Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maybe It's Time to Change Careers....

Thursday, August 27, 2009....

After yesterday's phone interview, I spent the afternoon thinking if I should change my career. I had done it twice before and maybe being out of work for the past 15 months is a sign that I should.

I should preface that my interview went well, but I definitely feel as though I don't have a fighting chance. I don't think I ever had one, because the recruiter clued me in at the end of our conversation that the hiring manager is adamant about hiring a person with extensive technical knowledge.

I felt defeated, angry and annoyed.

Sure, I may not get a second interview, but I wanted it to be based upon the information shared during the interview, not based upon information that the recruiter clearly knew prior to our interview and needed in a candidate.

As I was hosting my own personal pity party (sometimes I have them), I reflected upon the brilliant idea that Edder came up with last week.

Sure it was another award bestowed upon me, I Shoulda Been a Stripper , but it started me thinking...

My stripper name is Lady Weed (this is determined by having your first name be your first pet's name and your last name is the street you grew up on.) How could I possibly go wrong with a name like that?

I believe this to be a sign. Maybe even a calling.

Sure, I'm over the optimal age of being a successful stripper, have real breasts (which means gravity has set in), definitely lacking the body any man (or woman) would want to see naked on stage. Combine these lovely attributes with with dance moves like Elaine on the t.v. show Seinfeld and it is obvious I need to put my thinking cap back on.

Now, that I've decided this isn't the right career change for me, let honor this award properly.

I’m told that the guidelines of this award are to list 7 of your personality traits, as evidenced on your blog and then pass the award on to 7 other blogs with notable personality. I’ve also been told that I am allowed to keep a copy of said award on my sidebar forever. And ever. Yay for me!

So there. Here we go:

1. Rude People Annoy Me: As evidenced by my rants about inconsiderate people in parking lots and pushy people in grocery stores.

2. Cooking: The fact that my profile states I have an obscene number of cookbooks and I'd spend 3 1/2 hours in 90 degree heat cooking a meal clearly shows my passion for it.

3. Harmless: If the bunny in my yard mocks me, I apparently scare no one.

4. Mysterious: Although I reveal bits and pieces about me, there is still a lot to know.

5. Random: Have you not seen my postings? Other than Rant & Rave Wednesdays, there is no real theme to this blog. That's why I chose the name A Little Blog About Nothing.

6. Unemployed. I'd normally say this is a state I'm in, not a personality trait, but it has impacted the way I look at things which I don't think will change once employed (e.g. appreciating simple things more.

7. More of an Optimist than a Pessimist: Evident by the fact that I typically have more raves than rants on Wednesdays.

OK, that's my set. Seven fascinating traits about me. Thanks for indulging me and thanks, too, to Edder for the award. It looks like this and will remain on my sidebar for all eternity.

About the 7 I have to tag. Tomorrow...or Monday...I have to think this through (alright, I'm lazy at the moment)....


a neske said...

haha. There's a really nasty strip joint around here that I pass every day on my way to work. It's called the Queen of Hearts.

(For the record, I've never been inside... but my husband has.)

And last weekend someone said, "I stopped going there once I realized the most attractive dancer in the place has a C Section scar.

Ugh! Bravo to you on changing your career. I decided the same thing this week.

Badass Geek said...

Changes can be good, but making the choice to make the change can be scary.

Good luck.

The Vegetable Assassin said... grew up on WEED STREET? That is the coolest thing I ever heard (mang). I once lived on Beaver Road - that was less cool. And really f*cking embarrassing if you were ordering a pizza.

a corgi said...

oh gosh, my stripper name would be Koda Guava. Is that pathetic or what?

congrats on the award!

in this day and age, I do believe unemployed can be considered a personality trait. seems that it defines us a lot; kind of like the have's and have-not's; have a job, doesn't have a job. I'm hoping the gap between these have's and have-not's doesn't widen more in the coming months

if you are young enough to consider a career change, might be a good time to do so. At 51, I'm thinking the same thing, to change career, just don't know what I want to be when I grow up


Living and Loving In L.A. said...

My Stripper name is Leila Lakeshore. Now if that's not appealing, I don't know what is. I thought about being a stripper in college, for about 2.2 seconds until I realized I must have been suffering from a brain aneurysm. And then my mom said, "Well, honey, maybe you could be an escort instead!" To which I replied, "Mom, escorts are just glorified prostitutes." To which SHE replied, "Oh no! I thought escorts just got taken to nice dinners by old rich men!" To which I replied, "No mom, those are gold-diggers, there IS a difference."

