Monday, March 30, 2009

Different Career Choices.....

March 31, 2009.....

When employed, I would have days where I'd longed for a day of peace and quiet. A day where I wouldn't have to be on a 2 to 3 hour call. On those days, I dreamed about being Pluto at Disney World.

I don't know why or when this fantasy started, but it lasted for a long time.

Today I wonder, how does one become the person that names lipsticks and nail polishes; or lands the job writing directions on consumer products?

Most men won't understand the first statement, but you have to love names like -- "Sand In My Suit", "See Ya Later Sailor" or "Wine Me & Dine Me" that OPI uses for its nail polishes.

Personally, I think that naming nail polish and lipstick would be a snap. A couple of girlfriends, some margaritas and viola, great new names!

My fantasy to write the instructions for consumer product stemmed from looking at several products in my bathroom. I came across the following:

Roll-on Deodorant - apply to underarms only.

{Really? I can't apply to bottom of feet or on forehead?}

Toothpaste - Supervise children as necessary until capable of using without supervision......Instruct in good brushing and rinsing habits (to minimize swallowing).

{Just a thought, but could this instruction be used for other things}

Lotion - Smooth on hands and body every day. Particularly effective when used after showering or bathing.

{So, I'm guessing you wouldn't use on a family pet?}

Eye Make-Up Remover - SHAKE WELL. Apply with cotton pad on closed eyelids. Gently rinse with warm water.

{Well, if capitalizing letters in email implies screaming, my makeup remover company is screaming its point and I will be certain to shake well. I'm guessing the person who wrote these instructions couldn't write what they might have wanted : Apply on closed eyelid or be a rebel and apply on open eye and be ready to wreck your vision. We just don't care}.....

To Make A Long Story Short......

Monday, March 30, 2009.....

Why do people say this? Do they feel if they do, it gives permission to aimlessly ramble for 20 to 40 minutes more on a conversation?

Yesterday, my brother-in-law was in town from Texas and came over for dinner. I've tried to keep an open mind about him, but he has many strikes against him....Let's see....he's stolen a lot of money from my hubby; asks many favors of him when in town because he's a freeloader and when asked by hubby to shave his beard for our wedding and his brother doesn't, well that's my last straw.

Seriously, my hubby asks very little of people. His only request to TX brother was to shave his beard for our wedding because he looked beyond horrible but TX brother. I have immediately renamed him ASS. Oh wait, I think he got the new name when he couldn't congratulate either one of us before, during or after the wedding and the next morning called hubby to have him drive 50 miles to do him a favor. GET A LIFE.

Yesterday we had ASS over and hubby cooked and cleaned the dishes. Initially, I thought how sweet, but as the day wore into the evening, I realized he wasn't being sweet, but taking cover....retreating....running for dear life. Damn, why I hadn't done that???

He left me with a conspiracy-theory-rambling-story-telling-bigot from TX. Every story included the phrase "to make a long story short". Oh. My. God. I would look at my hubby hoping he could read my death stares as signals for "Save Me...Save Me Please". Unfortunately, hubby doesn't have this special talent (note: men, if you have this talent, treasure it, it is extremely valuable).

The stories became mind numbing to me, but I pride myself on being a decent listener ....until last night.

After dinner, he was telling a story (aka rambling) and I thought he was done at the second commercial break (trust me, the tv being on was ABSOLUTELY necessary), but no. After the 4th break, I realized he was on the same story. I swear I thought it was a new one. I sat there pretending to listen, but I was drowned out by the little voice in my head saying "shit, shit, shit, how did this story start again?"

Before he left, I learned he's had a girlfriend for the past 15 years. Her and her two daughters live with him in TX. When I asked my hubby why he didn't invite her to our wedding he told me he never wanted to meet that skank. I know there is a story there, but not going to push it. When he's ready, he'll tell me.

On a really positive note: My UCONN is in the FINAL FOUR! Woo Hoo!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dinner at Richard Gere's Place......

Friday, March 27, 2009....

Last night, my girlfriend, 'A', and I had dinner at Richard Gere's place the Bedford Post Inn. Sure, he wasn't there, but I don't think I would have noticed if he was.

Several years ago, 'A' ran into Richard Gere when he was at some pizza place for a birthday party for his son; or a party his son was attending. Her comment was that his pictures don't do him justice. I was shocked that she was taken aback because my friend never gets star-struck.

