Friday, August 15, 2008

Can't Decide on Title of Entry....

Friday, August 15, 2008......

Last night, X38 and I (X38 is a friend) go to meet up with X34 (another friend) to celebrate X34's birthday. As X38 and I were returning to her car, we got on the subject of her dating life. Both of us had been married, both divorced and both tried online dating. Online dating can be annoying. It gives some people the right to create a false identity or feel entitled to throw all manners out the window. I should mention it can also work. I know many people who met online and married (I met my fiance online, so I know it can work).

While at the bar, one of X34's friends tried talking up his friend to X38. X38 and I met this friend last Christmas at a party and he was nondescript. In fact, I knew he was single and tried to include him in my conversation with X38 because they were both single. I didn't know him, but figured if he was a friend of X34's he's probably okay. All my attempts failed. I asked questions that only he could answer and nothing. His responses were pretty much one word answers. After several attempts he moved on. X38 and I looked at each other, figuring he had no interest in X38. Apparently, this was not the case.

We later learned that he really liked her, but the JERK told my friend X34, and others, that I was a "cock block" and he couldn't talk to her. What an ASS!

When his name was mentioned as a potential candidate for X38 last night,she said thanks, but no thanks. She explained that she had met him last Christmas and went into the whole story adding the fact she had heard he was always negative (seriously, who wants to date Eoyore?). Little did my friend X38 know that "Eoyore" was a good friend of his. However, I'm glad she told him what he did. Maybe, he'll now grow a set of balls and learn how to talk to women he is interested in. This, of course, led to the real discussion between X38 and me..."Where are the men with balls?"

My fiance has them. He's confident. I had no doubt that he was interested, however, many men are afraid to let women know their feelings.

X38 wanted to rewrite her profile to ask that only men with BALLS contact her. After a good laugh, we decided that may not be a good idea. It might just enlarge the pool of weirdos....


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