Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Recession

Saturday June 27, 2009....

Last night, I went to bed, hoping and dreaming that the Fridge Fairy would make an appearance at my house. She did. But, I was so disappointed to only find a note which read as follows:

Dear LMB, due to the Recession, the Fairy union had to downsize and cut our division. It is with my sincerest apology that I let you know that you will be cleaning your own fridge.

Although charitable by nature, I saw your fridge and thought this was beyond my giving capabilities.

Yours on the Unemployment Line - FF


This is what I get for waiting so long before doing a thorough cleaning of the world's smallest fridge. I guess I deserved the note.

Here's what I observed about my fridge, my bizarre buying habits and outstanding skill to procrastinate at cleaning.

1. I have TWO bottles of Fish Sauce. I'm not Asian and cook a recipe which requires Fish Sauce once in a blue moon. It should be noted the only Asian spice in my house growing up was Soy Sauce (heck, this is big considering I thought garlic was a powder till college and had to cook for self).

2. I have an obscene amount of yogurt. Guess I know what I'll be having for breakfast for the next Y-E-A-R.

3. It's amazing how hungry you can become cleaning out a fridge. I had to stop the process and make a sandwich for self. Hell, it's lunch time and I managed to finish up the milk.

4. I also have an obscene amount of soy sauce. This probably goes back to childhood and the only exotic flavor component my mom would add to almost everything (well, it was a toss up - soy sauce or wheat germ).

5. Best way to clean out the fridge is to drink some of the cold beer that has been in there for awhile [I have a wine cooler with add'l beer in it - didn't realize I had a backup stash (I'm resourceful like that)].

6. Cleaning a fridge can literally take hours if you drink several beers which I'm enjoying.

Moral of the Story: The Recession needs to end soon. Never mind that I need a job, but the Fridge Fairy needs to be reinstated so I don't have to do this again.


lacochran said...

Check the dates on those yogurts before you eat 'em. Just 'cause they start out sour doesn't mean they should be greenish-blue.

There are times when I still use garlic powder, although I throw the pre-minced garlic (we have a huge jar in the fridge) into most things.

Miss_Nobody said...

I wish I could find chocolates while cleaing out ours tehee and coke CHILLED

Anonymous said...

Drinking beers and making sandwiches can slow down any cleaning process. Perhaps that is why I can never clean this darn apartment...

TudorCity Girl said...

You know, my fridge needs a really good cleaning too and it's embarrassing to say I have all the time in the world to do it, being unemployed and all but still choose not to!
The good thing about unemployment these days is I no longer have the $$ to keep the fridge fully is proving to be much better for the waistline. :)

I REALLY hope you find a job soon too. Let's keep the hope!

The Sorority said...

Damn that Fridge Fairy is mean! It is so funny to hear from someone else that they thought garlic was a powder. I seriously never saw real garlic until I moved out of my parents house.

Rebel Mel said...

I have a tiny fridge, too. It's really stressful! I too have a ridiculous amount of yogurt, but I am afraid that it is expired! My dad tried telling me the other day on the phone that yogurt doesn't go bad. I think that's REALLY wrong!

The recession DOES need to end soon. I have been making the best of it, though. I haven't lost my job, yet. I have been using the internet to earn a bit of extra money, too, which I am TRYING to keep in savings, you know, if I ever lose my job!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Lacochran: Thanks for the tip. I still use garlic powder, I just didn't cloves existed until I lived on my own.

Miss Nobody: I actually found chocolate and moved it to freezer - not a chocolate lover (I know odd duck).

Sunshinemeg: Yeah, but it is much more fun to do it that way.

TudorCity: I completely understand. I have so many projects and a lot of time, but it isn't happening.

Sorority: I thought I was the only one didn't know garlic came in a clove.

Rebel Mel: Don't know if yogurt doesn't spoiled, but not taking any chances. Also, smart move to make extra cash to bank. This economy sucks!

Anonymous said...

at least you make the effort to clean your fridge. i think a do a shelf a month, its jst too much work!!

Life, Love And Lola said...

I should probably clean my fridge...I would rather just drink beer though!