A few months later, she heard he had bought this inn and was going to restore it. She decided we were to go once opened. Fast-forward a couple years later, and there we were.

Unlike our experience at Craft, Craft Experience, this was an amazing dining experience.

From the atmosphere, the pleasant staff (this includes everyone that we encountered), the service to the food, we enjoyed it immensely. Everything was seasoned well, timing was perfect and they seated us with enough distance between our fellow diners to have no fears of having a truly private conversation. However, it was Thursday night and my understanding is that the restaurant is packed on weekends so you'll probably be sitting closer to your fellow patrons.

Personally, I love a chef that can create a menu and put a twist on a familiar classic dish using local ingredients. It's definitely the best. In addition, the food portions were the perfect size and they did not get offended when we asked to share an appetizer (I wanted to try it, but did not want to get stuffed prior to the main course).

The inn itself has an attached yoga studio and although close enough to my home, I needed to travel the back roads through quaint small towns to get there. It had been awhile since I was in these towns and would definitely like to stay at the inn for a weekend and re-explore all the antique shops -- that is, if I had the funds to do so (unemployment puts a damper on things).

As I was writing this post, another girlfriend called me from the small local airport to tell me Richard Gere was there. How strange is that?

Seriously, I'd recommend this place in a heartbeat if someone wanted a nice evening out.

Thanks 'A' for an amazing treat!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Conversations.....

Thursday, March 26, 2009.....

It's great when you can chat with friends about the recent Presidential speech, the state of the economy and world events. However, sometimes that just becomes too taxing and my brain wants to explode.

I'm not going to explode because of the subject matter, but because other events of the day leave me so drained that I want to just shut down and have a mindless conversation.

I'm not sure why, but many people dismiss the mindless chat as frivilous and useless. Being the uber-mature person I am, I just want to just stick out my tongue at the individuals that can't appreciate the mindless chat.

For instance, last week, I was driving with hubby and had to give him some directions. The conversation went as follows:

Me: Turn down Fishing Pole Lane (it has another name, but he only knows it as that because some person on the street put a sign on his lawn "free fishing pole").

Hubby: Ya know, I'll never forgive you for not letting me get that free pole.

Me: Seriously??? That was 3 years ago and don't you have like 40 poles already???

Hubby: Yes. What's your point?

Me: Don't you have enough?

Hubby: You can never have enough and I can't talk about this anymore because I'm traumatized by the fact we couldn't stop.

Me: Maybe you seek therapy to get over this horrible trauma.

Hubby: Maybe I will.

Me: Pretend I'm the therapist.

Hubby: I can't.

Me: Why Not?

Hubby: Because when I look at you, I would be reminded that it was you that denied me the fishing pole and I could never truly open up. The pain of remembering would be too much.

Me: Uncontrollable laughter occuring.

Hubby: You wouldn't be laughing so hard if the sign had read: "Free Cookbooks". Especially if they were from the 1940's and 1950's.

Me: Well, that's different.

Hubby: How so? You have 200+ already, do you really need another one?

Me: YES....A cookbook from that era is sooo cool...I'm amazed at how many recipes include lard.

Hubby: Now, you see my point about the fishing pole.


Me: Nope. Cookbooks are cooler.

Hubby: Okay. I can't talk about this anymore. The memories are too painful.

Me: Laughing harder

You have to understand, he mentions the free fishing pole everytime we drive down this very short cut-through street and puts on his best pout face. Everytime it comes up I laugh, but I particulary love his extreme pathetic attempt to make me feel guilty for not stopping. It's a game now because every conversation becomes more extreme than the last one.

I will say, he's mastered the pout....well, if mastered means I die laughing when he does it because it is so lame.

Thank heavens for stupid/random conversations to relieve the stress of everyday life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, March 25, 2009...

I can't believe it is already Wednesday. I'm still thinking it's Monday, which is okay for an unemployed person, but I imagine all working people are screaming LMB it's hump day and don't forget it!

Well, any readers following me on a regular basis know if it's Wednesday, it's time to Rant and Rave about the past week. Without further adieu, here are my Rants and Raves from the past week:

Rave: I finally learned what 12 1/2 inches really looks like by chopping off all my hair for Locks of Love. I love the short hair and I know I'll be so grateful this summer when the heat would make me want to rip the long hair off my head because I'd be so dang hot!

Rave: I found out yesterday that I'll hear by week's end about a job I interviewed for in mid February.

