Monday, June 9, 2008


Monday, June 9, 2008.....

Cranky, cranky, cranky..... I know that this term is usually used describing small children when not behaving or in a bad mood. However, it is also a term I use to describe myself when I want to snap at people or any situation and have no reason to. I usually know I'm cranky and make fun of myself. I'll contact my sister to notify her and she'll tell her friends alert "j is cranky" because I'm actually fun to tease.

Today, I'm blaming the reason on the heat. The entire weekend was unproductive and although I had intended to clean the basement with the help of the fiance (due to fear of boogie man) we didn't as he was injured. We ventured out to get an airconditioner as he told me last Wednesday that it was going to be 90+ degrees and I poo-poo'd him. He was right and is almost always right in regards to the weather as he watches the weather report on several channels and the Weather Channel. Having worked out of my house the past few years has had me rely on my system....look out the window. If it snows, well, I figure if God put it there, he can take it away (trust me, my sister and I have had numerous conversations on how my theory one day might not work -- as of yet, I'm 100% on mark). After we came back and put in the airconditioner (he did all the work) we read, watched some t.v. and had a very uneventful Saturday.

Sunday, we thought we'd mix things up a bit and go out. This is where I hand over my girly-girl hat to my fiance. He loves to shop, but he hasn't yet admitted this. Don't get me wrong, I can spend some money and shop, but I always have a mission and don't really look at a zillion items of the same thing before making up my mind like he does. He can look at 50 pairs of shorts and I'd be the type to take the first one that I liked. On the way out of the store I convinced him to buy me a "Life is Good" waterbottle (tragically, my M&M waterbottle was not meant for the dishwasher and melted). His comment to me was "when did you see that?" As a power non-shopper (I believe a new breed of consumers) I can spot what I want in seconds, like a hunting dog. Shopping online is awesome and the only sport I find in shopping is how quickly I can get out of the store with my arms filled (of course, unemployed, this sport is over).

The store we went to was next to a grocery store. Granted I need flour (trying my hand at homemade pasta this week) and the fiance was like let's go in. This is something else the fiance loves to do. How does anyone in the world like grocery shopping???? It could be that my fridge is too small to hold more than a couple of yogurts and no matter how many times I clean it out it still looks full (my sister could attest to that comment). I will admit, I don't like grocery stores, but farmer's markets are great.

At the end of the day, I cooked (in 95+ weather) and we watched a t.v. . I awoke cranky and thought this feeling was going to go away, but hasn't. I can't imagine that I'll be cranky the whole summer when it gets over 90 degrees (who knows, that could be a possibility) but it turns out that my throat is killing me and I believe that I'm getting a cold. I'm happy to know that my crankiness will not be with me all summer (I'd like to keep my friends) but will be gone when this cold is gone.

However, that raises my next question....who gets a cold in 95 degree weather (actually, 98.2 according to the fiance as of 3:15 pm ET)?


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