Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, December 30, 2009.....

As many readers know, Wednesdays are earmarked for me to rant and rave about the previous week. This week I'm taking a break from ranting and raving. I figured it is the last Wednesday of the decade and maybe it's time to look ahead to 2010.

In the upcoming year, I'd like the following to happen (other than the obvious of finding the perfect job):

- I like traffic to completely disappear from my world.

- I like to only have encounters with friendly, courteous people.

- I'd like to reverse time in regards to aging and not have to worry about what skincare product I SHOULD be buying.

- I'd like all foods, except lima beans, to have zero calories. Because I do not eat lima beans it can contain 1000 calories per bean.

Okay, okay...I'd seriously like to live a healthier lifestyle without feeling it is a burden or punishment and I'd like to never utter a bad word about anyone. My 87 year old father does not speak ill of anyone and I am in awe of this.

Next week, I will back to ranting and raving as there will always be something stupid that annoys me and something that puts a smile on my face.


Working Mommy said...

It is always nice to look is hoping your 2010 is everything you ever wanted - from one of your most recent followers!!


Brian Miller said...

you know i hope a few of those come true for me as well. smiles.

otin said...

In order to have encounters with only friendly people, all traffic would have to disappear! There is no such thing as courteous traffic!

CatLadyLarew said...

Does this mean I have to be friendly and courteous when I visit from now on? What if I just don't honk my horn... will that do? Have a wonderful New Year!

Monkey Man said...

If traffic disappears, how will you get around? I would think the minute you become traffic - poof - gone. Not good.
Turn your back on discourteous people to avoid those encounters.
Age is a number.
Eat all the foods you want, just eat less.
Don't you hate people like me?

Jewels Diva said...

I am all over the courteous people one. I hate rude people. Why do they have to crap over everyone else just because they're having a bad hair day.

Erin P said...

No, Monkey Man, we don't hate you, we just wish you'd not rain on the parade.

LMB, thanks for a fun, positive post! I also hope for health, physical energy, and a world of pleasantness! Also, as my son gets his drivers' license this year, that all of the people driving on the roads be more careful!!

Dan said...

I can go with the aging thing - especially the ever growing list of aches and pains and parts that don't quite work.

But ... I have to wonder if you have truly thought the Lima bean thing through? If all foods have zero calories, you are going to have to eat at least one Lima bean per day just stave off starvation.

Unintended consequences maybe? {*grin*}

Herding Cats said...

I'm with you on all of those! Definitely!

New England Girl said...

Ah, I miss the rant&rave, but I loved this post. :) I hope you have a fantastic New Year's Eve and a wonderful start to the new year.

P said...

I am totally in agreement with wanting a healthy lifestyle without having to make the effort...

Unknown Mami said...

I'd like to be able to fart loudly in fancy restaurants and have everyone clap. Not really, but it wouldn't suck to be able to afford fancy restaurants.

DB said...

I wish for LMB to get a fabulous job - or at least one that doesn't suck - since she deserves it!

That corgi :) said...

I'm with you about the traffic; I think that is something to try to attain this year to be like your dad and not speak ill about anyone. WTG to him for setting a high standard not to do so!

Happy New Year!


La La La Leah said...

Those things sound like awesome new years revolutions! ;) You should really look into seeing what you can do about them. Hope you have a wonderful New Years and don't get to wasted. xoxo

Jennifer said...

It's nice to have dreams, no? Ha, I'm only teasing. Those are funny and nice wishes for the new year. I'm hoping for much of the similar. :)

Sunshine Mama said...

I'm with you on the zero calories would make calorie counting so much easier. zero, zero and zero...

I haven't made any resolution yet. Let me think a bit.

Have a nice New Year!

JennyMac said...

If you ever find a way to make traffic disappear...sell it. TO ME. I will be the first in line to purchase.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Working Mommy – Why thank you and thank you for wanting to follow me.

Brian Miller – Yes I know and hope 2010 brings great things for you as well.

Otin – Yes there is. Stowe, VT – they may think they have traffic, but it is all relative.

CatLadyLarew – LOL….No….I definitely don’t want you to change.

Monkey Man – I will get around by blinking or twitching my nose like I Dream of Jeannie or Samantha did. Besides, one person’s perception of traffic is another person’s easy commute.
I don’t hate people like you because you state the obvious….that’s not rude.

Jewels Diva – Exactly.

Erin P – Well, depending upon where you live, finding a courteous driver could be like finding a small miracle.

Dan – I hear you on the aging thing. It almost seems like everything starts to breakdown at the same time.
You’re right about the Lima bean, but it would have to be a food I’m just okay with so I wouldn’t crave it all the time. No point in having zero calorie food if you ate the high calorie one all the time.

New England Girl – I’ll be back next week. Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful New Year’s Eve too!

P – Yeah, it would be nice. I wouldn’t even mind putting in the work if it came naturally to me.

Unknown Mami – Okay, this made me laugh out loud. Ya know, YogaGirl and a friend of mine used to love to embarrass me in fancy restaurants by singing out loud or licking their dessert plates. They even did this at Le Bernardin in NYC and the waitstaff gave them the plates with chocolate sauce to do this.
Needless to say, I’d cheer you and laugh, but would be bright red.

DB – Why thank you. I know 2010 will be an amazing year.

That corgi – It’s an amazing trait and I am hopeful I will duplicate.

La La – I plan to do the ones I can control and have no intention of waking up with a hangover the first day of a new decade. Happy New Year to you !

Jennifer – LOL.. Yes it is.

Sunshine Mama – Wouldn’t the zero calorie thing be great….ahhhhh….I can dream. Why are you making any resolutions? You make goals for yourself and are already improving you. You make them, but maybe don’t realize it.

Little Ms Blogger said...

JennyMac - Sorry, you live in or around Atlanta, I used to visit my sister when she lived there and unless you get a George Jetson flying're screwed.

Sorry :-(

SillyStud said...

my wish for you LMB is that in the New Year you will find a friend whose friendship you cherish as much as I cherish yours! All the best in 2010!!!

btw... without the traffic and nasties you'd have precious little to rant about... what fun would that be for the rest of us?

Spot said...

I think you may be asking for a tad too much. Lol. But I will definitely back you on those requests!! Could we make grocery stores magically empty of other customers when I show up as well??


DB said...

Okay, we did not do the plate licking at Le Bernadin - it was at that Todd English restaurant with the homemade mozzarella. Even I have enough class to not lick plates at Le Bernardin.

Little Ms Blogger said...

SillyStud – Who says I don’t cherish our friendship? I also am extremely thankful for the friends in my life. I definitely don’t take that for granted, but know if I need someone, they’ll be there for me.

Spot – Oh I hear you on the grocery store issue….I wish for the same, but not sure that miracle could happen.

DB – You’re showing your age….Plates were licked at Le Bernadin…Poncho Girl asked the waiter for several plates of chocolate sauce. Maybe you didn’t participate, but several other people joined her.

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