Rant: I couldn't fall asleep last night because I'm anxious to hear about the job.

Rave: My friend came over last week to watch a flick and just catch up. It's so hard to steal time with friends that have a family and really catch up.

Rave: My sister's friend thought of me and is sending me theatre tickets she can't use for next week. Hubby has decided to make it a date night and asked me to go dinner prior to seeing Jesus Christ Superstar.

Rave: I'm no longer in pain from my training sessions. I still feel it when she is working me out, but I feel fine afterwards.

That's it for this week. No crazy drivers, no howling dogs for 1 1/2 hours going off, just a pretty calm week.

How was your week? Any Rants and Raves you want to share? Would love to hear.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Okay Men, This is What 12 1/2 Inches Really Looks Like....

Back from hair cut and I LOVE that most of my hair is gone.....and this is what I chopped off.... It's hard to see, but I had to stand far enough away to get the locks in the shot.....

Locks of Love

Tuesday, March 24, 2009.....

For the past several years, my hair has been long and straight. In fact, too long for my taste, but for the longest time I hadn't a clue what to do with it.

Initially, I started growing out my hair because I had one too many razor haircuts. Although, I have strong thick hair, the cuts were starting to just fall flat. I still wanted a style and left that decision in the trusting hands of the stylist. Unfortunately, she fell flat. However, I could never put my finger on it, but for $100/cut, I decided I would just grow out my hair until I discovered what I wanted.

While I was watching my hair grow and grow and grow, I was still unsure what I wanted. Finally, this past January, I was so over long hair, but realized I could still give to charity while unemployed. I just had to stick it out, grow the hair for a couple of months and then chop it off for Locks of Love.

I was waiting to have enough hair that it would be 10 inches from my shoulders. I found out I have more than that and am stoked. Today, I chopping off my hair and couldn't be happier.

I can't wait....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Jersey's Dirty Little Secret

Thursday, March 19, 2009......

I know several people that love the idea of blogging, but can do without the regular posting because of other things that may get in the way, such as life.

Several months ago, I asked my sister to guest blog our experience at the restaurant Craft. Today, I've asked a very passionate friend of hers whom I've become friends with to be a guest blogger.

I gave "L" no limitations. I told her to post on what she's passionate about. Initially, she was going to write about her love of McDonald's Shamrock Shake, but since it was March 18th, I thought it cruel for readers to have to wait an entire year before they could get their hands on one.

"L" is very passionate about things such as Hearts of Palm, politics, lukewarm food, the environment and has a desire to be chosen for jury duty. That first and last topics are ones I'm trying to wrap my arms around.

I'm not from NJ, but commuted to work on a daily basis (94 miles one way)so I never wanted to spend my free time there even with Yoga Girl living there. I have no idea about the beach situation in NJ, but after reading this, "L" would not be happy to live in the great State of CT because of similar issues with beach fees. My personal favorite part is the last paragraph......


NJ and 'dirty' in the same sentence? How ironic. Well, take it from someone raised in the Garden State, NJ happens to be one of the best kept secrets in the country. Unfortunately for us however, most folks who fly in to visit fly into Newark Airport and wind up taking the Turnpike somewhere else and honestly, it is probably one of the least picturesque parts of the state so really, who can blame them for thinking the whole state is an armpit. Of course those of us who live here know that is most certainly not the case but really, since we already have enough people, let them continue to think so - we don't want the word getting out! That aside, NJ certainly has what I like to refer to as either its "dirty little secret" or legal highway robbery. In 2006, much to the chagrin of most NJ residents, the sales tax in the great Garden State increased from 6% to 7%. While a 1% increase may not sound like very much, take it from a family friend who forgot about the tax increase and bought a new car the day after the increase and wound up paying almost $1k more for the same set of wheels, it is. Anyway .... with an average national sales tax of 5.64%, our new sales tax firmly places NJ on the very short list of states paying the highest sales tax in the country (only Mississippi , Rhode Island & Tennessee also have sales tax rates at 7% while Alaska , Delaware , Montana and Oregon have no state sales tax at all). So in addition to having the highest property taxes and the highest auto insurance rates in the country, New Jerseyians are now in the highest bracket of sales tax. How much luckier can we get?

