Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, February 18, 2009....

If it's Wednesday, it's Rant and Rave day. For readers new to my blog, Wednesday is the day I recap the week of my personal Rants and Raves and without further delay, here they are:

Rave: Yesterday I received a voicemail from a potential employer that he was able to connect with all my professional references and wants to talk further. After talking with the in-house recruiter, he told me he thought me to be most qualified candidate.

Rant: Although recruiter from potential employer believes me to be most qualified and hiring managers were happy with me, they want to have a variety to select from. I was to hear this week, but several more interviews are scheduled. Rave: Potential employer's recruiter is as frustrated as I am.

Rave: Valentine's Day (not my fav day) turned out to be a great weekend with hubby. Flowers, dinner out, dinner in cooked by hubby and time spent with someone who clearly loves me --- how awesome is that?

Rant: Me being so nit-picky. Hubby got me some beautiful red roses and I'm not a fan of the red rose. When I got divorced, I swore that I would speak up and I wouldn't settle. New hubby agrees with this, but I believe that I need to work on the delivery of the message. I may miss the target in letting him know I appreciate the things he does for me before voicing my opinion on what I would like better.

There may be other things, but they have apparently slipped my mind.


kk said...

I don't like roses either.

And I had to tell the hubby early on.

It was more of a helpful suggestion: "Roses aren't my favorite and they're so know what I love? Gerber daisies! And tulips!"

good luck1

LiLu said...

I don't like roses either... but I do love rant and rave Wednesday. He'll get it next time!