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh girl I hear you I keep sending out resumes and nothing! I guess there probably are a ton of admin assistant applying and I need to find something flashy on my resume to catch there eye.

Darn left over baby fat you kill me I could have been a stripper ... LOL Loving it!

maria.palermo said...

At least you have an appealing stripper name. Mine is Monica boring is that?!?!!?!?

La La La Leah said...

I don't think strippers make that much money... I think their pimps take a BIG cut... just FYI. But I am sure you can find a job stripin if you have too....

I think you and your sister need to find a sponsor and get this curling thing going...... just a thought.

Dan said...

Maybe that is the career I should pursue. I'm sure there is a huge demand for gray haired arthritic male strippers. Guess I'd better wax my chest and get right in it.

Or maybe like you I should consider a better career choice. Good luck no matter what your decision.

Little Ms Blogger said...

a neske - OMG your comment cracked me up about the C Section scar. Kudos to you about the career. Actually, I'm not changing careers at moment, I did this to play off the stripper award. However, I probably will once I have a job and some financial security.

Badass - I think because I've made it 3 times in the past, it wouldn't scare me. I love to be challenged. However, as I mentioned above, this blog entry was to play off stripper award. Hmmm...need to change tagline.

Vegetable Assasin - Weed Avenue - yupper...Beaver Road? I can see where that caused problems.

a corgi - well, it's not that glamorous and I'm not sure how many tips you'd get with that name. I hope the gap doesn't widen either. I SEE and FEEL it. It sucks. However, there are other things I see and appreciate that I wouldn't have if employed.

Once I get a job, I probably will change careers. Like you, not sure what to.

L & L LA - Cha ching....can just see the cash flowing in with that name.

Your comment was priceless. I love that you had to tell your mom the difference between escort and gold digger.

Alexis AKA Mom - maybe add stripping or pole dancing as a special interest to your resume. If anything, you'll see if people are actually reading it.

MP - Monica Home???? I guess if your audience were in a library and blind that'd be the perfect name. A little too tame for the real joints.

La La - I hope DB doesn't read this because she'll start making an action plan to get a sponsor and map it out on an excel spreadsheet.

Dan - Well, if you decide to go into stripping, you might to hire outside PR to promote you. Based upon your description I don't see too many dances after 5 p.m.

Cooking To Lose Weight said...

Go for the challenge of change. I have been also rediscovering myself for the past year and it took some time but wow ... I love the adventure of trying new things. Of course some are good and some not so good but all worth trying.

Anyway...good luck and don't be so hard on yourself.

Heather said...

Hahaha... I dance like Elaine too! Glad it's not just me :)

Matty said...

Dear Lady Weed:

As for the interview. You gave it your best effort. If it's meant to be, it will.

As for the stripper award. I hear the tips are good.

As for your personality. You are who you are. And that's how we like you.

otin said...

My first dogs name was "Max" and the street that my parents first house was on was "Ryder Road" This is a true fact! So My name would be Max Ryder! That is a great porn name!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

rxBambi said...

My stripper name would be Juneau Londonderry Lane. Not too cool. Oh wait, is it a pet now or the pet I grew up with? If it's the latter, I'd be Bonnie Londonderry Lane. Not much better!
I hear pole dancing is all the rave now to get in shape... I haven't personally tried it. Although maybe it could bring in some much needed shoe money. Although my boobs are real too -- I wouldn't want them to knock some poor geezer out of his chair by flapping all over the place. Umm, nice thought there...

Herding Cats said...

I'm sorry about the interview. I had a REALLY bad/awkward interview last month where I also felt as though they should have realized I was a wrong match before interviewing me.

Oh, and my stripper name is "Pooky Northaven" fabulous is that?

Optimistic Pessimist said...

ok i know there's a lot more to this post, but I love that you have dance moves like Elaine! I do too!

DB said...

There are a lot of great stripper names among the comments - love Pooky.

La La La Leah - October 3rd - magic date - where I go to curling open house!!!!!

La La La Leah said...

Sounds GREAT!! I will be waiting for the blog on the 4th or 5th depending on how it all goes...... What kinda of companies would make the best curling sponsors....... Its something to think about.

Midtown Girl said...

Just call me Peaches Washington. And the impaled marshmallow bunny is some visual, I tell ya!