Oddly enough, the sales tax rate increase motivated me to get back onto my soapbox about beach fees. As a little bit of background, back in 1929, Bradley Beach was the first Jersey Shore town to require beach goers to purchase badges to get onto the beach ostensibly as a reaction to the multitude of “city folk” who were utilizing the newly opened Holland Tunnel to take advantage of New Jersey ’s shoreline. (Jeopardy! alert) There are approximately 130 miles of NJ coastline between Sandy Hook and Cape May and 38 public beaches. Of that number, only 4 (Wildwood, Wildwood Crest, North Wildwood and Atlantic City ) do not require beach goers to purchase badges prior to venturing on the beach. Considering that New Jersey is not only the only state in the country but the only place in the world where folks are charged to enjoy public beaches which similar to public parks, should be free for anyone to enjoy, as a New Jerseyan, personally, I am outraged.

Beach towns rack up millions of dollars each summer charging folks for the ‘privilege’ of sitting on "their" sand. Excuse me? Last time I checked, the beach didn't actually belong to anyone. Geesh. These towns claim that they need to charge the fees to offset the cost of cleaning the beaches and supplying lifeguards to keep us all safe blah, blah, blah. Somehow all of the other states in the U.S. and countries in the world manage to provide these services without robbing blind the folks who simply want to enjoy the ocean. Perhaps it is because all of the additional revenue that shore towns collect through beach badges, subsidize much more than what is required to maintain the beaches (but that is for another day). We are already paying the highest property taxes in the nation so why, as New Jersey residents, do we have to suffer the insult of not having free access to our beaches? Has anyone been to the Riviera or the lush beaches of Hawaii or Bora Bora? Dare I say they are just a bit nicer than the good ol' Jersey Shore and somehow they manage to make their gorgeous sands available for free to anyone who wishes to enjoy them while the residents of NJ continue to get jacked.

Around this time every year, I get my soapbox megaphone out and start writing the governor and every NJ Congressional rep I can find. As evidenced by the fact that I'm still wearing a badge when I plant my rump in the sand, thus far, I haven't had much luck other than receiving a few lovely form letters back in the mail. Well we all know what a force of nature Little Ms. Blogger is so maybe this will be the one avenue that will actually get some results .... Beach goers of NJ, unite!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, March 18, 2009...

If it's Wednesday, it must be Rant and Rave day. Without further adieu, here my Rants and Raves for the past week:

Rant: Evil Janet, a.k.a, my friend the trainer, has been pushing me harder and harder. I swear she gave me a free boob lift the other day because I couldn't raise my arms and my chest was killing me.

Rave: I can still walk after training.

Rave: I can still walk after training. Oh wait, I already said that, but feel it important to repeat this fact.

Rant: Slow drivers that should just park their cars and walk to their destination. The other day, I was driving back from training and once I entered the center of town, I got behind an out-of-state driver. The town I was driving in has a reputation for being cute. People pack the Main Street on sunny weekends and just browse the shops. I believe this woman thought she was on a tour bus and could drive 10 to 15 miles under the speed limit. She sped up when the lights were turning yellow to leave me stuck at the red ones. I eventually caught up (turtles could have passed her) and if you drive a standard and are traveling uphill, you'd know why I was slightly annoyed.

Rave: I joined my local park's Plant Sale committee to raise funds which have been cut by city's budget for park's maintenance.

Rant: Why individuals feel the need to chat with me when the co-chairperson was trying to talk about committees. Did I really need to hear how one fungus killed this guy's 60 cactus plants; or other random stuff not having to do with the purpose of the meeting.

Rave: I should be happy that people find me approachable and can talk to me about anything. It is a bit funny since I'm sometimes a little shy when I first meet people.

Rave: Went out Saturday to support my friend's son who shaved his head to raise money for cancer. I think it is great that no matter how young you are (he was 11) you can give of yourself to help others. What impressed me most is that he asked his mom if he could do this. It meant a lot to him because his friend in school is battling cancer.

Rant: Food Hangovers. They really suck.

It's been a good week. Please feel free to post your Rants and Raves in the comments' section. I'd love to hear how other people's week went.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Honored...Me...A Sexy Blogger....

cJs from Sharing is I'm Sharing gave me this award on her blog. And the rule is, list 6 sexy things about yourself and pass it on to 6 'sexy' bloggers, but I'm adding a twist...My last three items are what I find sexy in others.....

1. Thick, long hair which many people would love....

2. Green eyes....

3. I've been told I'm a great kisser

4. Quick and intelligent wit...... love, love, love

5. I find being confident in one's self very sexy......

6. I love a great smile.....

Here are my 6 bloggers....

