Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, February 25, 2009....

If it's Wednesday, it must be Rant and Rave day. Without further adieu, here my Rants and Raves for the past week:

Rave --- Seeing Kathy Griffin in concert. My sister treated me to Kathy Griffin tickets last Thursday in NYC. She was awesome! The show was sold out and she was high energy for 2 hours. She mocked others, herself and I love the fact that she's still in awe of celebrities. An added bonus was that she promoted the "Vet Dog" cause hoping her show raised money to train dogs for injured Vets.

Rave --- I got to spend time with my sister and that is always fun. I'm very fortunate to have a wonderful sister that is also one my closest friends.

Rave --- Got to see two of my fav NJ friends Friday morning. They served me a great breakfast and made me laugh.

Rant --- Idiot drivers on the Merritt Parkway. Here's the scenario, two lane highway and the State closed a lane down. Signs everywhere and you have the standard drivers that wait till last minute to switch lanes. However, what annoyed me, was the woman getting on the roadway - traffic moving 10 miles per hour and a sign in her visual stating left lane closed. She passes people on the shoulder and cuts me off by inserting her car perpendicular in front of mine. I think she did this because she was in my blind spot. Whatever her reason, she wedged her way into the left lane....for 50 feet before realizing she had to get back into my lane. She actually thought I would let her in. Hello??? Are you smoking crack? I let 2 cars in because it helps to move traffic, but I wasn't going to let rude lady in. My rule of thumb is...let one person in and traffic will run. She kept trying and I shook my head and she almost hit me. Ugh..rude people don't belong on roadways.

Rant --- Okay, another driving one - why do people drive in the passing lane when they are driving under the speed limit on a two-lane road?

Rave --- My mom's nursing home took pity on my dad and he is able to visit my mom.

Rave --- Second interview went well.

Rant --- I think the company has a hiring freeze on the position (story of my life)

Rave --- Got confirmation for Kirpalu weekend workshop with sister.


Dan said...

I have to inquire - what or where is a Kirpalu? Thanks.

Overall seems more plus than minus which is always good.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Dan - I'm excited that the good outweighed the bad this week.

Kirpalu is crunchy-nature yoga retreat/spa place in Lenox, MA. It was once a monastery (

It is a place that offer workshops to explore oneself. I'm going for a writing workshop. However, many go to become certified yoga instructors (I'm not a yoga person), but the place is very beautiful.

SillyStud said...

"explore oneself"?

Gee, I never knew I had a mole there! ...and then you write about it...

did your friends in Jersey serve you bacon for breakfast? =)

We had fun too!

LiLu said...

Stoked about the interview!

Pissed that I sold my KG tickets when she came to DC... I was strapped. But I heard she was awesome!