Thursday, November 20, 2008

Comments I Don't Need to Hear Checking Out.....

Thursday, November 20,2008.....

The other day, hubby and I went to Linen's & Things because they are going out of business and I needed a household item. Linens & Things is this store, not sure if outside CT, but they sell towels, linens, kitchen gadgets, etc.... Of course, we went in for one item, purchased several others and forgot to pick up the item that brought us in there (yeah, yeah, we went back the next day).

We were checking out and the cashier comments on my item, the Xtreme Scumbuster. I was very excited about my purchase, but the cashier basically mocked my purchase. She went on and on how they have a gadget for everything and remembers when cleaning gadgets first came out. I was polite and didn't say anything. I thought if I turned my head and looked at the items right in front of the register she'd get the hint and would stop. I was wrong. She still had a captive audience. My hubby.

She explained how her mom used to buy a different gadget every week and eventually they ended up in the closet. Okay, so your mom had a gadget issue. She went one step further when placing my Scum Buster in the bag, she said that within one month my B&D Xtreme Scum Buster would be found in my closet never to be used again.

Hello? Did I ask for this woman's opinion? I think not.

I've never encountered such personalized help and hope I never do again. Personally, I am still very excited about my Xtreme Scum Buster and am glad she's not their spokesperson.


Andy said...

They have Linens and Things in PA, too... I wish I had an Xtreme Scumbuster!

LiLu said...

I was in line at Bed Bath and Beyond, and there was this sweet old lady behind me. Hanging on the wall was these special bags for keeping lettuce really super fresh! The lady behind me went on and on about how amazing they were, while B and I just kind of nodded... when we got to the counter and hadn't picked any up, she was all, "You're not buying any?? Really??" Listen, Myrtle, that's like $15 of beer money, and it ain't happening.

We need to institute some Shopping Etiquette Rules!