Monday, April 27, 2009


Monday, April 27, 2009.....

Saturday night, my friend, L, invited me to a dinner party. After discussing the obvious (food, movies,etc), we discussed pheromones.

One couple had watched this documentary about how you're attracted to another person by their pheromones and there are only six pheromones.

This means that basically, everyone is related to one another because of the limited number of pheromones in the universe. Being raised Catholic, I learned that everyone is related to one another because of Adam and Eve -- so that part wasn't a shocker to me(yes, I believe in Darwin's evolutionary theory).

The documentary showed people whiffing jars of sweaty clothes and apparently enjoying one scent over another (I'm a bit fuzzy on this tidbit, but believe that is what I heard). However, what if you no sense of smell? Does that mean you have no mate?

What about personality? I guess we can throw that out the window when choosing a mate.

I'm also struggling with the concept that my hubby would be more attracted to me after sweating for hours in the sun than after a shower.

Will the new rage in dating will be the pheromone date? Similar to Speed Dating, people show up to meet a random stranger for a 5 minute conversation, but instead of talking, each person is blindfolded and swap jars of their sweaty t-shirts for their table mates to sniff. If they like the scent, it's a successful match. One word....ewwwww.....

You may laugh at me, but I bet someone, someday, will be offering "sniff dating" events.

I'm just happy that I'm happily married and will never have ask a man to lift his arms so I can smell his sweaty armpits.


rambles@25 said...

i was once told (i think in uni) tht its the persons smell tht u r initially attracted to before all the rest!!!so wot does it say abt me cos all the guys i dated b4 now were rugby players which equals aLOT of sweating?!

but i love ur idea of the pheromone date, you could b onto something thre lol

LiLu said...

I really think that it's true... I LOVE the way B smells, and I've broken up with a guy because he smelled... "musty."

Little Ms Blogger said...

rambles@25: well, I wonder if the hottness of the person can sometimes stiffle your ability to smell anything but roses?

I think pheromone dating would work in gyms...

LiLu: musty? hmmm...that's bizarre. I think I'd be wondering if he let his clothes dry long enough in the dryer.

The Sorority said...

Sniff dating - I snorted out loud at my desk and then had to explain it. AWESOME!

Also, am so with you on the happily married front and also very happy that I never have to worry about smelling a man to make sure that I like him.