Muffy, Amy, Silly Stud, LiLu, kk, angelsroy33

CloFu??? Really?

Monday, March 16, 2009....

I've heard Kathy Griffin say "any publicity is good publicity" okay, I may be paraphrasing, but I think PETA has gone a tad too far with this concept.

Several months ago, I commented that PETA approached Ben & Jerry's to use breast milk in its formula. Luckily for me, and other Ben & Jerry lovers, they said no.

Friday, I received an email from a friend who keeps me informed of obscure or important celebrity news about PETA and CloFu.

For people that may have missed this tidbit of news, let me breakdown the creation of CloFu.

- George Clooney at a gym
- He sweats
- He sweats enough to wipe face on towel
- Towel absorbs all his sweat
- Some genius at club decided to squeeze sweat into vial (at this point in story I'm grossed out - sorry George, I think you're a talented and handsome actor -- I can even claim fame to watching you on the first E.R. show with Elliot Gould, but wanting a vial of your sweat is not on my list of things I must have, do or visit prior to dying)
- Wait...story gets better
- Individual with vial, had a light bulb go off in head and brought it to PETA because they knew they would do something special with it.
- PETA did.
- PETA created the concept of CloFu (Tofu flavored by George Clooney's sweat)
- Everyone repeat after me - EEEEWWWWWWW...............

After reading this email, I had to discuss with hubby and friend. After several drinks, I came up with the classic idea of showing your love to someone. Instead of George's sweat, a guy can impress a woman he's just started dating by cooking dinner for her. What woman doesn't love this idea?

Well, here's one way. The guy can tell his date that he wanted to give her a piece of him (get your mind out of the gutter).... he does this by placing two slabs of tofu under his armpits for the entire day. If he truly cares, he'd go workout and really work up a sweat and even wipe his face with the tofu. Viola...Love Sweat Marinated Tofu.....

Seriously, what was PETA thinking? I really liked George Clooney prior to this, but my admiration has grown ten-fold because he responded to PETA with the following statement: "As a mammal, I'm offended."

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Food Hangovers.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009.....

I don't care what anyone says, but food hangovers are HORRIBLE. You know when you drink too much you're in for a possible evening of praying to the porcelain god and scrambling for Alka Seltzer.

A food hangover is different because you forget the food that sparks it. It is one of those things that you file away in your memory bank thinking you'll remember never to eat the food again. The only problem is that as you get older, the memory bank is pretty damn full and new info is sometimes not accepted, or a new tidbit of stupid facts replaces the important items (name, phone number, etc.).

For me, it was pork ribs slow cooked in the oven. Too much fat for me to digest and I was searching for Alka Seltzer 2:30 a.m....Ugh....

The only plus of a "food hangover" versus "alcohol hangover" is that I don't have to stop and think if I did anything I'd be mortified for.

To avoid a future incident, I am not going to rely on my memory (too many fun items I want to store). I am going to rely a bright orange post-it note and the wall in front of my laptop.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, March 11, 2009.....

If it's Wednesday, it must be Rant and Rave day. Without further adieu, here my Rants and Raves for the past week:

Rave - I met up with my ex-personal trainer for lunch last week. Over the years she has pushed me to reach physical goals that were important to me. Initially, we had a business relationship, but over the years, we've become more. I was so excited to catch up, see her new place (she recently went out on own) and talk about her business.

One of the things I love about Janet (aka Evil Janet because she's good at what she does) is that her positive energy is infectious. She believes in you causing you to challenge yourself and discover new limits.

She knows my situation and made the VERY generous offer to train me free. I accepted.

Rant - Love the training, but am rediscovering forgotten muscles. :-)

Rave - Hubby and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary of our first date by repeating the date. I know it sounds kitschy now that we're married, but it's nice to know that romance isn't only for the young.

Rave - Spring is coming! Woo Hoo!

It's been a good week. Please feel free to post your Rants and Raves in the comments' section. I'd love to hear how other people's week went.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Body Bugg....

Tuesday, March 10, 2009.....

Yesterday I was asked "would you wear a body bugg if I gave you one to wear?" My response: "Ummmm...what the hell is a body bugg? Sounds like a giant cockroach".

Turns out, it isn't. It is a gadget you wear on your arm and it tracks your calories burned and steps taken.

