Monday, April 5, 2010

Egg Hunt or Blood Sporting Event.....

Monday, April 5, 2010....

Hmmm....the jury is still out on this verdict.

As I mentioned in my Thursday post, my family still holds Easter egg hunts even though there are no children involved in this ritual. Why do we still hold one? Because we can.

No. That's not the reason. We continue to hold them because we're a competitive family and seize the opportunity when we can. However, because you get bragging rights for an entire year we don't want other family members to know that we just might not make the grade when it comes to game day.

Sure we talk smack, but believe that we're supposed to. However, what happens if you know deep down you're going to lose, well, you make excuses.....

Conversation with YogaGirl on Friday:

YG: Hmmm...not sure about Sunday.

Me: What do you mean?

YG: Well, I've been having bad hair days and it may get in the way of me winning?

[note: I don't see the connection and if someone does, please post the logic behind this statement in the comments section because I'm dying to decipher the logic.]

Our conversation continued with excuse after excuse from hometown advantage to not having the right shoes.

In the end, YogaGirl was in-it to win-it (I think she was trying to psych me out). However, because she was part of a team, I felt it necessary to inform her teammate of her insecurities and I understand a pep talk took place where YG was told to go to bed early and train the day before for the sacred event.

Game day.... Our 88 year old father hides the eggs (which includes digging holes and putting chocolate eggs in a hole -- I wonder if he thought the eggs were bulbs since he did this several places with the eggs). Lots of shoving went on -- hubby shoved older sister and possibly Yoga Girl, I shoved older sister, Yoga Girl shoved me and in the end I WAS ON THE WINNING TEAM.

Sure, hubby got most of the eggs, but as this was a team challenge, I get bragging rights for an entire year.

I posted the win on Facebook and Twitter and plan to make it an everyday tag line on my blog.

Hubby and I rule and my 2 sisters can SUCK IT!

......Did I not mention my family is competitive?.......


Brian Miller said...

haha. youtube video! youtube video!

Melanie's Randomness said...

LOL!! This is awesome! I wish my family had traditions like this! Good for you winning!!

Heckety said...

Well you know, there's competitive and then there's COMPETITIVE... I see the relevance of the title now...d'you know that the British House of Commons is planning a campaign to rule out Easter Egg Hunts on the grounds of cruelty to eggs??? I'll sent the lobbyist your blog address and then they can look into it in the House of Representatives your side of the pond. OK?
I think you have a SERIOUS PROBLEM...

blueviolet said...

You guys are ruthless and fierce!

Salt said...

YAY! You did it!! Congrats on the win and make sure you milk it for all it's worth.

I competed against 2 11 year olds and an 8 year old yesterday. I totally let them win.

Sara said...

Bahahahahaha!! I love that you still have an Easter egg hunt! So funny. My family is really competitive too. We have a family bowling tournament! It gets pretty intense too!

TechnoBabe said...

Good healthy competition huh. Your dad sounds pretty cool.

Sadako said...

Very cool tradition! :D

Ink Obsession Designs said...

Oh my gosh! This just sounds so fun! I could totally see my family doing this! :)

maria.palermo said...

LMB, it seems like Yoga Girl was looking to back out of the competition and couldn't come up with anything better than the lame ol' bad hair excuse. Congrats on winning but I love YG and older sister, so don't gloat too much okay.

Adrienne said...

glad you ruled the day

Deborah said...

That is so funny! I didn't have an Easter Egg hunt this year and the kids went crazy so it's back on next year!!!
Have fun!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Brian – That’s all I need a taped video of my family at it’s best!

Melanie – It was fun and maybe one day, you’ll have one.

Heckety – OMG You got me! What a great late delayed April Fools’ joke.

BV - We’re definitely not a timid bunch.

Salt – I plan on milking it. Now, if I were involved in the egg hunt you were in, I would happily let the kids win!

Sara – Oh that would be soooo fun. My husband has never bowled so there could be a chance I could beat him.

TechnoBabe – My dad is a pretty cool guy

Sadako – Thanks.

Ink Obsession – It really was fun – although there are still about 50 chocolate eggs in my backyard.

Maria – ah Maria, you don’t know our family well enough. We love competition and gloating is the best part. Trust me, if YG or my other sister won, I would hear it about it at every opportunity.

Adrienne – I am too!

Deborah – I think it is hysterical your kids were upset that you didn’t have one – they’re a smart bunch!

Sunshine Mama said...

The 88-year-old dad hides the eggs?!

Oh, my....I think this tradition has plenty of life left in it judging by the partriarch who encourages it.

Yes, I agree. I'd like to see the video too. and maybe even a picture of the loot.

Glad you had a nice easter!

Sunshine Mama said...

The 88-year-old dad hides the eggs?!

Oh, my....I think this tradition has plenty of life left in it judging by the partriarch who encourages it.

Yes, I agree. I'd like to see the video too. and maybe even a picture of the loot.

Glad you had a nice easter!

otin said...

Holy crap, you guys are really into it!

Megan said...

wow....that's awesome! i love good healthy competition (if i think i can win)! i'm going to start coming to your place for easter!

DB said...

Hello, it's a blood sport. I love that I got to shove LMB over a pile of eggs but darn it I just couldn't get into the stash to get any. I still haven't really checked my bag o'eggs to see whether or not there is too much dirt on them to actually eat them.

I maintain that because this egg hunt was held at LMB and Mr. LMB's house, there was an unfair advantage and therefore there was no way I was going to be able to win. I'm still not convinced there wasn't cheating involved.

BTW, is the Heckety post true about the Brits? What a bunch of pussies! I mean, hello, the eggs aren't alive. Besides, have the Brits heard of foil covered chocolate eggs??????

Just remember LMB - Gloating Causes Wrinkles!

Unknown Mami said...

Congrats on your sweet victory!

Charlie's said...

You MUST join the Easter Egg Hunt event at the Olympics... You MUST!

Dan said...

I'll second the call for video reportage.

Families are always competitive - the battles were epic when both sides of my family gathered. Literally hundreds of people competing at everything from softball to football to cards. I miss those days.

Scarlett said...

I would totally hunt for eggs without children. Maybe especially if children weren't involved.

Sounds like fun.

TudorCity Girl said...

That is such a cool family tradition!
Your dad sounds so cool and adorable.
Glad you all have fun. Congrats!!

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I think YG was saying that she was having bad hair days and that her bad hair might distract you? IDK!

I think you and your hubby totally rock the Easter egg hunt! Whooo hoooo!

I'm so happy for you and I'm proud to know you!


Captain Dumbass said...

That is awesome. Bad hair was a seriously lame excuse.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Sunshine Mama – Yup. My 88 year old father hides them and really gets into it. He buried some under dirt this year and I still have 40 eggs in my backyard. Good thing they’re chocolate so the backyard won’t smell like rotting eggs.

Otin – Is there a problem with this?

Megan – LOL. Luckily there is no skill involved in this so anyone can win.

DB – You lost so all I see in this comment is blah, blah, blah, blah….

Unknown Mami – Thanks!

Charlie – I think it should be an Olympic game

Dan – NO WAY…What if I want to run for public office and my opponent got their hands on that footage? I’d be doomed.

Scarlett – Well, it’s actually fun with just adults – no rules, no regulations (except once it is in the bag, you can’t grab it).

TudorCity Girl – It is a fun one.

Green-Eyed Momster – I think you’re right. LOL. I’m laughing at your comment that you’re proud to know me because I’m a ruthless egg hunter.

Captain Dumbass – Isn’t it?