Monday, November 24, 2008

Friday Night Jazz

Tuesday, November 25, 2008....

Friday night, I invited two friends over for dinner and then headed to a quaint inn to listen to a jazz quartet. Our friend's quartet was going to play and I was excited to hear the music.

Most jazz performances I've seen promote the piano, but my friend is a drummer so I was curious to his selections. In addition to the drums, he had a vibraphone, guitar and bass player (is jazz really jazz without the bass?).... In addition to some amazing music, it also proved to be a good night for conversation and people watching.....

Best Line of the Night goes to my girlfriend who rejoined the dating scene last year after a long marriage. For many that have rejoined the single world, it is much different than when we were in our early twenties.

Dating in your late thirties requires a passport because most everyone has a tremendous amount of baggage. I have to admit, I was fortunate with my hubby, but did meet and date a few zingers.

In addition, you can now date a person you met online. For some reason, many people believe that one is allowed to check their manners the moment they start checking their account.

I digress, but background info is sometimes necessary. My friend has met a lot of men online and offline, dated some, but no spark. She'll date for a bit, take herself off the market for a few months and then try again. Currently, she's not dating. However, I wasn't sure and asked "So, are you dating anyone?" -- her response "I'd rather go to the gym than date". I laughed and said "are you at the point that you'd rather watch water boil than date" -- her response was yes.

Best People Watching of the Evening.....Same gf notices this woman watching the band wearing the queerest smile on her face. She leans over and whispers, she's either in love with one of the band members or is on some really great drug.

From that point on, I could not help but glance over at her every now and again. Each time, the grin was there. After we got past the grin,we noticed her dinner mate was considerably older and then began to speculate if date, work partner and how well hung he might be.

I know real mature, but haven't you ever gone to a restaurant or bar, seen an interesting couple and write their screenplay in your head?

The couple left and although we tried convincing our other friend to go ask them our questions (our bribe was an expired Victoria Secret card, a Home Depot gift card with $2.92 balance and an Italian deli club card)she wouldn't. Dang my friend for having social manners.

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LiLu said...

Oh, people watching is my FAVORITE. Life music venues always prove to be excellent for this!