Thursday, June 19, 2008

Are Brussel Sprouts Considered the New Chocolate?

Thursday, June 19, 2008.....

I emphatically say YES!

I truly believe that although there may not be a Brussel Sprouts national association like the Dairy and Beef industries; it is merely an oversight. I know that there may be some, okay, a vast majority of people that disagree with my statement, but I believe it is because you've just never had them prepared properly.

Brussel Sprouts, I believe to be the misunderstood vegetable as many do not know how to prepare it. Seriously, how can you not love a vegetable that looks like a mini cabbage and has an unique flavor that makes all other vegetables on a plate pale in comparison.

This past winter, I ate at a local restaurant that uses only the freshest, local ingredients. I don't remember the exact dish's name, but it was pork with brussel sprouts on the side. The pork to be the main attraction, but in my case, the brussel sprouts won that honor. I was focused on eating the perfectly prepared brussel sprouts (thank you chef Michel Nischan) when the waitress approached our table and asked if there was something wrong with the pork entree. At first, I was a bit dumbfounded that she asked this question, I had not realized that my entire focus was on the side dish. I and my dining partner knew that I was thoroughly enjoying the brussel sprout, but I hadn't known it was that obvious to others. Kudos to the waitstaff at the restaurant for being that attentive.

However, if approached with either perfectly cooked Brussel Sprouts or chocolate....hands down the Brussel Sprout wins.


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