Since these recruiters are competing for commissions with their co-workers, they will send out peeps bc they really want the job taken by one of their applicants. They are usually more efficient but times are tough and their jobs are hanging by a thread..sux.

But have you tried headhunters that work specifically in your field (you prob have, but just thought I'd throw it out there just in case you haven't).

Hang in there - you will get something soon!


LiLu said...

Oh, it's never too late to be a stripper. You'll have those new titays paid for in no time! ;-)

JennyMac said...

Love your list...and another passionate cook? Let's turn your party into a smashing good wine and food bash.

And Lady Weed cracked me up.

Sending my best from Seattle.

Heckety said...

Well my daughter told me yesterday that one of the smartest boys in her class had got a place at Uni to study law as he intends to be a's that for an inadvertant career change?
Perhaps you could be a chair-leader, or a corden-blue chef, or pole dancing-antartica here you come...stuff it, your're grand as you are!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

hahahaha...i heart your blog. will definitely be coming back for more Lady Weed. hahaha. =)

Children of the 90s said...

Lady Weed. I love it. And nothing makes me smile like provocatively posed Peeps.

miss rambles said...

lady weed hahahahahahahahahaha i love this blog you really never know wots gonna come up!

One Sassy Girl said...

That peeps pic is GREAT! I'm in the same boat. I love my career but am struggling to find a job that will allow me to be happy. So frustrating. Not sure what I'll do either. Good luck!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Lady Weed does have a nice ring to it. And just think how it would "enhance" your resume-- It'd be a real conversation topic with the recruiter who wasted your time on an interview they knew you couldn't get.

My stripper name would be Smiley Waldamere-- Not nearly as interesting on a resume as your.

Hang in there. I'm cheering you on.


girl, inspired said...

Lady Weed is very intriguing! Maybe you can make it a catering business name...

otin said...

So you agree that I am a dick!!!! HAHAHA!

SillyStud said...

gee, I don't know... isn't this just how a niche market opens up?

I'd put a dollar in your g-string; maybe even a fiver!!!

mylittlebecky said...

rude people! ugh! rude people in traffic? double ugh.

ps stripper name=izzy sunset. hawt.

Sunshine Mama said...

I would be Maxi Jackson. Sounds like some sanitary product.

Sorry about your interview. This kind of stuff is tough. There's so many components involved in the interview process. But, but, hey now stripping...actually I have heard that that type of work is actually up because of the economy.
Thanks for the encouragement by the way.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I should have thought about being a stripper 20 years ago, saved a lot of money for when I settled down and had 4 kids because they are expensive.

You're still young and hot, it's not too late for you, like it is for me. I don't even want to see myself naked some days!


very married said...

Def thinking about a career change myself. And i haven't even started mine!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Cooking to Lose Weight - I love new adventures, but finding a jjob is adventure enough after 15 months.

Heather - Ya know, it'll catch on.

matty - You're right. I'm a big believer that everything happens for a reason.

Otin - Is Max Ryder going end up in a Thursday story?

rxBambi - stripper name sounds so fancy, like a stripper who'd work a tea room.

herding Cats - Sorry about the interview, but love the name.

OP - As I told Heather, dancing like Elaine will become all the rage.

DB I won't hold my breath about 10/3

La La - Hush up - don't get her started

Midtown - The recruiter was internal so no reason to have the interview...Thanks for the advice and I have used headhunters in my field.

LiLu - I like to keep things silicone for me.

JennyMac - very passionate - have fun in Seattle.

Heckety - I think you're on to something with antartica

ChunkyGirlMel - Thanks

Children of the 90s - The peeps rock!

Miss_Rambles - keeps you on your toes...

One Sassy Girl - I feel your frustration

Joanna - I think you're right, it would enhance my resume - I'll give it a shot.

Girl Inspired - hmmmm..wonder what kind of client I'd attract.

Silly Stud -, not this case.

mylittlebecky - that could be an actual name

Sunshine Mama - ummm, yeah,but imagine how much support you'd give

Green Eyed - 20 years ago, I'd rock the house, now, I'd clear it out.

very married - oh that's not a good thing.

Actual Scale said...

the peeps Crack Me Up!
I love that picture.

Stripper name wouldn't really work for me - Bear Paula. Yeah...that could make someone think they were going to the the freak show instead of seeing a stipper...unless it is for some kinky thing?
Oh my...this is getting out of my league.
I'll stop now.


Jewels Diva said...

I love that bunny pic, it's hilarious!

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