Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Wonder What My Dreams Would be Like if I Were on Crack?

April 30, 2009....

I have very vivid dreams. Sometimes I dream in color, but most times when I remember my dreams, I am always puzzled.

I quickly go online and consult any dream interpretation site because I believe there must be some hidden message. They can't be that whacked without having the meaning of life hidden in the images.

The past two weeks, I've had some crazy ass dreams. One dream I turned into a platypus; another I was telling my husband to stop hanging out with Brett Michaels because he is a bad influence. The best part of that dream is when hubby was leaving for work, he gave me a kiss goodbye and I made him promise me to stop hanging out with Brett.

Last night, I had 2 dreams and believe I could interpret the first dream.

In the first dream, I challenged my friend, J, to dance daily for the month of May. Initially, she is only dancing in the privacy of her own shower, but becomes so accustomed to dancing whenever music is playing that she breaks out in dance in Starbucks.

In reality, I don't see her doing that. However, I can see why I had the dream. She has a lot on her plate at work and I think she needs a little fun and dancing is fun.

I haven't a clue about the second dream and I'm thinking I may not want to know what it is about.

I dreamt about this kid name Doug that I went to school with my entire life. He was in a room with William the Conqueror. I don't remember if there was dialog, but if so, glad I can't remember. Something tells me the conversation would have been disturbing.

Just imagine what my dreams would be like if I were on crack. Wait, they might just be normal.


Anonymous said...

i hardly remember most of my dreams but i also have some strange and vivid dreams where i wake up thinking yep thats real but its not.

i imagine crack induced dreams would be a whole other level of strangeness and conversations and characters would happily mingle on a cloud in the sky hahahahaha tht makes no sense:)

Children of the Nineties said...

A platypus, haha! I can see Brett Michaels being a bad influence, though, I think your subconscious knows what it's talking about.

smile steady said...

A dance a day in the month of May. I love it! I might just have to implement this one into real life!

Miss_Nobody said...

LOL! platypus :) my dreams are mostly jumbled clusters,I hardly ever remember them.However,I'm known to smile.cry,thrash...emote rather strongly when I dream lol

otin said...

To a man, the only good dreams are the ones where you end up washing linens! LMAO! I once dreamt that I was a smart guy that ended up working a blue collar job, someone please wake me up!

Lora said...

this is hilarious!
i wonder the same thing, would drugs make me a normal person? or would i be so far gone that they would drag me away with my hands tied behind my back?