Saturday, August 16, 2008

Recap...My Week with Clyde

Saturday, August 16, 2008.....

The week of dogsitting is over. I'm a bit saddened by it. Clyde, although a prince, was an incredibly sweet dog. During his stint at doggie day camp, a.k.a my house, this is what I learned:

- Dogs can be high maintenance even when they look low maintenance (Clyde had a very sweet face) --- wet lawns = "you're crazy if you think I'm getting my delicate paws wet"

- I didn't know I was so fascinating. I have to let my fiance in on this secret...although, I don't want him to follow me from room to room. Even by week's end, Clyde still felt the need to try to follow me into my bathroom {note: this did not happen, privacy and the fact I have a 4x5 bathroom would be the reasons}

- Dog parks are great; small dogs have napolean complexes just like some little men do. I live near a great dog park and we met some great dogs (black lab, rotties, labadoodle), but it was the short little sausage dog that gave us attitude and snapped at Clyde's nose. They always say pets look like their owners, and, in this case, it was true.

- Clyde is smarter than I thought. When I went to pick up my wedding invites yesterday, I left him at home. I closed the bedroom, office and bathroom doors. When I got home, no Clyde to be found. My first thought, OMG, I lost this dog. I was dog sitting for a friend who was the main dog sitter (best example of outsourcing I've seen to date). However, she left Clyde alone for a couple of hours and Clyde voiced his discomfort at being alone. The neighbors left her a note and came over to talk to her about his barking. I really thought Clyde would be barking when I got home because of this story, but nothing. My thoughts began to trail did he get out and where did he go? Turns out that Clyde was in the bathroom. He remembered that I would close the door on him for privacy and probably figured I was behind the closed door. He headbutted his way in and because I have a very small bathroom (thank you 1949 CT Cape Cod houses) he probably closed the door by trying to move around in the room.

Clyde is very lovable and it reinforces how much I miss having a pet.



Muffy Willowbrook said...

Clyde is a crafty little doggy.

So - a new pet in your future?

Little Ms Blogger said...

Muffy,that is the game plan. My fiance and I love dogs and are planning to get a beagle and I'll probably throw an older dog from the pound into the mix (he doesn't know quite yet about dog #2)....It won't be for a couple of years when we get our own place.