Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Know Cool People (said in the tone of "I See Dead People")

Tuesday, August 25, 2009...

Last night I met a friend for coffee. After catching up, the conversation came around to a statement my friend made about knowing more fun people.

After I busted her chops about knowing me, I understood where she was coming from. She's in a rut and needs to just branch out. She's grown over the years I've known her, but the core group of friends she's hung out with for years, really hasn't.

Personally, I made changes several years back over the people I hang with. I don't know if it was turning 40 or the fact that I had a bad health scare at 39, but I just knew I had to make changes in regards to the people I choose to be close with.

This morning I was thinking about my conversation with my friend last night and it made me realize I know some really cool people that don't broadcast it.

Last week, I learned that my friend Sharon and her kids help a neighbor with her veggie garden. The woman has two enormous gardens and one was designed with the sole purpose of growing veggies for the local food bank. She is teaching her kids how to give back to the community and I can tell how much she's enjoying doing it too. Kudos to her!

Last night, I was talking with my oldest sister, she lurks around my blog, but is not the one that posts. She's 60 and is a great example that life over 40, 50 or 60 does not mean you pack it in.

Last year, she participated in 2 triathlons, this year 5 to date. She has two more scheduled and her next being in the nation's capital.

Her enthusiasm has rubbed off onto others. Her husband, recovering from knee surgery, asked his doctor recently if he could train for one. My other sister, YogaGirl, and I have agreed to do one with her as part of a relay team (YogaGirl swims, oldest sister bikes and I run).

I think people that can instill change quietly upon others are cool. She hasn't forced her husband or my sister and I to want to participate in a tri, it is her enthusiasm that has created an infectious attitude to want to try.

I hope my friend creates a life with people that she finds 'cool'. I have many more cool people in my life, but these are the ones that have been weighing on my mind.


DebraLSchubert said...

How true. My husband stopped drinking 100 days ago today, and a couple of his brothers and friends are either doing it or thinking about doing it (or not doing it!) too. My husband never preached to them at all, he simply said what was going on for him. It's awesome when we inspire others to reach for their "higher" selves.

LiLu said...

Sometimes people are so dorky they're cool.

At least, that's what I tell myself...


Heckety said...

I think your comment that its your sister's enthusiasm which is infectious sums it up beautifully. I'd like to be like that but I'm not.

Sunshinemeg said...

Great post! I really like this. I have some cool people in my life and I am so thankful for them.

maria.palermo said...

LMB, I think that as you get older you definitely start weeding people out that don't add value. I actually learned a great tidbit from your next oldest sister who said "if someone generally annoys you then it's time to move on." I know it sounds obvious, but it reasonated with me. It was her delivery too. Your sister is COOL in my book, so are you! And I mean that!

DSS said...

Excellent post! When I stop and think about it I do have some pretty amazing friends. How lucky I am :) They inspire me to try be "cool-er" as well.

La La La Leah said...

Thats so cool about your older sister!!! I bet she could beat me in any race.... but its cool.

All my friends are awesome or they would not be my friends.......... Have a great rest of the week.

miss rambles said...

hmmmm now you got me thinking.

i think i need to branch out more as well to help out wit getting out of my funk!

thanks for an inspiring post!

otin said...

When I stop by this blog, I see a cool person!!!! Funny comment on mine!


it is great to stop and think about the wonderful qualities in the people we know....

Matthew said...

My life went through a pretty extreme makeover when I emigrated 5 years ago. I'm lucky - there doesn't seem to be much dead wood amongst my group of friends now. Mind you, it's shrunk beyond all recognition since living in the UK...

Does that make me sound like a sociopath? I fear it does... :)

DB said...

Great post. I love Sharon's project. I hope she is not pulling out plants that she thinks are weeds like, hmm, someone we know (okay moi) would do. Also - quit picking on the poor bunny. Bunny needs to eat!

Midlife Jobhunter said...

Your post causes me to pause - and think about my friends. I did a triathlon a few years ago. Hardest thing I had ever done. Made me so proud of myself.

Midtown Girl said...

I agree. Your friend needs to get out there and try different extra-curricular events/projects, etc.

In my opinion, seems like your friend needs to amp up her interests and not her friendships..bc you are def one cool chick for sure!


JennyMac said...

I think people that can instill change quietly upon others are cool

LOVE this! And it is so true. Big cheers for your awesome family.

noelle said...

That's awesome you're considering doing a triathalon! Your sister sounds really inspriring... it's good to know there are people are out there who refuse to let life just pass them by.

Good Luck with training! It will be worth it.

rxBambi said...

I love the part about the veggie garden specifically designed for the food pantry! Most of the time all that stuff is canned or boxed, it's not often they get fresh veggies. I'm sure the needy people in her community really appreciate that!
I think you're cool, by the way :)

Little Ms Blogger said...

Debra - So true and how great of your husband to inspire others.

LiLu - and don't forget lovable!

heckety - How do you know? My sister hadn't a clue till I told her.

Sunshine meg - It's great that you don't take them for granted.

MP - Easy to say, hard for me to do.

DSS - I figure if I know enough cool people it'ss rub off

LaLa - You're lucky and where are you headed for the rest of the week?

Miss Rambles - Absolutely - do something new once/month or say yes to every invitation you can afford. It'll force you to try new things and you might even be pleasantly surprised.

Otin - Just remember, when a woman calls you 'superman' it may not be a compliment.

Actor's Diet - You're right. Sometimes I need to remember to pause more and take stock.

Matthew - sociopath - no? Selective - yes.

DB - Bunny is happy b/c I sad to report that there is a lot of clover he can eat due to the overgrown lawn.

Midlife - sometimes, pausing is a good thing. -- Can't wait to be part of the relay.

Midtown - I agree. I've tried so many cool things over the years I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't. --- Thanks, I think you're cool too.

JennyMac - Thanks and my goal is to be one of be one of those individuals.

noelle - I can't wait. It's been years since I've done a physical challenge and miss it.

rxBambi - That is the best! Thanks and right-back-at-you!

The New Black said...

A little branching out never hurt anyone...right? :)

Jessica said...

I've had to branch out too. I still keep in touch my my old high school friends but I felt like I needed to get out and meet new people.
Your sister is truly inspirational. I can only make it around the block (actually it's not even a full block) a few times and then I'm huffing and puffing.

P said...

It's funny but I hadn't even realised what age you were until you talked about your 40th bday on my blog post earlier. I just assumed you were my age or younger! It surprised me!

Little Ms Blogger said...

New Black - it's a good thing

Jessica - I think people come & go in our lives and that's a good thing. Some are with us forever.

P - LOL. Yeah, I know there much more mature individuals my age. I just happened to be in a 15 year relationship that ended at 35. I have no kids and at that point, began a whole new life. I guess I started as though I were in my 20's (I missed them). I have friends ranging from early 30's to mid 50s.