Friday, January 16, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick....

Friday, January 16, 2009....

Ever notice when you're feeling under the weather everything becomes fuzzy?

Last week, I started with an earache and sore throat. That is finally going away, but I awoke this morning to feeling lightheaded and nauseous (no, not pregnant), just the start of a head cold. The kind where you are blowing your nose constantly wondering how does your head fill up so quickly???? It's not fair.

Since I'm at the start of the head cold, I'll be dosing up on Vitamin C and using my Netti Pot (if you don't have one, get one). I can't speak enough of its merits.

While under the weather, I've watched my share of interesting reality t.v. and am amazed at people. Here is a rundown of the shows:

The Bachelor - Seriously women, are you really that desperate to have a man you barely know propose to you? I'm embarrassed to be a women after watching this show, but admit that I love watching these women make fools of themselves.

Tool Academy - OMG....My sister, Yoga Girl, told me about this new reality show and at the end of the episode they tell the guy "You're the Biggest Tool" and ask him to leave. Personally, after the first episode, I wonder if they should have a show for their girlfriends entitled, "Could I Really Be This Stupid to Stay with Him".

Top Chef - Love, love, love this show. Although the contestants are the most sane of the various reality shows, there is still some drama in the kitchen, among the chefs and at judges' table. If you love cooking, this is a great show. However, I have to admit, I do miss Ted Allen as a judge.

Housewives of..... - Right now, it is the OC. I have to admit, I've watched all the Housewives shows from the start and am thankful for my DVR. I'm finding this season to be a bit too shallow and petty for my liking. Vicki and Tamra annoy me. They could be lovely women, but the editing of the show makes them appear to be very mean spirited.

The Biggest Loser - again, thank heavens for the DVR...too many dang commercials, but I always cry at some point in the episode and this week I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Bob meltdown. That was probably my favorite moment in tv viewing this week.

I am hoping to feel better soon. I've been reading Eat, Pray and Love, but because I'm fuzzy minded, I'm not able to focus and have to keep reading the same page over and over because I can't remember a thing.


SillyStud said...

poor msblogger... get well soon...

Tool Factory sounds like "True Beauty" what a waste of an hour... and Momma's boys what a waste of another hour... and American Idol what a waste of two straight hours two nights in a row... and (yeah about this time I realize just how badly I need a job)

LiLu said...

Top Chef is probably my favorite show on television right now, although I don't really like the new judge. And I was PISSED they sent Ariane home. Maybe if Hosea wasn't so busy cheating on his gf back home with Leah, their team would have had a chance.

Leslie Jo Korengold said...

I hope you feel better soon! I use a sinus rinse every night. It's like a Netti pot. I swear by it.

It's sad that TV shows are so embarrassingly bad these days. I end up watching reruns of Two and a half men, Friends, Frasier, and Sex and the City over and over and over. I even know some of the lines! That's sad, but not as sad as some of the reality shows.

Feel better!