Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, June 17, 2009.....

Any readers following me on a regular basis know if it's Wednesday, it's time to Rant and Rave about the past week. Without further adieu, here are my Rants and Raves from the past week:

Rave: Last night, I went with my gf to Jane Green's book signing/reading of her latest book Dune Road. From what I've already read and her reading, I am looking forward to kicking off my summer reading list with it.

Rant: Last week I gloated because I had no pain working out with trainer after several days off. Well, I was WRONG. This past weekend, I was nursing a pinched nerve in my back with some percocet. Needless to say, very little sleep occurred.

Rave: Hubby starting to feel much better after being very sick with the flu since last Thursday. I'd also 'Rave' about not getting it, but always seem to jinx self when gloating about something (e.g., see above Rant).

Rant: I never thought I'd be writing about this, but what's up with elevator etiquette? I know there are many that don't hold the door for others, but this is not what I have to rant about. Have you encountered people insisting on finishing their conversation in the doorway you need to go through? I did. Best part, these people were both getting off and didn't think to move the conversation to the floor. Hello? Earth to rude people. Need to be somewhere. Now. This went on for SEVERAL minutes until I said excuse me. Both gave me the 'put-out' look. Oh, please.....

It was a slow week. Between the pinched nerve that kept me awake and nursing the sick husband who gave me a temperature update every 20 minutes, I'm looking forward to this weekend.

So, how was your week? Any Rants and Raves you want to share? I would love to hear them or if you're doing your own Rant & Rave Wednesday, put your link in the comments section so others can read.


Sheri said...

Rant: People who seem to think that the bank spent their money so that they could collect fees. Hello people, buy a calculator and use it!

Rave: Love, love, LOVE my new phone. Did I mention I love it?


DB said...

Rave: People in my department are stocking my candy dish instead of me always shelling out. Special shout out to those supplying dark chocolate.

Rave: Leaving tomorrow night for Atlantic City and off Friday.

Rant: Weather in my area has been sucking wind. What is up with using the heater in my car in June?

rxBambi said...

Rave: beautiful weather to enjoy evenings out by the pool with my family

Rant: damn hornets or something have spoiled it 3 nights in a row and I am really pissed off about it.

Emily said...

Rave: today is my last day of actual classes
Rant: I have to present a chemistry project
Rave: Saw the hot teacher in my school twice so far this morning
Rant: had to go to the hospital yesterday and have to go again in two weeks
Rave: found out I still had an old bank account from when I was twelve. AKA $300 from the past that I forgot I had. I can now pay the deposit for a trip to London through school.
Rant: My chemistry teacher has man crushes on all the jerks in my class. I think he is trying to relive his highschool experience. Thinks he's the man. Umm excuse me you are mistaken.

Not too bad of a week all in all.
Hope everyone has a great next week!

maria.palermo said...

Rant: Company I work for is so 18th century, they want to embrace technology but wouldn't know what to do with it if their life depended on it which causes unnecessary stress for me.

Rave: Finally getting sleep after so many restless nights. Loving my summer read "The Land of Mango Sunsets"

Optimistic Pessimist said...

Oh my god...that elevator thing would have driven me freaking nuts. I have no patience for that. And then they gave YOU a look..please!

Miss_Nobody said...

Glad your husband's feeling good,Hope this weeknd is good for you :)
I tagged you for an award !!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Sheri- I love the new phone I just got....

DB: If you put candy corn or those horrible unwrapped mints you can get at a diner, I bet more people would fill your dish.

rxBambi: Can you send the beautiful weather up here to CT. It's been about 15 days of straight rain.

Emily: Congrats on finishing classes.

I hope it is nothing serious with your visit to the hospital.

MP: So, does your company still use cans with strings for telephone.

Congrats on combating insomnia.

OP: Just when I think I've seen it all stuff like this happens to me.

Miss_Nobody: Hubby starting to feel better.

Thanks for the award.

Sunshinemeg said...

Left you a little something, something on my blog today! Check it out!

Griz said...

Should elevators not have etiquette? I can see some gloaty graduate student attempting a dissertation on this. love the blog

Little Ms Blogger said...

Sunshine Meg: Thanks for the award, I'll pick up shortly.

Griz: Thanks.

P said...

OOoh, the lack of elevator etiquette would really annoy me too - I am sooo with you on that!

PerplxinTexan♥ said...

umm Question: why the hell are you waiting til' wednesday!?

Rave:The Real housewives of New Jersey and the new 'bubbies' too!

Little Ms Blogger said...

P - it's right up there when people don't say thanks after you've held the door open for them...

PT - trust me, or ask my sister, I could probably rant/rave everyday