Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekend with Friends.....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008.....

This past weekend was a definite blast. I don't think 8 people laughed as hard as we did for as long as we did. I'm proud of the moment on Saturday when my friend's neighbor came to tell her that she was going to being heading out for the evening to babysit her grandchild.

In addition to the non-stop laughter, here are the top 14 things I learned this weekend:

1) I learned a new language...okay, okay, some new words. Apparently, these words are real, but I have my doubts. One of my girlfriends used to add in some of HER words into the mix of Italian ones when we were kids. I hadn't a clue. I believed her until she fessed up one day. I'd share some of the words with you, but have forgotten them already.

2) Labelling is a bad thing. In high school, we had class groups divided out by "intelligence" (I use loosely because I was in one of those "0" level classes and somedays wonder if I have a clue). However, one of our friends wasn't in the "O" group and I don't know or care what group she was in. However, it seems as though this may have, and possibly still, bothers her. We never thought of her differently. My friend was a jock and HATED school. It wasn't her thing, but we never considered her dumb. I just knew that math wasn't her thing. Today as we look back, what the hell do you really use from high school? Seriously, useful classes could be, how to pick the right fund for your 401k or how to deal with obnoxious neighbors. Algebra, AP Chemistry have never helped me in life. However, once my friend mentioned that she hated labelling, we would call her out every time she labelled someone.

3) I learned that you don't tell your friends that you were upset when you asked your other friends to describe you in one word. Almost everyone used the word "fun" to describe her. She told us sent out an email to all her friends asking them to send back the one word that describes her. Her fatal mistake was sharing this story with us after several Hop, Skip and Go Naked drinks (yumbo drinks) and the fact that none of us received this email. We accused her of labelling us her B-List friends. We received her email Monday morning, we shared our one word with the entire group, not just her. Unlike her "A-List" friends, we didn't choose "fun", obviously can't follow rules as B-Listers, but the suggestions among the group made me laugh.

4) Skinny Cow is a yummy treat, but offensive name. My friend is going to take up a cause and convince the company to change the name. Not sure if she'll get results, but am looking forward to it.

5) Tiaras are really to only be worn for the following reasons - 1) if you're under the age of 10; 2) a queen; or 3) a drag queen. I know some women wear them when getting married, so I may include that, but not really. Don't know, never found out why, but one of our friends was carrying a tiara with her in her purse...and wore it....

6) There are over 547 reasons not to own a dog according to one of my friends (I should mention that she has 2 kids, a gecko that requires live crickets and a guinea pig). Personally, I think the only reason for her would be that it'd push her over the edge.

7) Saving $56/month for turning off central air turns out to be something like $1.15/day --- for a $1.15, it is worth it to be in comfort. I will never have to perform that crazy experiment thanks to my friend.

8) Reason some of my friends cut class for....OMG....square dancing....dorks. I did not know this fact and told them to keep it to themselves and NEVER share this fact with their kids. Parents have a hard enough time convincing their kids they are not the biggest dorks on the planet, however, armed with this fact, they'll make their case.

9) I finally learned why TMobile sucks on the car ride home. However, whenever their name was mentioned throughout the weekend, I just saw a lot of hand moments and unknown words were used.

10) Never violate some people's personal space. It could be dangerous.

11) I thought my quirk of feeling the need to fill ice cubes trays at any person's house I go to is odd, but changing toilet paper EVERYWHERE (includes rest stops and restaurants in additional to personal homes) trumps my quirk any day.

12) Homemade tiaras = corpse bride tiara which I proudly wore during dinner.

13) Field Show Performers is the code word for "band". I figured 25 years after high school I didn't have to be tortured with one more band story (wasn't in the band). I told them, shots were in order if it came up and one clever friend changed the word 'band' to 'field show performers'. Since this was a mouthful to say, the topic wasn't talked about as much.

All in all, I learned that even though we don't see each other as much as we'd like to, it is great when we do. Sure we talk about the past, but we do talk about the present and also talk alot about nothing.

I see future getaways in our future and look forward to them.

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Fun Dana said...

What a great weekend. Glad to provide all those consumer tips to you. I remember when you found out all those Italian words were made up. But you did spend a traditional Christmas Eve with us, so you know how animated each story is told.
And don't some labels give you a visual image in a story? Just saying......