Monday, November 17, 2008

Holiday Drama....

Monday, November 17, 2008.....

It's not even Thanksgiving and the drama has started. Actually, it started a few months ago, but my sister has now included the whole family into it.

Several months ago, my sister decided she didn't want to host Christmas. She's done it for years and it has been a tradition since she was married and her ex did the cooking. I host Thanksgiving, love to cook and entertain, offered to host, but never has she taken up the offer.

This year, I think she decided to be true to herself and admit that she doesn't want to host and made that declaration in an email several months earlier. Actually, her email stated that we go to brunch and buy my father's meal and then return to her home for dessert and presents.

Personally, I like traditions and wanted to celebrate in my home. So, I sent the email stating I was going to host a brunch in September. This is when the drama, or dictating, started. My sister and I had not spoken for several months (a whole different story) and go to dinner to bury the hatchet. During the course of the night, it was brought up how I needed to assign people items to do or bring to the brunch. I believe I responded that I really didn't and her response was stronger and bolder that I needed to.

My other sister emailed and asked what to bring and I said dessert. I don't make desserts and entrust others with making something I couldn't be bothered doing. The rest of the meal is going to be a breeze. I have all this great pottery, Christmas plates (another story) and Christmas linens. I'm good to go. I'm excited about hosting and never really stress (unless 5 people try to come in my kitchen --- it's too dang small).

The other day, I called my sister and she mentioned how I missed a couple on the evite, but I really hadn't as I asked people to forward to others who I may missed. It was at this point that she brought up dessert at her house again. Personally, I just don't have it in me to deal whatever reason she needs to have dessert at her house, but think it STUPID. Seriously, you want to pack up 12 people to travel from one house to drive 2 miles to have more food there. The same people will be there. It isn't a new crowd.

I'm baffled as to why? I really don't know why. She has now sent an email to my sisters and her friend to get their buy-in. Luckily, my sisters can't follow the logic either.

Why, if you give up the holiday, can't you let the other sibling just host? Why would a person feel the need to orchestrate an event they wanted nothing to do with?



LiLu said...

That does seem crazy... 12 people is a LOT to house-hop, and do you really want to do extra driving on a holiday? Maybe you can concoct something that will make her feel as though she's "more in control" of the dessert portion of the evening, and then perhaps she'll let it go?

Caffeine Court said...

Damn. Some people just love to make things complicated.

Good luck!