Monday, November 23, 2009

What the Heck?

Monday, November 23, 2009.....

Over the past 18 months, I've applied to many jobs. Some through recruiters, referrals and online. Last night I thought I've seen it all -- until these 2 questions appeared on the online app:

Overall Undergraduate College GPA ____________

Verbal:______ Math: __________


I've been working for the past 20 years and have changed careers 3 times, so I thought this a question for recent college grads and didn't complete (actually, I don't know the answers -- for non US readers, the SAT is a test you take prior to university and is used by universities as part of the application process). Guess what? It didn't accept my information and stated that I needed to complete these areas.

I doubt I'll hear from this company because I didn't go to an ivy league university and after a bit more research, I've learned they are education snobs.

I define "education snobs" as individuals that only look at the university name on the diploma and discredit the individual because he/she may have gone to school at night, state college or gained their knowledge and experience through life.


lacochran said...

I guess they're focusing on recent grads. After 20-mumble years working, sadly, I can still tell you my scores. Amazing what was so important so long ago. *shakes head*

Secretia said...

That is friggin bullshit on a job application.


Melanie's Randomness said...

I really think that should be something for recent graduates. I don't even know my information for this off hand.

Tasha said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't even take the SAT! I only took the ACT and that worked for college applications, grad school applications, and all job apps so far. I can't believe they actually care about the SAT! How crazy is that?!

Goose said...

I've applied for a ton of jobs and have never been asked this either. I say it's crap. Those types of apps where they want crazy info I just tend to say forget it.

Jane said...

I was asked that on a job application once, but I was applying for a job teaching SAT prep, so it made sense. It is truly bizarre that a non-test prep company would ask something like that.

CaJoh said...

I totally agree about some companies being education snobs. Sometimes it is not the degree, but the fact you got a degree at all. I am in the computer industry and so often people tout their credentials, but I find that I who can't afford getting a ton of certificates can run circles around those that do.

Tracey said...
The average score for writing are 493.
The average score for math are 515.
The average score for critical reading 501.

Those are what I'd go with! He he he!!
You would not even believe the crazy shit I've seen on applications. I might have to do a post about it.

Green-Eyed Momster

notthatkindofgirlblog said...

I always think it's weird when companies ask about my SAT scores. Like, unless I'm applying to be an SAT tutor, how could that possibly matter?!

Although, on the other side of the education thing, I can't even tell you how many jobs I've applied to in the past six months that have turned me down specifically because I graduated from an elite university. I've actually had three or four interviewers tell me: "Look, we don't take people from schools like yours, because once the economy picks up you're probably going to decide you could get a better job and just leave. We're not trying to punish you, but we're not going to hire you."

Like, thanks, guys. I've been unemployed for a year and a half, despite applying for over 150 jobs, whereas my friends who went to state schools all got hired after applying to only four or five places.

Not that I'm trying to be all "woe is me!" but there is definitely, definitely a flip side of the coin that a lot of people wouldn't think about or even know about. It's intensified by this terrible economy, but either way, it completely sucks.

Monkey Man said...

Who would want to work for a company looking for that type of minutia. It has no basis in reality. Your experience, however, does. Too many companies put a heavy emphasis on degrees these day and miss out on some really good people as a result. Good luck. Mrs. MM was out of work for 20 months, then found a great job this will too.

restaurantrefugee said...

I am with Monkey Man, who would want to work in a place populated but such small minded dinks. And, oh yeah, countless studies have shown that standardized test scores are a solid measure of past success but a poor indicator of future performance.

Natasha said...

Arg that would be madening to me too! I watched an american commercial that said your credit can affect you getting a that true?? I'd never heard that before and thought what crap!

Ice Queen said...

SAT scores are an absolute joke! As if I remember what my SAT verbal was...because I have nothing else in life to remember.


staceyjwarner said...

That is ridiculous, I couldn't answer that! Who cares, I mean really how old are we?

much love

BakerGirl said...

That's crazy!

Of course, I got this on some job applications and left it blank. If it was a big deal to them what I scored over six years ago, then I don't want that job. I remember my overall score but would not be able to tell you verbal and math.

I second Secretia up there...

Dan said...

Not to mention the changes in scoring and max scores over the years for some parts.

I've seen similar and had to laugh. That was so long ago that I have no clue what the scores were. I suspect most people are the same after nearly 40 years. {*grin*}

BTW, I am one of those Ivy degreed people and haven't spotted any preferences yet.

kk said...

who the hell remembers what they got on their SATs???

Bathwater said...

Screw them I would have just thrown in a number after 20 years let them disprove it.

blueviolet said...

I wouldn't have the slightest clue WHAT my test scores even were!

Actual Scale said...

They must want entry level recent grads because I don't know many adults who walk around with their overall GPAs & SAT scores from over a decade (or more) ago!
Sheesh! That is crazy.

Best of luck in your search & have a wonderful holiday!

The Peach Tart said...

I've been out of school longer than that. I have no idea of my SAT and after all this time, who cares?

Matty said...

I've never heard of having these questions on an application. I'd have to look mine up.

Jules said...

Really? They're asking SAT scores? Can I retake it???

rxBambi said...

I don't remember what my SAT scores were, but I do remember my ACT only because I took a class and raised it 5 points. Of course it's still lower than any of my children (or steps) got. Looks like I'm the dumb one. Sheesh.

Luna said...

i have gotten those stupid questions on job applications too. employers do not need to know that. most people that take the SAT never remember their scores anyway. i took the SAT and ACT years ago, of course i dont remember. not like i committed them to memory. what bullshit.

otin said...

SAT? isn't that the day after FRI? lol! They must be trying to get entry level people out of school!

Miss Yvonne said...

You should have put "A billionty percentage" as an answer. I bet you would have totally gotten the job.

