch nemesis has returned to do battle with you. Also loving the birthday countdown tag lines.

Miss_Nobody said...

Rant:The Rain should STOP!Grr

Rave:I love my new flip flops
Congratulations for the awards!

Leah said...

I love your blog... I enjoyed reading your rants and raves. I'll keep coming back for more.

Stephanie said...

Congrats on the deserve them.

I have noticed more rude people everywhere. I think most people will blame it on the economy and that everyone is stressed, but I am sick of it. I am doing a little experiment to just smile at people and see if that changes their attitude towards me. I hope it works.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

What the heck is up with the rude people. I think you need to run over them with your cart!

I love the weather to, I don't have to water ... LOL :)

Helen McGinn said...

Rude people irk me no end. I'm the type to follow him, pat him on the shoulder and say "excuse me sir, you rammed your trolley into me there; do you have some kind of emergency? No? I'd like an apology then" with a manic smile on my face. *L*

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

taking woodstock was a bad movie?!?! WHAT SAD NEWS!

JennyMac said...

Guy in grocery store? Dbag.

But big rave to you. Love reading your blog.

Dan said...

I have to agree about the weather - even tho ours is different than yours. My niece and her parents were visiting before she headed off to college and they were all agog over the coolness of both the Colorado and Connecticut summers.

There seem to be way fewer rude people out here - thank heavens!

Tasha said...

Love the rant/rave posts!! I think I'd have too many rants though!!LOL

Connie Weiss said...

I hate rude people at the store! I try really hard to go during off hours (like 6am on a Sunday) to avoid them because I'm slightly mouthy and I tend to spout off.

LiLu said...

Dude, I call my parents in Mass every morning and they won't. Shut. UP about the weather. ;-)

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Congrats on the awards. They are awesome awards and well deserved.

I'm sorry but when I read "My arch nemesis, bunny, is back." I laughed out loud.

I'm sure you could catch the little bugger and eat him! he he he!


Joanna Jenkins said...

Congrats on your awards. You rock!

Dree said...

What is it with people at the grocery store?! Maybe food shopping brings out the worst in people. I always end up annoyed when I go to the grocery store.

Good for you for getting into WW! Water is always a problem for me too, but I got three 1 litre water bottles and decided that one was for breakfast and so on. It actually helps me drink a large amount by the afternoon so I don't have to drink lots at the end of the night.

And congrats on your awards! I look forward to getting to know you through your blog.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Matty – It’s great to get things done around the house. I hope you had a good time at the reunion last weekend.

Broken YoYo – Thanks. I’ll have to remember to step back next time (I hope there isn’t one).

Otin – Actually, I’m guilty of stepping on the backs of people’s shoes. But, only people I know.

DB – Boo to Yoga, Yay to Italy.

Miss Nobody – New flip flops are the best. My friend actually gets sad when flip flop season is over.

Leah – Thanks.

Stephanie – Thanks. I’m unemployed, but I don’t mow people down in stores. Bad manners are bad manners.

Alexis – LOL. I was too frightened of the man on his mission.

Helen – LOL. When rude man stopped and got something else he ended up behind me, but my husband jumped behind me and the guy acted appropriately (my husband is 6’3” and not a guy you’d mess with).

Chelsea – The movie wasn’t bad, just very slow and more a rental.

JennyMac - Thanks.

Dan - I don’t mind the coolness. It was the rain that did me in this summer.

Tasha – Thanks.

Connie Weiss – 6 a.m.???? Okay that’s just crazy talk.

LiLu – LOL. At least they don’t talk about bowel movements.

Green Eyed Momster – I don’t want to eat my arch nemesis, I just want him to eat his patch of grass. However, I think he has a friend, the chipmunk, who has been eating the leaves of the cucumbers, but I don’t know if chipmunks would do that.

Joanna – Thanks.

Dree – Ohhhhhhh….I like the 3 bottles set out. I’m going to have to try that.

Life, Love And Lola said...

I hate when people ride you ass with their cart! I say ram him next time you see him...Then come back here and rave about it!!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Life, Love And Lola - if it only worked that way....

Kristin said...

Seriously, when did movies hit ten bucks? Geesh.