I couldn't talk more, but went home and scoped out The product is really cool, but I was a little misled. I thought it tracked both calories out and calories in. I was impressed that this device could tell the difference in calories between a skim latte and a mocha latte from Starbucks. Although cool in concept, the more I thought about it, the creepier the device got.

Sure, it would be the ultimate lazy dieter's tool, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be like a house arrest monitoring device.

Would a large alarm sound because I chose to stuff my face with "bad" food while watching a marathon of The Biggest Loser? This started to make me nervous.

Today, I saw Evil Janet (pet name for ex-personal trainer that always whipped my butt and enjoyed if I would be in pain the next day) and found out that the Body Bugg is not-so big-brother like. You input personal data and it calculates your target calories burned and calories intake targets.

I haven't started using the device yet, but when I do, I let you know my thoughts. I think it will be very cool to try.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Must be Here if the Neighbor's Cat is Using my Garden Bed as its Litter Box...

Monday, March 9, 2009.....

Most people think Spring is around the corner if the Groundhog does not see its shadow on February 2nd, or when you enjoy a weekend of 70 degree weather. I would agree that these events could lead many to thinking Spring is right around the corner. For me, it doesn't.

Spring comes when the neighbor's cat decides it is time to start using the front flower bed as its litter box again.

Why can't it go where it went all winter? Why am I the lucky one to be over powered with the smell of cat pee when I leave my house?

The best part, if there is one, I've caught the cat doing its business and it has acted like I just walked in on him during his most private moment.

Scaring the cat away does nothing and I'm trying to figure out what will work. Who wants a flower bed with some supposedly fragrant flowers now smelling like cat pee flowers?

Any suggestions how to stop my garden from becoming the neighborhood litter box?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Telemarketers for Charities....

Thursday, March 5, 2009.....

I'm not sure why I still answer the phone when I don't recognize the number, but I do. In many cases, there is a pause and I know to hang up before the recorded message. However, it is the telemarketers for charities that kill me.

Many represent local charities, but caller ID tells me they are in another state or even a different country (getting some from Canada now). However, my favorite calls are from people that can not pronounce the name of the cause they are calling for.

I know most of these calls are useless. The majority of the money raised goes towards costs not associated with the research. Call me mean, but when I could give, I constantly said no to these callers.

Here's what I've given to - true local charities or people giving their time and energy to raise money for a cause. These individuals walk, run, bike or kayak to raise money for the good of others.

Over the years, I've raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society by walking a marathon in Ireland. I had just separated from a 15 year relationship and figured I'd put my time to good use instead of wallowing 24/7.

Another year, I kayaked across LI Sound to raise monies for local charities. This is in addition to the small walks I've done over the years and boards I sat on planning fundraising events.

My involvement in raising money for charities spurred one sister and some friends to raise money by the same means or give their time to make these events run smoothly.

My other sister in Maryland runs, bikes and swims for various charities. I'm so proud she ran her first 1/2 marathon at age 58, her first triathlon the year she was turning 60 and heads up a breast cancer event where she lives.

If I could, I would give to anyone that put the effort in to raise the money by giving their time. I will not give to the person that can't even pronounce the charity's name --- it's just wrong.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rant and Rave Wednesday

Wednesday, March 4, 2009.....

For people new to this blog, Wednesdays are Rant and Rave day and I encourage anyone to leave their personal Rant or Rave in the comments section.

For return readers, here are my following Rants and Raves without further adieu:

Rave - Beautiful snowfall and the snow mysteriously disappeared from my driveway. Okay, not mysteriously (thanks to hubby), but I'd like to think there is such a thing as a snow shoveling angel.

Rave - Won $15 in lottery. I rarely play and it was nice to have some good fortune bestowed upon me.

Rave - Loving the wood burning stove we installed this past October. I haven't had one oil bill this season and haven't paid for wood.

Rave - It's March and closer to Spring. This means I will be taking my first shot at an herb garden and planting Brussel sprouts.

Rave - Jonas Brother movie release - JUST JOKING. Wanted to see if anyone actually reads my words. They are probably very talented, but I'm past their prime target audience age.

I only have one Rant for this past week. It is the feeling of being totally and utterly helpless and hopeless.

I felt paralyzed and incredibly sad for most of last week. The guilt of being unemployed paralyzes me, but this is the first time where I actually felt helpless and hopeless because the economy is out of my control.

