Friday, June 6, 2008

Adult Conversations

Friday, June 6, 2008......

The older I get, the more I realize that 90% (okay, 99.9%) of my conversations are really trivial.....and I have to say, I'm okay with that. However, I thought when I graduated college that as an adult I would talk about world events, politics and anything that required the use of "cool" vocabulary words. Although my friends are very intelligent (not just considered by my standards) our conversations are never that. Here's a recap of some of this morning's conversations:

1. Obama and wife's knuckle tapping --- friend and I were appalled that this made major news headlines. Personally, after seeing a headline on one of the internet sites, I refused to read the article. I was scared that this was either a really slow news day or that the media would spin this into a wife beating article. (I am admitting this to be the most intellectual conversation of my morning).

2. Fear of Basements. Unfortunately, the weather in the NE is calling for rain this weekend and that means I can't start painting garage (see powerwashing entry), but can finish cleaning out my basement. As I kid, I grew up too close to the water and couldn't have a basement (thank heavens for small blessings). I make this comment because my friend down the street (with the house on the hill) had the creepiest basement. OMG, it definitely could have been the set for many horror movies. I remember the handful of times we went down to the basement, I couldn't wait to get back upstairs. As an adult, it was my husband's wish when we got a house that it had to have a basement. Now, I have a house with a laundry room in the basement, little lighting and a crawl space that is off of the basement and a place I'd only go in to if hiding from serial killers that were in my house. My fiance (in the divorce from ex, I purchased the house with the basement) wants to finish cleaning the basement and put some sort of t.v. down there. I told him that there aren't enough outlets instead of admitting that I believe that the boogie man lives down there (heck, it's bad enough that I've already represented self as girly-girl -again, reference power washing entry).

3. Robert DeNiro is filming in the building my sister works in (I'm only posting this for other sister who is queen of all celebrity news and I know she doesn't know this - have to one up her on useless knowledge).

4. Mr. Potato Head Lyrics. This is what I have considered to best conversation of the day. When talking with sister this morning on her way to work (still unemployed as of date of this posting), I started to sing the Mr. Potato Head song (it was early and I had no caffeine) and couldn't remember all the words. Unfortunately, the search for it on the net has proved futile as there are only the lyrics from a group called the Game (I don't think the word 'niggas' was used in a 70s commercial for kids). She didn't remember the song and neither did my older sister. Now, this will bother me all day (another reason I need a job).

I would like to believe that once employed again, I will have more meaningful conversations with friends and family, but nah......what's the point.


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