Saturday, February 28, 2009


Saturday, February 28, 2009...

I admit it. I've been sucked into Facebook, but it took me awhile to be sucked in the way others have been.

Initially, I would post a status update, loved seeing what old friends were up to, but really used it for one of its gaming applications. I admit, I sometimes am a game addict. However, recently things changed.

A childhood friend posted pictures from class trips from 6th and 8th grade. This started the game of guess the trip or the classmate. I have to admit, I didn't recognize myself in one picture (in my defense, prior to puberty, makeup and tweezers).

I didn't really think I was becoming addicted until last night. I had a dream that random people from my past were at my wedding. One was hanging out on the building overhang using a miroplane grater and a bar of soap. In my dream, this individual was grating soap whenever anyone walked under him --- he was trying to create an imaginary snowstorm. How bizarre is that?

Another FB friend is a reggae musician and he brought a musical instrument with him. I don't know why, but he thought everyone would love it. They did.

I wish I could say I drank too much or had something odd for dinner, but I didn't.


LiLu said...

Oh we should be friends! Too much?

Anonymous said...

I started to Facebook so much I wasn't doing anything else. I had to quit cold turkey and unhook myself. Love your dreams, especially the guy grating soap with a microplane. Are you sure you didn't eat pepperoni or something before you went to bed?