Feeling helpless and hopeless is something I've only felt one time before when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was devastated to learn that the cancer would leave me childless and incredibly helpless when I returned to the hospital 2 weeks later for emergency surgery to remove a life threatening infection. I was so sick I didn't really understand the seriousness until I was in the operating room. My oncologist came in to hold my hand prior to the surgery and said, I'm scared for you.

When I awoke, I learned from the various surgeons (I had two different teams) they removed the infection which they all thought was flesh eating. Luckily, it wasn't, but I was left with this disgusting open wound.

Needless to say, recovery was harder than I thought. I'd begin to feel great and then wake up one day and feel as miserable as the first day after surgery. I was feeling hopeless and helpless that I'd never feel 100%.

It took longer than I thought to recover, but I did. I realize that sometimes things happen in your life that leave me feeling lost, hurt, confused. When it happens all at once, well, the result is how I felt last week.

I embraced the feeling and had my own pity-party for a day or two and moved on. My Rave is that I have great people in my life that let me cry when I need to and don't stop me. I just hope I do the same for them.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Tuesday, March 3, 2009....

Before I start this entry, I want to acknowledge it is "Square Root Day" (I saw this fact on Yahoo, it would not have come to me naturally).

As I a child, mom kept the 1945 edition of Emily Post in the house. I recently swiped it from the family room because it really is a fun read. We relied on it for all our etiquette needs -- which only tied to the setting of the dining room table and how one passes the salt. Passing the salt is still a topic of discussion around the holiday table. According to one sister, when asked for the salt, you are to pass both the salt and pepper. Others in my family don't agree and I preempted many discussions by purchasing individual salt-n-pepper shakers so no one needs to ask.

Today, I decided to pull out Emily because I had to see what the rules were for breaking off an engagement on national television. Sadly, nothing on the subject could be found. I bet Emily did not write about this subject for 2 reasons: 1) no one would be crazy enough to do that to someone else on national t.v.; and 2) I have the 1947 edition. An issue unheard of.

I watched this season as I mentioned in a previous blog. I thought he was upfront and appreciated the fact that he sent home an extra girl one week when he had no feelings for her.

However, last night's After the Rose special was just WRONG. I know that he and Melissa broke up prior by phone, but really, break up in person backstage and be interviewed individually on stage. Another alternative would have been to announce that the relationship ended and then bring Melissa on stage if she wanted to ask The Bachelor any questions.

The excuse on the Jimmy Kimmel show used by The Bachelor is he agreed to broadcast both the good and bad of the relationship on t.v. and I think that is wrong.

Relationships end in the "real world" as was continuously said by the bachelor, and I agree, but he should have been brave and real and handled it better.

It was his choice, but I sense that Emily would have frowned on how he handled it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

If God put it there, he can take it away.....

Monday, March 2, 2009.....

I have this theory of snow....and....shoveling. It's been a joke for years with my sister about shoveling my driveway. She would call and mention that she had to dig out her car and I would just respond with "If God put it there, he can take it away."

This has been my canned response for years and when my sister would comment that it might be cold for awhile, I'd always respond "it's going to be sunny in August".

Most people don't have the luxury of making this statement and sticking to it, but I do. Never mind I'm unemployed. Prior to unemployment, I worked from the house and lived alone. I was smart enough to buy enough food and contrary to belief, you can survive without milk, bread and eggs (note - was always told this is a must get at the grocery store prior to any storm - personally, I thought munchies, soup and anything else is a better choice).

Somehow, this practice has always worked for me (probably because I live in CT and not where there is endless snow storm after another and my driveway is short). I've never starved and managed to leave my house proving that God would eventually take the snow away.

Eventually, I met my husband. Sweet guy and loves to make sure that I have everything I need. The first year we started dating, he put up air conditioners for me that I refused to take out of windows that winter (after endless questions of why not take them out from people, my sister understood I didn't take them out of the window because I didn't know if we'd be together the following Spring...I digressed enough)....

The first summer, hubby shows up with an extra snow blower for my house. He's excited and wants me to start it. It's July. 108 degrees. Need I say more.

Never mind the heat, it's a SNOW BLOWER! I hadn't shared my theory with him and knew that I couldn't at that moment. I started it and thanked him for the generous gift. I knew there was room in my garage so I didn't have to worry about disrupting my natural balance of how I handle snow.

Although I still stand behind my theory, I live with Mr. Weather Channel who is prepared the moment it is announced snow will be falling and miraculously the snow disappears. Hmmm....that could be because of him, a shovel and a snowblower. Either way, snow is gone.