Erin P said...

Absolutely ridiculous. Never heard of asking that; they barely asked my law school grades when I was looking for legal jobs, much less my LSAT, undergrad, or SAT's. You can bet they just don't care about the things that are people skills, wisdom, experience, and all that. And, what about people who were a bit immature at ages 17-21 and have matured in both learning and job skills since then? Ridiculous.

That corgi :) said...

sometimes those who went to school at night or the less "stellar" school is the one that is the best qualified because they are determined to succeed; sad there are education snobs out there and that is has been 18 months for you between jobs. hoping 2010 will be the year for you to be gainfully employed again


Midlife Jobhunter said...

Seems like parring it down to worthless info. SAT's do not reflect what one can do. I see many kids who score very high but wouldn't have a clue how to fight out of a paper bag.

Me? Never took them. Ended up in college after my junior of high school - and not because I was a great student . Moved, and circumstances. What would I put in there? I wonder if SAT and ACT keep records for 20 or 30 years.

Badass Geek said...

If getting hired for a job depended upon SAT scores, I'd be so royally screwed.

Spot said...

The hell??! Ridiculousness! What the heck kind of job asks that??


PS~ I do remember my scores, but mostly because for years my parents liked to point out how high I scored and how I was wasting my brain because I didn't do anything with it...LMAO!

LiLu said...

I'm not even sure I remember what my SAT was... wow.

Unknown Mami said...

I find that ridiculous! Absurd even.

The Bumbles said...

The person who owns this company must have gotten perfect scores on their SAT's and therefore likes to remind themselves while reviewing applicants' scores just how awesome they are.

I have no idea what my scores were. Good enough to get me into a good university that overcharged my parents for the degree that I am not using in my present field.

Natasha said...

I have an award on my blog for you :)

JennyMac said...

Some companies do themselves no service by making these incredibly generic online apps. SAT scores? Wow.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Lacochran – No. This was the page for “Experienced Hires”. Wow. I’m impressed you can remember.

Secretia – I couldn’t agree more.

Melanie’s Randomness – I think the GPA question maybe, but the SAT scores? Nah….

Tasha – Really? I took 3 ACTs and can’t remember their scores either.

Goose – Well, considering I filled in the blanks with ??? I don’t I’ll get the call. I wasn’t going to lie and I wasn’t going to hunt down something pointless.

Jane – That makes sense. I’ve also heard this company interviews all candidates at once and asks you a question that has nothing to do with the job (e.g., Neil is retiring, we need a party, go). Personally, I do very well with people playing head guys and probably would have turned the tables and mocked them.

CaJoh – In many cases, you’re right. I’ve seen that happen many times and until the employee with the real talent leaves, the company doesn’t know how stupid they were.

Tracey - I thought there were only 2 scores?

Notthatkindofgirlblog - I’m sorry to hear about the rejections for going to an elite university. Sometimes too much experience or a great education hinders a person from getting the job they want.

Monkey Man – You’re right. I really don’t ever envision my concentration in Medieval History being relevant to any position I take. It’s my experience that counts.

Restaurantrefugee – Hmmm…interesting fact about future performance. I didn’t know that.

Natasha – Yes it is. I interviewed for one position and was informed they were going to do a financial background check. My concern is the amount of pings made to my credit history because I’ve heard that can lower your score.

Ice Queen – What are you saying? You had more important stuff to remember than your SAT verbal scores? Now, you’re just showing off with that comment.

Staceyjwarner – Thanks.

BakerGirl – I may have been able to remember the scores if it were only 6 years ago, but 22? Ummm…no. I needed to make room for more useless facts.

Dan – I think you’re in a profession where you either know it or don’t. Your experience and knowledge base is what you’re judged upon. Corporate America, a bit different.

Kk – Obviously I don’t if I put “???” as my answer.

Bathwater – I like the ??? answer I gave. I didn’t lie, but I was still able to answer the question.

Blueviolet – Glad to hear others wouldn’t either.

Actual Scale – No. This was on the experienced hires page AND what they were looking for required a lot of years in the work force.

The Peach Tart – Apparently people who aren’t looking for good talent.

Matty – I’m impressed you know where your scores are.

Jules – I wonder what it’d be like to retake them…Hmmmm.

rxBambi – I doubt that.

Luna – It’s very frustrating.

Otin – LOL. Okay, that was very funny.

Miss Yvonne – LOL. I bet you’re right.

Erin P – People skills and ability to listen without reacting would be crucial in this job – something the SATs don’t test.

That corgi – Exactly.

Midlife Jobhunter - That’s true. Sometimes common sense is more critical.

Badass Geek – I haven’t a clue since I can’t remember mine.

Spot – It’s not the job, but the company. I checked. They asked it for every position. Jerks. Hmmm… I guess test scores really don’t do anything – well, they would get you a job at this company.

LiLu - Okay, you haven’t been out of school too long.

Unknown Mami – Yes it is.

The Bumbles – I think you’re probably correct, but I’m not sure if I even want to know at this point. If that is how he judges work candidates, imagine how he judges people’s personal self-worth.

Natasha – thanks.

JennyMac – I agree.

fgrngtllt said...

i refer to my certificates all the time cos i don't even remember wot subjects i did in high school and high school was only 7 years ago for me...soooo sad!

but seriously why should you be judged by that being clever doesn't make you all that competent for the job!!

you know wot eff them their loss on people who have experiences tht no SAT score will ever give them!

Amy Lamare said...

I had a job come across my radar recently - a copywriter for a So Cal jewelry store's website and ads. They specified that you must have had a 3.7 min college GPA to apply.

Um, last I checked, being creative and a good writer were the things required for a copywriting job, not a stellar GPA.

Also, to me it reeks of aegism. I've got a career spanning 18 years, who cares what my college GPA was?